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Artisan Application Nerf?

As the title says, has there been a nerf to the artisan applications?

I have workshop level 4 on one toon and workshop level 3 on three others. I have gone getting 4-5 applicants in a 24 hour period to getting 1-2 applicants over a 72-96 hour period. I thought at first it was just a bad week. But it has been going on like this for a month.

Covert nerf? Or did I miss a patch note?

Or am I just special. :'(

If it matters, I did the Karmela recruitment quest, but after seeing her stats on preview I haven't bothered assigning her to a profession. So her and a bunch of other people are hanging around in my workshop. probably just coincidental though.
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  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 4,860 Arc User
    Haven't done rigorous testing but there appears to be a correlation between visits to the workshop and applications However, with multiple people making the same number if visits, the range while higher still produced some with only 1 applicant. Once there were none while other characters with the same visits got 5.
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  • lordtweety#3604 lordtweety Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    Hmmm, that could be it. I'll see if that makes a difference to the numbers.
    Main: Angels Scar
    Guild: Ruathym Corsairs
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,069 Arc User
    I have also experienced a similar dropoff in applications, and it also corresponds with a drop in my rate of visiting the workshop.
  • pwimagicgamepwimagicgame Member Posts: 53 Arc User
    What annoys me is the blatant push towards buying better artisans with the fact I have received no even half decent artisans for about two centuries.
  • lordtweety#3604 lordtweety Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    Interesting, since I started hanging out at my workshop a bit more I have been getting about 1 applicant per day. An increase over the one a week it had dropped to. I have had one purple applicant since I upgraded to WS4. That was about 8 weeks ago so not a good rate. I haven't opened my applicant scrolls yet and probably won't until I have to. If and when I have a bunch of terrible purples is probably when I'll open them. The chance of better purples is higher if you already have all the HAMSTER ones right? ;)
    Main: Angels Scar
    Guild: Ruathym Corsairs
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