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Been several instances that have been dominated by clerics . a 16.6 beat my main 21.5 ranger in damage given , not just by a little but doubled it . So how is this making game better when a lesser gear healer { and yes I know they have a combat path.} do more damage than a class designated for combat damage both paths . Is this suppose to be the way you for see the game to be played in that case why have class at all just make it a game of clerics. that way you have balance and less to fix.


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    I did not call for nerf there has been to many of those that did not fix a thing . I just made the statement that clerics are now running top dps which if I read blog s and post right . there is 3 class's that are soloy dps class. and that's not correct. and why make a class that can heal and turn that in to a damage dealing class rather than a healer which is needed in top content . now when most want to run dps so u got too find 2 with 1 of those willing to heal . if u going to have damage class' s atleast let them to do more damage .
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    You may have missed it, but the plan is to have all DPSers (and that includes the Arbiter Ckeric) "roughly equivalent", and what we have today is reasonably close to that. Sure , a good Cleric can outDPS many others, but may in turn get outDPSed by good players of other classes.

    It is not just about the gear, stats or player skills. Scaling matters...a L70 player with mediocre gear may outperform a BiS L80. Also the fights matter when comparing ckass performance - single-target vs multi or the lenght of fights...Clerics have issues in very short annd very long fights, for example..
    Hoping for improvements...
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    The DPS path of cleric only has one heal, and it is VERY expensive (380 divinity). If you are using it in your rotation, you will not be doing much damage. Healer path clerics are still used in all content. In my experience, clerics are well balanced against other classes of similar gear and skill.
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    When last I checked, Warlocks also have a DPS and heal path. I hope you don't have the misfortune of running with one of them if they melt mobs before you can get to them. Just saying...

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    I have to admit that fully charged Searing Javelin may be bit op.
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    I have to admit that fully charged Searing Javelin may be bit op.

    Actually no. It can do decent damage, but it does help DPS clerics to be competitive with the other DPS classes. Without it, the class would be too weak.

    I play a DPS Arbiter 95% of the time. When I go into groups with random people (in scaled or unscaled contents, things can go in different ways. I have had runs where I did triple the damage of the rest of the group combined....I have had runs where I was dead last in DPS. It depends on a number of things.

    Right now, yes, some DPS classes are better for certain types of content. and clerics have certain weaknesses. First, when clearing transh, running from one group to the next. We can go in with our Encounters ready to fire, but they are not at maximum power until our pip bar is full, and that usually means firing off 6 at-wills first. The trash group may be dead by then .. wiped out by the other classes who could go in with theur encounters off cooldown and ready to fire.

    Very long fights can also be a problem, because of divinity management. I feel the Cleric does best in medium-length battles, say against ME bosses, but looking at the big picture, we are no weaker or stronger than other DPS classes.

    Now, the OP complained about being outDPSed by a Clereric with a lower IL. Maybe the OP doesn't really know how to play his class, or maybe the Clerics's stats (although lower) were just arranged better - maxed-out ArPen, for example.

    Overall, though, no, Clerics cannot outDPS everyone.
    Hoping for improvements...