Workshop 4, Karmela quest broken?

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Finished workshop 4 on a char, there was no actual quest progression/clue that the quest line continues. Happened to notice the symbol over the girl by the bank, talked to her. She says go talk to Ayrie(sp?) in Moonstone Mask, and Dalish in Caer Konig. Ayrie in Mask is fine, and my quest tracker takes me to Caer Konig all right... but when I reach C-K, the tracker goes red and says 'no path'.

I asked around, people said Dalish is on the pier, by an NPC hammering on a boat. Checked there, checked all over C-K, no Dalish.

Is the quest now broken, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks for any advice.


  • tribbulater
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    I haven't gotten workshop 4 unlocked yet so can't test it, but one of the guys in the alliance today was saying he couldn't complete the quest or hire Karmela.
  • kharkov58
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    There is no continuation quest to hire Karmela. You have to track it down. I do not know if this was intended or not.
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    where the ship that originally takes you to Caer Konig is (the opposite side from the gate to go to quest areas), he is on the 1st ir 2nd pier at the end, after you talk to him, go to the tavern in PE and talk to Karmela
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    I dont see him there in MOD16
  • tribbulater
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    Yeah, couple guys in the alliance went and checked. Pier 1 has the ferryman and the travel gate, Pier 2 has the dory and civilian hammering on it, Pier 3 has the fishermen, shark, and target dummies. None of them have Dalish, and nobody has a quest tracker for him. Although if you look on the map the quest still shows as being in Caer Konig.

    Guess they decided that Karmela and Epic artisans were another thing that needed to be removed. Crafting is OP.
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    IIRC there was nothing paticularly special about her anyways outside of the short apperance in story.

  • tazz4now
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    Karmela is actually terrible IMO, but IIRC it was Pier 2, either the guy hammering or a new NPC that you could talk to, I went to the Moonstone first, then Caer Konig, then back to PE, if you've done everything else on the quest, then it broke with mod 16, I did a character about 2 weeks before mod 16 went live, I think you need to put this in bug reports or tag Julia, also send in a ticket
  • tribbulater
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    My nephew sent in a ticket a couple days ago. They responded with "we don't tell players how to finish quests because they like to figure things out for themselves. However you might try -this link- to see how other players have done it".

    It's a link to a Reddit post that says 'talk to the girl outside the bank'.

    Seriously. Complete details on the problem, what he did to try and find Dalish, how Dalish is neither there nor appearing on a quest tracker, and their answer is 'look on Reddit, talk to the girl outside the bank'.

    That is Cryptic level competence for you right there.
  • abelcoeurdacier
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    I have abandoned quest ,and launch it again by speaking to the girl near bank and Dalish still not to caer koenig where the man works on boat.
    It is only another bug in the sea of them...