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Armoring and Gameplay a Challenge

Ok this is to all of you who say you really shouldn't update your armoring till level 70, and now the Challenge ok so you say. Here is the Challenge, Icespire Peaks I want you to have Level 4 Armorings and Weapons like you state you don't need to update, and go through there at level 57 yes 57 and level 4 armorings, no matter how good you think you are and alone not in a Group since so many have no wish to be in a group as PUGs are not always as good as you think. Anway do this Survive without being downed at all. Not Once never be downed and do all the way through it. I know for a fact you will be attacked and destroyed in seconds. Make a You tube Video of it too so you can show that you really did it if all you do is claim you did it and did not fall. Posat in here


  • vendoodvendood Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    Since you get some loot drops and some bound gear as mission rewards etc., there isn't really any reason not to update your gear as you progress through the levels. Personally I checked every 10 levels, and anything I hadn't received a recent upgrade for I just bought off the AH for typically less than 100 AD.

    Gear aside though, I am told that the current levelling process is harder, because the mobs get harder as you go but you no longer get the stream of new abilities, feats, points etc to keep up with them.
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