Some general game questions from a newbie

I've been playing for about 3 weeks and have a CW at 70, along with a Storage DC who is a few points from 70. I have 3 empty character slots, less then 20k AD, and about 40k refinement points on my DC, who is also doing Professions here and there. The CW is doing Jewelery, and that's it.

My questions are pretty basic, and are simply issues I have because I am new to Neverwinter.

1. When it comes to refinement points, is doing that on all toons better then pushing everything to one toon? I'd rather have one toon do all the refinement upgrades, but if that's not sustainable, I need to know now.

2. Armor Rating - Jeez this is hard to get up there if your a newbie to the game. Best I can do is 20, and that's not even on my CW. I have not yet looked at mounts or companions yet, because I am not sure what class I am going to settle on. My question is, what can I do NOW, to make it easier for the toon I decide to play as my main, which should happen in a few more weeks, in regards to AR?

3. Companion and Mount: Just for Leveling - I've read that getting a quality mount and companion early on just to level is a good idea. What mount and companion is that? Are there Account wide options for this? Zen store is fine if yes.

4. VIP and Other QoL store items - VIP rank 1 now from a free pack I got, and I plan to renew that when it runs out. Just wondering if there are any really helpful packs or anything else that maybe I should consider now, being so new to NW and all.

5. Storage - I typically use toons to store items, rather then have huge bank inventories. Since character slots are cheap, I am thinking of doing that here. Any reason why I shouldn't?

6. Setup - It seems to take me about 1.5 or two weeks to level a new toon. I'm busy, and can't play quite as much as I would like. I'm wondering if anyone could give me a little insight into the best way to get "set up" so that I can at the very least do the end-game campaigns without a guild. (Sure I know it depends on the class, but this is more about having "materials" and mounts and companions, etc.

General do's and don'ts, and so on would be great. I'll be joining a guild eventually, but life is a bit hectic right now, and I'm waiting until things settle down a little. Sure would be nice to have ideas of what I CAN do now, to improve QoL in game in 2 or 3 months when I can really jump into the game in a serious way.


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    1. I don't see the point of that question. Depends on which character you want to build. There won't be any gains or losses just from moving refinement sources around and hence no question of sustenance.

    2. Armor Rating? Are you referring to Item Level? But 20? Maybe you're referring to Armor Class? Armor Class isn't really relevant for a DC or CW. It just increases the damage resistance.

    3. Multiple events give out epic (purple) mounts that have a speed of 110%. The one from the event Siege of Neverwinter is particularly useful since it can have an insignia bonus of Wanderers Fortune which will great help deal with your RP situation. Mounts from Zen Store and Zen Store packs are reclaimable and companions from Zen Store packs are typically reclaimable (not the direct ones though).

    4. See point 5.

    5. No reason. You can also buy the Dragonborn Legend Pack or whatever it's called for free account wide 30-slot bags, epic mounts (Guard Drake) and augment companions (Black Dragon Ioun Stone). The character slots also rarely get an 80% sale.

    6. Do Barovia intro quest for a full set of starter gear. You can then do a few random levelling queues for seals and get the gear from seal vendor. Other than Barovia intro, do campaigns in the order shown in the journal (you can do multiple at once) and you should be able to progress pretty smoothly.

    Don't spend on cosmetics (unless you really want them) till you get your character to a decent place. Try asking somewhere before buying anything, it's quite possible that the item might be available much cheaper elsewhere or isn't a good idea.
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    I found out the hard way that it is easy to waste a lot of time and effort going down the wrong path with companions, mounts and , enchants

    Beware spending lots of time on refining enchants or buying enchants that actually you dont need or will swap later. i.e. The cheapest Rank 10 Enchant probably isnt the best, but can over inflate item level

    Beware buying/upgrading companions you will swap later. Some companions give to stat boost of 330 whereas the Deepcrow thing gives +1500 power for example.

    Beware buying purple mounts that you will need to swap later.

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    A mount in the stable will never go away. You will always be able to ride it.
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    greywynd said:

    A mount in the stable will never go away. You will always be able to ride it.

    Yes but what I meant was I wasted loads of AD in the Auction House on Mounts which I now only use for vanity purposes ;)
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    I got the Dragonborn Legend Pack (which now has a slightly different name and is cheaper I think), back on some 20% off sale last year, it was an excellent purchase. Epic(purple) mount, purple companion, Runic storage bag, some gear and other bits for every character on your account, forever. Also unlocks the Dragonborn race which is quite handy.

    Go to Neverember at level 70 for the Unwelcome Guests/Barovia quest for a decent set of level 70 gear. As said, once you get through a Siege of Neverwinter event and get a Siege Griffin mount/Wanderers Fortune bonus, RP will be less of a concern. It seems limited at the start but will accumulate fairly quickly once you start playing more.

    Not sure if you have already looked it up, but there are 3 free storage bags, one from the campaign offered by the Seer in the Hall of Justice, one from the Blacklake district storyline, one from the Neverdeath graveyard quests.

    For storage, alts are good, although you may want to pick up some Account Bank slots when they are on sale to make sharing easier.

    As for levelling, it actually happens pretty quickly. Storyline quests give very good XP. One thing I did recently to level a character quickly. I looked for green quality mounts on the Exchange that had Insignia slots for Regal, Enlightened and Crescent. Then I bought some blue Insignia of Prosperity to fill those slots. (+4% Glory, Gold, Exp gain, each)

    You can also put some Azure enchantments (+XP%) in the Utility slots of your Head, Arms and Feet gear. (Although your Barovia gear will come with those slots already filled, so you may not want to swap them)

    With 5 mounts, and 2 insignia each, and some Azures, you can reach a permanent approx. +50% XP boost. At that point even just invoking the gods each day can give decent XP. Mounts that work for this are Sunite Steed, Ashen Brindle Horse, Pale Horse, Amphail Fancy Horse, and I think one of the ones you can get for free while levelling - Sabino horse.

    The mount you 'ride' and your max. speed are independent... you can set your Mount Bonus, Riding speed, and mount visual independently from whatever you currently have unlocked.

    Finally, google "Neverwinter what to do at level 70" and check out the many useful guides there. Some are a bit out of date because of game changes, but they will all have useful info.
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    Thanks for the info, folks! I messed up the wording in question 2. I did in fact mean Item Level. I'll send my newly level 70 CW on the Unwelcome Guest quest (I already knew about that), and see how it goes.

    I have no issues leveling. In fact, getting to 70 is too fast, in my opinion, but heck, I just started playing, so what do I know, heh.

    I'll also see if I can find that Dragonborn Legand Pack, since my main issue is I am still testing classes.
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    Have you joined a guild yet? Sinnerz is recruiting! Feel free to send a mail or PM to me (@reg1981)! The alliance is active and great to help, we also use Discord so we can talk out things like your list above!
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    Thanks for the info, folks! I messed up the wording in question 2. I did in fact mean Item Level. I'll send my newly level 70 CW on the Unwelcome Guest quest (I already knew about that), and see how it goes.

    I have no issues leveling. In fact, getting to 70 is too fast, in my opinion, but heck, I just started playing, so what do I know, heh.

    I'll also see if I can find that Dragonborn Legand Pack, since my main issue is I am still testing classes.

    It is called Dragonborn Race pack now (a better and cheaper version of Dragonborn Legend pack).
    You should either wait for the sales (which will take a long time to come) or wait for a 20% off coupon from invocation (which can come anytime).
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    A SW is not a bad choice, right now I would say it is one of the more flexible classes allowing for decent solo and group buffer/healer (per you loadouts) and it also has a fast class movement modifier. Watch out building a glass canon, some later content can really mob your toon, your companion choices will help with this.

    Personally I built a toon of each class and worked them up to LV 70 to see which I liked best. My main turned out to be a pally as they are tough enough to survive endgame even with low item level.

    There are certain things that you can invest in and move around if need be so you will not loose your investment if you change toons. Bonding stones for your companion comes to mind, you can level those up and move them to another toon if you want (make sure they are not bound to character). You can even sell them if you want. Same with weapon and armor enchantments. Equipment such as rings are typically bound to account so you can move those around your account.

    Here is the tool I use for mount insignias.../

    The wiki for companions is useful as well...