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Chult campaign token bug

So i started chult on my guardian fighter a while back and then bought a campaign completion token once I got into the port and had started dailies etc. So i chose boons for chult and omu and all the middle path and hunts and thought I'll go run fane of the night serpent and I can't get into Omu. I need to talk to Celeste to get the quest to open omu and she is not In the port next to minsc. I contacted arc support and they said they have no fix for this and to report it here. There is no quests available to me apart from a king of spines weekly which i did and still nothing from any other of the npcs or in camp vengeance. Can someone please help at all? I want to get in there to run charts and hunts with guildies and I have no way of getting in there


  • shadower75shadower75 Posts: 19Member Arc User
    The campaign completion badge helps to close only the progress of the campaign itself and to receive its gifts. In order to get to Omu you need to complete a chain of story quests, complete the task of Nanny Pupu, who will resurrect Celeste, who will appear in Port Nayanzaru and give the quest to Omu. Next, you will need to complete story quests before the opening of the Temple of the Night Serpent.
  • Thanks for that. It's been a while since I did all that on my gwf main. So I've got the chain of events needed but the only quest I can actually get is the king of spines HE from wakunga and the few available in camp vengeance. I've competed both and the story appears to be stuck at the point it's at😭😭
  • greywyndgreywynd Posts: 4,175Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Did you get the amulet from the box behind Breakbone to be able to go talk to Nanny Pupu?
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  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 114Member Arc User
    Buyouts don't progress the storyarcs. to get to SKT areas after a buyout, you have to do the progression quests to unlock the area. Since the OMU area requires Celeste, you'd have to progress through the storyline quests she gives, including your first House of Crocodile (as that unlocks her OMU questline). If Celeste isn't in her spot in port, it is likely you need to go through the rest of the Soshenstart quests.

    Double check with the prince, camp vengence, Nanny Pupu, and Batiri village for anyone with quests. Talk to everyone as sometimes the quests don't show above their heads.
  • No I havnt got the amulet I'll try that later on. Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it lots
  • widestelf509615#8985 widestelf509615 Posts: 6Member Arc User
    Ok so I solved it with all your help thanks. After doing the few quests for the 3rd time in camp vengeance finally breakbone sent me to nani pupu and everything fell into place. Am now in omu doing intro quests to unlock weekly there. Many thanks to you all
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