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total disconnect !

sinneblomsinneblom Member Posts: 62 Arc User
I just wonder what u put on the server Cryptic? And on my computer. A lot of times my game got a cryptic error and close. Not only the game close my whole computer is frozen also my screen is black and not responding, everything is dead. I have to close my computer and restart it manually with the on off button . Also a lot of times i get a cryptic error when i log in. After a restart i got a screen to verify the game. Even if i do that it happens often that during the game play the same happens again i got the cryptic error message. My pc is up to date. No idea if others have the same issue.


  • vendoodvendood Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    I have not been having the 'same' issue, but since late yesterday afternoon (the 30th, the day you posted), the game has been very laggy, lots of disconnects, timeouts.

    The odd new thing that is happening, sort of related to your post, is that I sometimes get in the game, but then nothing updates for my characters. Chat does not come up, even though other people are logging in, moving around me, going into the workshop, praying etc. I can hear their companions talking. But can't pray, can't move anything in inv, and even if I hit "Change Character' or 'Log out' nothing out. The only option after waiting almost 10 minutes of 'nothing responds' is to Exit the game and restart it.

    I ran a 'force verify' restart to check files, still the same. Ran a traceroute to Cryptic Servers, a couple slow points on the path but nothing fatal. All other online games/connections working fine.
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