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Unplayable Lag- Dragonflight Marathon

johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 114Member Arc User
edited March 16 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
For the past several weeks, I've noticed increased lag in the xbox servers. I mainly noticed this lag in a workshop with several artisans (all loading in walking down the stairs...at the same time...kinda like I interrupted a cult meeting or something) or when during high-activity Mauraders (which has always had some amount of lag). This generally resolves itself within a few seconds, however I'm unable to open the delivery box or any other interaction station in the workshop (the icon doesn't load above for several seconds).

For the 2x Guild Marks/20% Guild Mark discount event, one of our alliance leaders purchased 30 bells. The hope was to have a massive marathon at noon EST on 3/16/19. I know some of our leaders purchased strongbox keys in advance as well for those of us willing to donate strongbox contents to their coffers. All-in-all, I know a bit of money was paid and we promoted the heck out of the event.

I know 40 people is a lot for a stronghold, and I know we had more trying to get in, but couldn't due to the map's cap. However, after about 4 bells, the event had to be cancelled. Everyone loading into strongholds was causing severe rubber banding. I teleported backward from 1/2 way to black dragon back to the fountain. Several "Server not responding" issues popped up. I was not alone. This lag wouldn't cease. The first dragonflight, green dragon had almost died before the black dragon had loaded in (we had groups at all 4 to kill quickly). It was 9:25 left on the timer before we could start hitting black dragon. Several powers would not fire off, and to be honest I'm not sure how we did much of anything. There were few dragon animations, and they were behind the damage registering, so some were dying to unavoidable damage (since the red showed up after the attack went off).

Everyone involved was complaining of the lag. The last one we ran, despite having the power at each dragon to kill them, we only got 2 dragons because powers were not firing and the lag prevented them from killing.

All in all, 30 bells, I don't know how many strongbox keys, and a lot of hype was unable to live up to its potential. Several guilds hoping for donations are somewhat setback, and those of us hoping for more guild marks are disappointed. I know I've participated in these events in the past without this much lag (Beyond loading in). Can a few minutes please be taken to find the source of this and have it corrected? Our guild and alliance loves the dragonflight event, and it was soul crushing for this event to cancel itself without ever really getting going.



PS. Reproduction steps...since I read bug submission after posting

1) Fill a stronghold map with players, tell another 10-20ish people to load a second instance and complain somewhat about "missing it" because you couldn't load in.
2) Attempt to send all 40 people in the main instance to the 4 dragon drop locations
3) Summon a dragon flight
4) Attempt to have many and multiple high-level characters demolish dragons...probably include dragon slaying potions, overload enchants, and other items as well to maximize the amount of math going off.
5) Lag a lot
6) Switch stronghold and try again (this will show a TON of lag and rubber banding for anyone going anywhere).


  • mikeyh1988#9396 mikeyh1988 Posts: 3Member Arc User
    I have the same issues as well and it is starting to happen in the social spaces as well and even in dungeons it is starting to become unbearable.
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,660Member, Administrator Community Manager
    Hello! Does this happen on certain days of the week or times of the day? Where are you located geographically?

  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,427Member Arc User
    The lag has gotten progressively worse over the last few weeks. The last week was pretty bad all around. It's every day, at random times so there's no pinpointing it. As Johnny said, this has affected my workshop at random times in the mornings (im east coast US). I have many toons I go through workshops on and sometimes I'll go through a few of them with no issues before the lag kicks in and I'm rubberbanding around the entire area. Other times it just consistently lags when I approach the desk area.

    I ran a MPF the other day with a few friends and upon entering the courtyard the lag spike was so bad that no animations were triggering and it was like we were freezeframed. We could all hear our powers go off but nothing was happening on the screen for about 5 seconds before it cleared up.

    And DF was so bad over the weekend. As well as marauders. As well as RasNsi hands in Tong not rendering properly 60% of the time, not showing 25% of the time and showing up late the rest of the time.
  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 114Member Arc User
    edited March 19
    @nitocris83 I log in each morning between 5:45 and 6:30 EST and go through 13 characters of workshops. I notice the lag mostly happens on the characters that have more artisans (I usually have near cap of artisans). The workshop 4's have more, but I think its the NPC's rendering in as they all make their cultish march down the stairs and pathfind to wherever they go.

    This past weekend it was Saturday at Noon (EST) when the Dragonflight Marathon started. I have no idea if you can follow specific players and track their instances, but my XBL Gamertag is "Johnny Reklaw" and I was playing the character Saphira Shenron. We started in the Stronghold of 9 3/4 Unbuffed. I don't remember the whole rotation of strongholds we were in, but I know we also visited Savage by Nature and The Free Corps.

    Edit: geographically, I am located in Missouri
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