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Came back after a few years and my map transitions no longer work.

elfwadelfwad Member Posts: 55 Arc User
edited March 2019 in The Foundry
I've been away from the game since 2014. I'd like to record play throughs of my quests before the Foundry goes away. I'm dusting off my old quests and find that my map transitions no longer work. Instead of going to the next map like they used to, I just respawn at the beginning of the current map. I'm playing the story from within the Foundry, using the "Play from beginning of story" button on the Story tab or the "Play from here" button on the Objective panel. I get the same behavior with both.

I'm re-familiarizing myself with the Foundry, but all the old guides are gone and I'm wondering if this was a bug introduced by Cryptic that someone knows the fix for. Any info, including locations of guides, would be helpful. Thanks!

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