Sanctum GH 20 is Recruiting on PS4

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Do you seek happiness? Inner peace? Meaning in life? Well, we can't help you there, but we can help distract you from the cavernous void inside with guild activities such as marauders, influence, dungeon runs, randoms, raffles & giveaways!

Guild: Sanctum - GH 20 on PS4

Rank 10 boons: Power, Hit Points, Crit Severity, Incoming Healing, Res Sickness, XP and More. Treasure Hunter boon available in a secondary guild.

Alliance: One of a Kind. Very Active. End Game. Runs ToMM (including training runs).

Activities: Influence Runs, Marauders, Dungeon runs, Training Runs, Discord giveaways, Raffles etc.

Requirements: We want social players: Talk! Join the discord! Interact with your fellow man/woman!

Must be level 70+. Also, don't be a jerk.


- Maxed boons

- Tight-knit guild

- Active, end game alliance

- Active Discord

- Guild name that's not stupid or pretentious

- No insane joining requirements (except 2Mil AD and your first born child)


- Occasionally stupid inside jokes that you'll have to put up with.

- No health insurance or dental plan.


This is amazing! How do I join?

Look up "Sanctum" in the Find a Guild menu in game. If you can’t find it, send divisionofzero a PSN message requesting to join or send a direct message here. Make sure you say a bit about yourself in your message.

When are you most active?

We have many members in the UK and North America. Our most active time is between 12 pm to 2 am EST, but we have people on at all hours most days.

What is discord? How can I access it?

Discord is what we use to chat, coordinate runs, discuss builds and upcoming mods. This can be accessed via a web browser or downloaded as an app on your smartphone. We will give you our discord code once you join the guild.

I don't meet your ilvl requirements, can I join?

Exceptions might be made if you're close or a support class on a case by case basis. Message me here with your build and a bit about your gear.

Jan 2020 edit: We are in a new alliance and have 30+ spots available for new members! Would love to get some more end game players interested in running ToMM (experience not required).

Feb 2020 edit: We are still recruiting and have 20+ spots available.

June 2020 edit: We have room for about 15 people.
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    We hit GH 20 on June 9th! Our power boon should be maxed within a couple days after we grind out the last bit of influence. There is still space in our guild for more recruits!
  • bleedingheart#2488
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    We are still active and recruiting!
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    Curious how many active players are in this guild/alliance? My wife and I have many level 70 characters but focus on Tank / AC/DO and SW/CW. (Above 15k with boons) I'm thinking of transitioning to a new guild from our current to find a more active guild. Current guild has less than 10 people active on any given day. Thanks!
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    odimus#6176 Member Posts: 3 Arc User you have the treasure hunter boon open? Thank You.
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    Many of us are running lair of the mad mage and all other content comfortably. We are able to support training runs within the guild. Our discord is full of build information and guides to help players adjust to the new mod.
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    We have about 14 openings. Feel free to get a hold of me if you need a guild!
  • bleedingheart#2488
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    We could use some experienced DPS that can run all content. Support players are welcome, too.
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