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Nostura's Fey Castle Weekly

bluez#8817 bluez Posts: 50Member Arc User
edited May 1 in Bug Reports (PC)
Once you enter on your stag, nothing. You can spin in circles, take in the scenery at the entrance, but otherwise the stag won't go forward. Is there anything you guys didn't break ? If you turn your stag to the left wall, the motion of the pollen (?) coming toward you gives you the illusion of movement .. I guess that'll have to do. Added bonus, Lost portal stone when I was forced to abort. Great job guys ~~


  • opelkadettaopelkadetta Posts: 2Member Arc User
    +1 reported this on game and with a game ticket. still no fix
  • sale2sssale2ss Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Same with me. I have tried with unstuck, defeat me option, abandon quest and take it again, but it is the same. Stag wont move no matter what i do. Also submitted 2 tickets via game 2 weeks ago and yet no answer.Also both of my tickets disappeared like i never sent them, WTF????
    And this is my 1st The Fey Castle quest, so I cannot continue with campaign since this quest is broken and bugged. Seriously does anyone reads tickets or posts and resolving game issues that players have????????
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,254Member, Administrator Community Manager
    Hello! Issue was fixed internally and should go out in a future patch.
  • bluez#8817 bluez Posts: 50Member Arc User

    The only way I was able to get out was queuing for CTA. Really sucks having no good way to get out.

    esc - help - stuck - defeat me

    That's how I got out.
  • sale2sssale2ss Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Hello Admins!
    New patch is out and this issue might be fixed internally, yet nothing changes for us players.

  • sale2sssale2ss Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Guess, bug quests do not matter. Or GM are on vacation ??????????????
  • sale2sssale2ss Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Ahhh, finally quest is fixed
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