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Anyone else getting stuck running backwards from using the fighters tank mechanics?

earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 402 Arc User
everything seems quite normal if I was using only the shift block ,with the shield but if I used either of the TAB mechanic of either paragon it would totally stop me from running forward normally either on foot or on the mount.

It is like hitting an invisible wall when you try and go in one direction which keeps your fighter pointed in the opposite direction to where you want to move.

pretty hard to explain but very frustrating.
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  • xdavidep96xdavidep96 Member Posts: 82 Arc User
    There is my guildmate with the same problem. It's a bit frustrating because it seems that the pg is even slower now
  • earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 402 Arc User
    any further ideas on why this is happening?

    no other fighters getting this problem?

    is there a quick fix for it I am not seeing ?

    graphic driver..maybe?

    sounds like this problem so isolated they would never even give it any thought
    this has totally broken this class and made it unplayable.

    I can't attempt the dragon fight in the new mod in this state, making the new campaign unable to be completed

    very frustrating.

    Fighter is also one of several classes also going back to never being able to snap out of attack mode as what happened in Chult making some of the content incredibly frustrating .. paladin and wizard being the worst ones but they all seemed to do it to some degree.
    Guild Leader Den of the Misfits
  • ziggerlinziggerlin Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    Just started noticing this today on my guardian. So far the only "fix" I have seen that works is to log out and back in.
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