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Professions Workshop Quests and Upgrades Not Being Offered

typo#6563 typo Posts: 180Member Arc User
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This bug report is submitted at the direction of Arc Support in response to my support ticket # 190128-000683 for my character named Yarrow at Xbox gamer tag Extraneous Typo.

The issue I'm having is this: I currently have five professions at level 70 (and my adventuring gathering capability is also at 70), but for some reason the workshop retainer continues to show a message that I will not get a new quest until I get a profession to level 20. I have all eight artisans and I’ve repeated a number of steps several times, including making quite a few professions items, but I remain stuck and also can’t upgrade my workshop to rank 2.

Here are a couple of screen shots. First one shows one of my professions at level 70. Second one shows that the retainer doesn’t think I have gotten a profession past level 20. As a result, I am unable to make any progress on ranking up my workshop and cannot receive any new workshop quests.

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  • typo#6563 typo Posts: 180Member Arc User
    edited February 4
    Problem resolved. I'm not sure what the issue was exactly, except to say yesterday evening when I took a look to see if anything had changed, I noticed I was able to move forward on the workshop quests, including ranking up the Workshop.
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