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Why pay anything for this.

cassandaracassandara Member Posts: 16 Arc User
Ok so you have implemented a system where everything scales. Well my very serious question is why on earth would anyone pay you any money for this new system? Whether you are naked or fully decked out you do the same amount of damage or healing or whatever. I have a lower level character that was having a hard time leveling up. So I passed along some enchants. Made no difference what so ever. Ok that's not true. I passed along a lighting enchant for my weapon. Wow talk about a mistake. Was pulling thing from all over I swear i had at least 12 mobs on me. But since we all auto scale so yea was dead right fast. Just spent some real world money to catch up on some characters. I REALLY HAVE BUYERS REMORSE BIG TIME. A complete waste of money as everything scales. So a real question: why on earth would anybody continue to pay you real world money when it make absolutely no difference in gameplay? And as for all you need for general gameplay is a pet well that isn't true any more. So unless you make the general game play the way it was I will not pay you people another penny for this trash. And yes this is trash. Ok to scale the dungeons, but just general leveling this just is not right.


  • driesy1driesy1 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    ye ive stopped buying zen from them.
    hell at least till the day it gives me some enjoyment because atm this game is so frustrating. its designed for grouping right? well good luck getting a hello from another player.
  • axyremaxyrem Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    i play TESO since 25th and invested $13 into 30 month VIP incl. this new Warden Class instead of playing NW..

    i am sad to see what happend to Neverwinter and all my characters but well.....
    i am almost 50 so i am obviously able to deal with this mess much easier than many younger content creators and vets..
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 698 Arc User
    aratech said:

    The obvious answer is as follows: Don't buy anything. Resist the urge to buy Zen.

    Pretty much this. If you are looking for a way to make a vote against the changes in Mod16, don't spend $$$ on the game. That's the only real vote that matters anyway.

    Bear in mind, not all players agree, and some will be voting the other way with their wallets.
  • soltaswordsoltasword Member Posts: 290 Arc User
    This is also my vote. Won't be spending any more money on this game. From my stand point this update is utter garbage and the devs seem to have no clue what they are doing. So, all I can do is just not put anymore money into their pockets. They definitely do not deserve it with this update. Whoever was in charge of this update and making the decision to allow this out the door should right now be looking for another job and not in the gaming industry.
  • highlyunstablehighlyunstable Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 219 Arc User
    I have FINALLY decided to put another $100.00 into this game after the mess of Mod 6, but thank GOD I was smart enough NOT TO until I saw what 16 was all about. If they correct this, I will spend the money, but not until this "NEW" mode more resembles the past Mods.
  • reg1981reg1981 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 930 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    I didn't spend a lot over the years but I did spend some I bought VIP and Legendary Dragon Keys(If I run a dungeon I wanna open the chests at the end :) ). Now we can't run dungeons without learning the game all over again and rebuilding all toons. Heck with that... I left the game with 10Mil AD on hand + easy 100Mil in sellable assets(R13s+R14s). I had the resources to rebuild, what I lack is the desire.

    ---Mods, if the rest of this post is not allowed please edit. I don't know all the rules in here.---

    That said if anyone wants to make me an AD offer on assets send me an in game mail, I still collect my VIP key daily so I'll get the mail.

    9 x R14 Bonding
    14 x R13 Bonding
    22 x R13 Radiant
    8 x R13 Azure
    5 x R14 Azure
    7 x R13 Black Ice
    1 x R14 Black Ice
    22 x R13 Brutal
    3 x R14 Brutal
    12 x R13 Dark
    3 x R14 Dark
    4 x R13 Gigantic
    10 x R13 Quartermaster
    5 x R14 Silvery
    2 x R13 Demonic
    1 x R13 Draconic
    2 x R13 Dragon Hoard
    2 x R13 Fey Blessing

    R13/Unparalleled - Terror, Lightning, Dread, Feytouched, Vorpal, Negation, Soulforged, Holy Avenger, Barkshield

    More R10/R11/R12s than I care to count/list at various levels of refinement.

    Even with these assets on hand I still bought my keys, that's how I supported the game. Even when I didn't need them I'd still buy when I could.
  • adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,133 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    The strange thing is that even veteran players who are willing to pay have a reduced motivation to do so.
    • There are no new companions or items worth buying in the Zen store.
    • The scaling and the change from 1:500 to 1:1000 halves the value of enchants, and reduces the motivation to buy wards
    • VIP is nice for the QoL improvements and the bazaar discount, but higher stats make the team buff less important and the ID scrolls are gone.
    Basically, before Mod 16 I had everything I needed from the Zen store and mod 16 did not give me anything new. Now there are things I would pay for without hesitation, like additional "potion" slots, but Mod 16 just does not give me any reason to spend Zen.
    Post edited by adinosii on
    Upcoming fixes look good...so, not giving up yet...
  • lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,020 Arc User
    I wont be paying anything until the game play improves. atm it is horrible. Hopefully it will improve.
  • lordtweety#3604 lordtweety Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    Haven't put any money in for a while, and not going to any more. I'm actively steering newer players away from putting real money in. It isn't worth it - not even the $10 for VIP.

    It used to be that most of the revenue from this game came from players with accounts that are between 30 and 60 days old, and I'm assuming it still is. So longer term players - vets - won't make an impact on their bottom line. Which is one of the reasons they don't appear to be worried or to even care about long term players quitting, content streamers moving onto other games, etc etc. Those of us with voices and experience in the game actually aren't important.
    Main: Angels Scar
    Guild: Ruathym Corsairs
  • silverkeltsilverkelt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,235 Arc User
    I have little or no desire to either play or pay. I have 18 days of vip left now.

    While I find some of it fun (revamped characters and the ability to die in dungeons again).. the reducing of feats to nothing (why the heck even give us choices, shouldve just put everything on powers.. ) scaling to make everything worthless to upgrade and the constant reduction on stats to r6-r8 values on most zones.. makes the whole game worthless to me.

    I dont see how this can be a feasible profitable model for them, how are they supposed to make money.

    With the reworking of the companions, I find most of them useless now. I thought it was supposed to be the other way, but what happened, is you need "certain" ones out of each group with good powers to use. That is all, you cant just pick the 6 best powers, its all grouped into certain groups.. so whats the point. Also them axing the jimbobby and tiger (thier top two sellers and then siege master) to nothing.. (thanks for allowing us to spend our zen right?) sort of pisses me off, whats the point of buying high end stuff, when they can just change it to nothing in another patch? I mean SINCE they already knew they were going to do that when jimbobby came out.. that is some LOW down cash grabbing there. Really despicable stuff!

    The other question, is if they knew they were moving to mod 16.. why the heck did they rework classes in mod 15? What was also really weird.. it seems like everything they do is just plain wrong.

    Since all of our stats seemed to be hampered to HAMSTER most of the time, I also havent even bothered looking at upgrading insignias.. but the whole Ideal of multiple copies we need also puts a crimp on that.. they need to make it like enchants, no one liked that in enchants, no one likes it in insignias.. they already know this.. they are just being cheese bones about it.

    Overall, this might be the poorest work they have done.. and there I was busting on mod 15 as the poorest work they have done.

    All they are doing is piece mealing fixes.. doesn't make the game fun or desirable.

    Basically I just want them to make it so if you progress, you at least get some advantage to do so.. otherwise what the heck is the point.

    Part of me is hoping they dont relent.. so I can finally be done, I came back after I thought I was done done.. because I got bored with another mmo I was playing after about a year.. wasnt for me in the end.

    and there are some great people playing still! so when I came back, it was fun to talk with some of them, but alas, this dretch of a mod.. isnt fun at all.

    I actually had LOADS more fun in mod 6.. then this mod. I really enjoyed mod 6 leveling, this one is no real harder then before and you dont have to switch stuff around that much.. I dont know..

    I think they messed this game up ages ago and this isnt really the fix that is going to fix stuff.. ya know?

  • cassandaracassandara Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    Of course another downside of all this is that you cannot even get more levels or whatever to help you in an area you are having problems. More levels means nada improvement as it all scales. Better enchants means nada improvement as it all scales. So basically they have made cookie cutter classes. Reminds me of Diablo 3. Almost everyone in the leaderboards have the exact same equipment, feets ect. So the same thing is going to happen here. If your playstyle does not enable you to accomplish your objectives, then you will just have to watch youtube to see what the best build of the moment is. If you are 10 levels above the area you are in to get whatever it is you are missing then yea it should be easy to accomplish it. If I wanted cookie cutter, I would be playing a different game. So since this is going to be cookie cutter junk guess its time to get outa dodge. Just really sad as this is not what Dungeons and Dragons is about. Been playing since 1979 and have never seen garbage like this.
  • schietindebuxschietindebux Member Posts: 4,292 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    The only player who pay, are new player without knowledge of the game, I am sure. Noone with decent intelligence would spend a dime for a product that will take several years to be fixed again
  • aratecharatech Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 269 Arc User

    The only player who pay, are new player without knowledge of the game, I am sure. Noone with decent intelligence would spend a dime for a product that will take several years to be fixed again

    So do your duty, what is now effectively all of our duties, to educate all new players in the game not to pay for it. We need to make sure they're fully informed of what has happened, and they don't get suckered into buying a large amount of monopoly money...
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