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Ardent favors: Sunlord's Gift Elixir disappearing from inventory. Ticket ID #4,810,399.

claudiojose01claudiojose01 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
I have bought today 01/16 at about 16:30 PST some Sunlord gift elixir with ardent favors. With my first character I bought 25 of these elixirs (spending 50 ardent favors), the potions went to my inventory, I saw the little rectangle at the right down corner that always appears when a player receive items, and inmediately the 25 elixir bottles disappeared from inventory.

The same happened a few minutes early when I bought 10 Sunlord elixirs (spending 20 ardent favor) with my second character from the list. In this case, I already had 38 Sunlord elixirs in my inventory and ALL of them disappeared (my old 38 elixirs + those 10 recently bought).

I will appreciate your help to investigate what is happening here. I also would like to ask you to recover my 25 plus 48 Sunlord's Gift Elixirs.

Kind regards,

[System Notify] Successfully submitted ticket ID #4,810,399.


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