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The Maze Engine - Mobs are not scaling down to 60 with me

maicakatmaicakat Member Posts: 106 Arc User
I'm currently level 72 and get scaled down to level 60 for Chapters 2 - 4. Redoing Chapters 1 - 3 because I've not played in a few years so am catching up. Problem is, even though some mobs are also at 60, I keep running into level 72 and 73 mobs. Which means I cannot progress as they are killing me, Drizzt and Minsc. Would be really nice if this were fixed pronto...seems I recall the same issue happening on one of the earlier Mods years ago?


  • gphxgphxgphxgphx Member Posts: 184 Arc User
    Lots of people experiencing the same in various solo instances. And yet the Ebon Downs dragon dies before the video scene even finishes playing. Completely broken to opposite extremes.
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