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Feedback Needed: Top Issues Currently in Neverwinter PC



  • tehbilbotehbilbo Member Posts: 1 New User
    So glad I just spent real cash last week since I started really enjoying the game again after coming back. This isn't fun, its punishing. I look at half the feats on the 2 toons I play and ask why I would use that for my playstyle. The answer is I wouldn't. Who thought any of this was a good idea?
  • grimzsabergrimzsaber Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    i know this has been mentioned several times already, but its worth re-mentioning... scaling to 70 is broken! epic dungeons are impossible, it takes a party of 5 to close 1 portal in CN, tiamat is impossible to get past the first stage, spellplague master is impossible to finish as kabal cant be defeated, those are just a few of the ones i tried and found impossible on a 21k ilvl barbie with waaay over the stat caps. please make this a priority to fix since once ive done my daily quests, there is no more reason to play if we cant even dungeon. its DUNGEONS and dragons and we cant dungeon.
  • xrawcarnagexrawcarnage Member Posts: 384 Arc User
    wow cant wait until this HAMSTER show hits consoles, im sooooooooooo excited i cant contain it. this scaling issue will kill the game 100%. you all took what we said too far about making the content harder. from what I read here, on twitch, youtube, forums everywhere this is just terrible. you all have screwed up pretty hard before and reconciled most of the screw ups but this one might be too big to fix. I feel the player base is already fed up and im seeing players leaving already on the consoles and we dont even have this mod yet. very bad move
  • toonban#1467 toonban Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Hey guys!

    Loving the new Mod ... some feedback though.

    Scaling is still a huge issue, especially in RIQ. Mobs in the heist are hitting like trucks! When I look at how I am scaled down from 80 to 70, I loose HALF of all my stats which I reckon is probably not how it should be. In Kessel's, the run itself is okay, a little harder to do, but still smooth and fun. Kessel himself though is impossible, he hits (one-shot) for more than the most HP anyone in the party has.

    Also, picked up that the new weapon set is not available at the traebar vendor yet for some reason, though the tooltip in collections say that is where they are found.

    Looking forward to seeing all the new changes and updates!

  • jkennedy#6809 jkennedy Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Okay, I've given this a couple days... I know this has been mentioned in almost every post and is repetitive but it needs addressed. SCALING! Your entire player base is complaining about this mistake, are you going to fix it? If not then I'll move onto another game and cut my losses. I do not have the time or money invested that many people do as I've only been playing NW for about a year. That being said, I have really enjoyed the past year and login daily to complete invokes, dungeons, and guild stuff on all four level 70's I have. I am mostly a solo PVE player. The last few days have been spent in Undermountain, which I really enjoy by the way. Unfortunately, once my 4 characters have completed and reached level 80. The rest of the game is unplayable and unenjoyable in it's current state. Just my two cents.
  • antok500#4237 antok500 Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    Undermountain quest line is OK. The mechanics changes in Mod 16 are all a backward step but we have seen lots of backward steps over the years.

    Scaling is a game killer.

    Levelling to 80 is easy and quick then I am out till we see whether anything gets fixed in Mod 17.
  • grimzsabergrimzsaber Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    this patch didnt fix the BIGGEST issue in the game, dungeons are impossible. PLEASE fix the dungeons
  • wilsonekpolskawilsonekpolska Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    "Due to all the balance changes, for a limited time all enchantments and runestones can be traded for other enchantments and runestones of the same rank. This can be done at the Antiquities Scholar in Protector's Enclave."
    And i want talk about this why i cant or anyone else exchange for example Empowered Runestone, Rank 7 too Recondite Runestone, Rank 7.
  • aratecharatech Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 269 Arc User

    "Due to all the balance changes, for a limited time all enchantments and runestones can be traded for other enchantments and runestones of the same rank. This can be done at the Antiquities Scholar in Protector's Enclave."
    And i want talk about this why i cant or anyone else exchange for example Empowered Runestone, Rank 7 too Recondite Runestone, Rank 7.

    Going to echo this. I tried a few lockboxes to see what was in them. It's giving me Tranquils. Enchants that are broken. From paid for content. Including a *purple* rank Tranquil 7 that I cannot exchange... That just has a small purple box with "placeholder" written in it, I hamster you not...
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    let make petitiation, Ban the cost of unslotting enchants/runes.
  • polaris1986polaris1986 Member Posts: 320 Arc User

    where should i move my equipment for pets? i understand that now i need only 3 but i still want to have some else equipments with diferent stats. Early we used active companions slots but now its gone.

    is there any special bag for pets equipment?
    "sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster"

  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    i wasted 15 keys i saved, all i got was more gems, few genies, couple companion tokens, and some runes. wow, no artifact, pet or mound, cryptic new low and the house cheats again?
  • aratecharatech Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 269 Arc User
    wylonus said:

    i wasted 15 keys i saved, all i got was more gems, few genies, couple companion tokens, and some runes. wow, no artifact, pet or mound, cryptic new low and the house cheats again?

    Count your blessings, as I said above, I have enchantments that are *broken* and don't do anything. That's the reward Cryptic gave me for investing Zen into their game...
  • aratecharatech Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 269 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    bobo#5090 said:

    I cannot imagine anyone doing a 2 Hour Castle Never for 4 black opals, an alliance assault helmet and 6k RAD.

    Since they took out salvage the rewards from dungeon chests(the last boss) have been rubbish. I have nearly 2 million rp on my main cuz I get so many worthless rings from demo/edemo, and worthless gear from the other qs. And I can't really use those rp anyhow, cuz they nerfed the enchants on mod 16 so it's not worth upgrading them to r14 before it drops on console.

    How many nerfs are we up to with this mod?
    Enchants: Nerfed.
    Encounter/Daily Powers: Nerfed.
    Characters: Nerfed (CWs are spilt in half among other things, with such inanity as giving the feat that boosts elemental damage to the Arcanist, which is not the Paragon Path that is supposed to be using Elemental powers.)
    Companions: nerfed into the ground, and all in all unbalanced as heck. For example, the mighty Air Archon, once so formidable for its bonus damage to any enemy not at 100% health, now instead gives you "upon using a daily power, a 10% chance to gain 1,500 power against all enemies not at 100% health for 10 seconds. This power cannot trigger more than once every ten seconds." (Bearing in mind, a Daily now requires about 3-5 minutes of combat to build up). Meanwhile, if you have a Deepcrow Hatchling, you can select its secondary power (again, secondary power, you don't even have to have it as your active companion, merely *own* one) to gain 6,000 power permanently. Additionally, there are multiple reports that healing companions do not heal anymore.

    Boons: Nerfed. All the interesting ones are gone, replaced by a generic "point" system akin to the old feat system. Only they grant you "250 power" or whatnot, per point put in. Which is ultimately meaningless, since you have no context for what 250 power ultimately amounts to. And also the HP boost boons are bugged. Do not invest in them.
  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 913 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    wylonus said:

    mod 6 all over again, longer fights with trash mobs, so boring,

    Have to agree Mod16 appears to be an updated version of Mod6...

    Random dungeons where my character used to be able to survive and successfully traverse I repeatedly get my HAMSTER handed to me, partially because some players still think they can solo that content and partially because not only are the mobs and bosses hitting harder and are either more resilient - or character, companion and mount specs have been nerfed to the degree that players have seen their attack, defense and deflect have been seriously compromised...

    The solution seems to have been toss a couple more players into the random queue party group – but the fact remains the new 5 member parties are still much less effective than the former 3 member parties in most instances, particularly since it seems so many heavy hitter’s that used to queue for random no longer appear to be doing so. Someone from the development team needs to hang out (or play) in random queues periodically to see for themselves what I mean.

    I wouldn’t have had a problem making the opponents in the runs more capable – if the player stats weren’t so heavily nerfed

    I wouldn’t have had a problem scaling back player stats – if the opponents hadn’t been augmented to such a great degree

    But to augment the opponents, while at the same time seriously diminishing every player’s abilities and thinking adding a couple more party members would equal things out – was just wrong and ill considered in my opinion.

    From what I’ve seen far more players of all levels appear to be frustrated and to a greater degree than at any time prior to the Mod16 changes which I fear will ultimately only serve to drive away players – new and veteran alike.

    New players come to Neverwinter hoping the game will be fun and enjoyable, veteran players stay with Neverwinter because they’ve found the game to be fun and enjoyable…

    Making the Neverwinter so demanding that it is neither fun nor enjoyable, making the only way to succeed in this Free to Play game is to commit to repetitive endless grinding (which honestly is neither fun nor enjoyable for most of us) – or having to pay for stuff that will eventually made obsolete too soon and with little compensation for our expenditures, I fear just might be the demise of Neverwinter.
  • benjor9benjor9 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    My thanks go out to the wonderful development team who, for unknowable and often illconceived ideas of game balance, have, as has so often happened in the past with other mmorpgs, completely ruined this game, saving me the tons of money I'd been planning to spend since I recently discovered this game. I'm saddened that I got to experience such a brief time with the game before obnoxious mentally challenged individuals decided they really hater players and did everything they could to ruin this game, and what an amazing job they did, too!
    my hunter went from the skills and abilities I choose as I developed my character to my own designs, to a basic At this level you get this. Good thing too, cause no matter how brain dead you are you cant possible build wrong, because there is no BUILD. The entire skills system gone.
    My thief, however, was built for speed and lifestealing. gone. just gone. well so is any chance of my ever again giving you a single penny. Go ^$^$#Z%^$**%^#$%^^%*E$^% yourselves as long and hard as you can
  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 913 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    Too many players worked too hard, and in some cases spent real money just to have such drastic modifications decreasing the damage and damage recovery for their characters - while at the same time making the opponents they are expected to face given more damage and damage resistance...

    As I see it the only saving grace Neverwinter has, is no new or new-ish player thinking about spending money to financially support Neverwinter/Cryptic will read the multiple accounts of players who themselves worked hard and/or spent real money to build up their characters (at least twice now with Mod6 and now with Mod16) only to have that hard work and hard earned cash, go up in smoke with little or no compensation for their loss.

    At least after Mod6 with the new content the challenges players faced were of increasing difficulty allowing players to play that content, acquire new, higher level gear, and progress to more difficult challenges with better gear in each more difficult area than they started out with.

    Undermountain provides players with better gear, but even with the gear provided most players can't survive as they are immediately dropped into what appears to be more like end game content instead of progressively more challenging content...

    Not much of a challenge for a lot of end-gamers or players who either bought or acquired really good gear, enchantments, companions and mounts making it easier to obtain more of those things as well as appearing more desirable to guilds with high level boons... but for those of us who have neither the time nor inclination to spend hours grinding for Astral Diamonds to get better gear - or spend a lot of real world cash only to see those items become obsolete in a few years with little or no compensation for our expenditures, it soon becomes an insurmountable problem.

    Me, I decided to spend ore judiciously after Mod6 and even more so after Mod16… that is if I decide to spend at all.
  • givemealotgivemealot Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    I'll start with that Im not happy with the changes. Having said that I have some suggesting, I'm very good at dodging attack, but with the new updates many attacks cant be dodged any more, ie net attacks, and all attack are much harder dodge, Their is just not enough time between seeing the red blotch and damage being dealt. With life steal, and regen gone from game, its time to allow hunters to shoot on the run so we can kite and tried to avoid as much damage as passible with contributing to damage, Right now its move, dodge, and you can live, but you cant attack so your just running around like a chicken. You cant ever win because if you stand still to shoot you die, not much of a choice...

  • cassandaracassandara Member Posts: 16 Arc User
    Just one serious question. Why would anyone pay you real world money for this? I just paid some real world money to catch up some lower level characters. But when you do the same amount of damage naked or fully decked out why pay real cash? And as far as playing regular content with just a pet, well that just isn't correct any more. I passed a lightning weapon enchant to a lower level character that was having problems. LOL. Made everything so much worse. I swear I had at least 12 mobs on me being pulled in from everywhere. And since I scaled to their level I was dead real fast. Just a regular map. I can tell you I will not pay another penny for your game if it stays anything near this. I can see scaling in dungeons. But just a regular map trying to level your character up? No way this should be the case.
  • boonaru#4330 boonaru Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    The scaling is really bad. Players that are still new to this game have been complaining. They are level 80 but are still trying to work on their boons in older campaigns. Sharandar, The Maze Engine and Tyranny of Dragons are what one player is working on. Before Mod 16 was released they were able to do the little instances, the quests where you leave the normal map, in Sharandar perfectly fine. It was still challenging because their gear was really low level gear (Green Vistani weapons with the enchants that came in them, no weapon enchants or armor enchants). The same was with the instances for The Maze Engine. With Tyranny of Dragons they had a to get groups to do the instances. Even after the patch from his morning it is still impossible now with an item level of 16,382 which includes some of the new gear from the new campaign to complete the instances alone. Leveling characters in old content should not be a group effort.
  • grimzsabergrimzsaber Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    my ilvl is 21554 and i get wrecked,
    mobs aoe's are impossible to dodge and kill you in 1 shot
    any time a mob or boss throws aoe on the ground ie. fire from river district HE's or ice from FBI final boss.. it just kills you before you can even move, sometimes even after you move it still hurts you.
    the ghosts in valindra boss fight outrun me on my barbie even with shift
    portals in CN take a party of 5 to close each portal
    thoons in throne dont charge making it impossible to complete
    most mobs in most dungeons still 1 shot anyone who isnt a tank, and in many cases 1 shot me on barbie tank with 21.5k ilvl WHILE im blocking.
    que's are putting 5 dps, or 2 healers 3 dps, or 2 tanks 3 dps.. instead of 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps.
    when 1 person dies in a boss fight and gets returned to the camp fire, boss goes for the person outside and ends up teleporting into the lobby, resetting the boss fight.

    for the love of HAMSTERS please fix these things. or remove scaling, it was a great idea, but its clearly not working.
  • andrewlrg#2938 andrewlrg Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Well, what can I say. Tried Malabogs Castle again after the recent patch. The good news is, redcaps stopped one-shooting everyone. And the bad, we couldn't get past the first boss. If I remember correctly, we had a Paladin, Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger and Cleric (me). I couldn't keep up with the damage the boss made. His hits took 40-50 percent max health, while my heals restored 15-20% max. I was spamming "Bastion of health" non-stop, divinity was gone and everyone died. Boss had 75% HP left. There is literally nothing for me to do in the game anymore. In mod 15 I used to run epic dungeons frequently, but now it's simply impossible. And the worst part is, I don't even know what to do now? Am I playing it wrong? Clerics are stripped of most of their buffing/debuffing abilities, so I doubt there's a "wrong way" - just keep spamming healing spells. Is my item level not got enough anymore? In mod 15 it was enough for Castle Never. In my opinion mod 16 completely ruined the game. All classes got nerfed, their abilities are dull and boring compared to mod 15. The game just took a huge step backwards. Less playable content, less abilities, less customization. It will have a negative impact on player base.
  • n3cr087n3cr087 Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Is this your idea of a belated Aprils fools joke. The Mod sucks a** so far. Your development team sucks along with the MOD.
  • navras#4653 navras Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    Ras Nsi deals +1m damage regardless of the of attack type.
  • nyraarunnyraarun Member Posts: 1 New User
    This is pretty minor in comparison to a lot of the other issues but I have a few specifics:

    1. Khyeks in the Sea of Moving Ice have all been reduced to the base speed of a regular khyek, including my Dragon Bone Khyek.

    2. Fishing in the Sea of Moving Ice is impossible as the action points bar does not fill up when attempting to reel in.
  • dingrongdingrong Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 65 Arc User
    ras nsi one shot entire party with swipe attack ...
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