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GF Blocking skill bug

poseid4nposeid4n Posts: 4Member Arc User
guarding at will doesnt work


  • asterdahlasterdahl Posts: 1,194 Member, Cryptic Developer Cryptic Developer
    edited April 23
    poseid4n said:

    guarding at will doesnt work

    Thank you for the report! I mentioned this issue in this morning's livestream, but unfortunately the patch notes have not been yet updated with this as a known issue. I've let the team responsible for maintaining the notes know and hopefully the known issues list will be added.

    I apologize for this issue, we do have a fix, and we are aiming to get it live as soon as possible.
  • thisishe#0598 thisishe Posts: 1Member Arc User
    I have some Issues regarding this update

    Why is the undermountain gear an exact copy of the Barovia armor?

    and Why are all the feat customization options gone?
    These updates aren't good for me or my fellow players and there are a lot of complaints in the public chat.
    I enjoyed this game because of the vast customization options and now all the things I like to do are gone
    This update could have been so much greater but instead we are left with something that is buggy and unbalanced. My Guardian-Fighter use to be an awesome unstoppable tank that much fun to use but now I can't do those things anymore because of loss of feats
    I understand that making a game is hard, and you always have the players enjoyment in mind, but I hope that this somewhat impacts your decisions regarding the game's future

    If there are any customization options that you added that I may have missed, please let me know, but It seems the entire community is in agreement of this update is lack luster and buggy as all hell even though it brought huge class changes it sacrificed what made it unique. On behalf of the community please consider reverting these changes and go at it for another angle.
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