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SW Infernal Spheres Bug (PvP)

sinofbarrakasinofbarraka Member Posts: 1 Arc User
1) Log in to a Scourge Warlock
2) Slot Infernal Spheres as one of your Encounter Powers
3) Head to any zone PvP Area
4) Slot a weapon enchantment other than the dread (Prominence works best)
5) Activate Infernal Spheres
^) While Infernal Spheres is active on the Player, any DMG they take multiproc's the weapon enchantment.

Observed Result:
After activating Infernal Spheres the weapon enchantment (Prominence) Proc'd about 103 times resulting in the SW being invincible from the heals of infernal spheres as well as the weapon enchantment killing anyone that attacks.

Expected Result:
Infernal spheres should NOT multiproc on each strike of the encounter Infernal Spheres and should only Proc 1 -time on the activation of Infernal Spheres.

Video Below


  • wdj40wdj40 Member Posts: 1,958 Arc User
    Oh finally someone has posted a report about this... pretty fed up of SW bugging the game out. It lags the game up so badly no-body can move for a few seconds sometimes.

    Now we just need them to confirm its a bug otherwise the SW's will not believe it.

    Also why not post your build and show how buggy it is? 1000's of reflects instakilling people sometimes etc
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  • finalfantasyac7finalfantasyac7 Member Posts: 582 Arc User
    The ones who are lagging the games most are guardian fighters with their kv's. It makes the instance freeze for x seconds and lags until no kv is being used.
    Barraka, your gf is a tank (400k hp) with high DR and deflect chance and using a full reflect build using blackthorn/chitters, tenebrouse enchants, class features that returns damage, companions that returns damage, etc, etc + using 24/7 shield.... and you get killed by sw reflect then coming here complaining about it.
    Why don't you post your other videos where you 5v1 and melt others without dying?

    Gf shield damage absorb should be limited to x% damage per battle !!
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