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BUG:Icespire's Frozen Heart (normal dungeon)

paedurespaedures Member Posts: 22 Arc User
Task: Slay Grast the Gut-Cruncher he is stuck after the first time slaying him, you break the first of the orbs to release him again and the fight never ends. You never get the miners to open a new path. Also unless you travel down the exit path (blocked) he stays in regen mode and you can't kill him. Once you do get him unlocked and defeat him, it resets to 2 orbs and you can't progress.


  • paedurespaedures Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    Tested a second time, same out, issue is repeatable.
  • morgulknifemorgulknife Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    It just does not get any better...
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