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Guild Donation: Remove cap on donation categories once SH reaches max rank

vordaynvordayn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,283 Arc User
edited November 2018 in Player Feedback (PC)
I have a lot of labour vouchers left over from the Mod 15 Profession change. I've used all I needed in the Workshop exchange, and would like to donate to the Guild coffer.

However, every single Guild in my Alliance is capped on Professions Supplies Donation, and I cannot donate it to receive Guild Marks.

Is there any way or capability to increase (or remove) the cap on Professions Supplies, or any other donation category, once a SH has reached level 20 and has no more use for it?
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  • gripnir78gripnir78 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 374 Arc User
    It works as intended. You want guild marks - use other currencies for your allies to help them build buildings witch require a old "labor" new "proffesion supplies". That mimic position was always the easiest to fill as it required almost nothing of value to spend for guild marks.

    Just imagine impact of not capped mimic. Infinite amounts of guild marks. That would crush what a little is left from this game economy.

    Besides it doesnt seem to fit a new cryptic guild development policy. Campaign currencies for rAD or for the mimic? Crafting crates expensive and complicated to create. That mod is not a guild friendly....
  • aixis2000aixis2000 Member Posts: 211 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    It may work as intended but I really doubt that the devs did had it well thought out. Im in 2 different alliances with my toons and in both no one can donate gear anymore (due to the changes to rp from AD´s) cause all reached the maximum...so what to do now?...on most of my toons I play active I do have 200-300k+ rp and nothing to refine but I need guildmarks
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,247 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Something I posted in a [similar thread] found here:

    Well I think the biggest thing they should consider:
    1. Revise Stronghold Siege to 10v10 so it easier for Guilds to schedule more like Guantlgrym.
    2. Perhaps add some new Guild Structure's/Plots in SH MOD "rumored" to be coming?
    3. Add 1 PvE Seasonal Deity Plots at GH20: From Knowledge Domain last 2m (max) upgradable in Tiers per Season.
    4. Add 1 PvP Seasonal Faction Plot at GH1: Based on Faction they want Training their Class each Season.
    5. Factions for PvP be those we introduced in Dragons & Elemental Evil Campaigns. Players who you team with in PvP.
    6. PvP should remove the 'Kill' shot and replace the 'Mercy' or 'Tap-Out' of Mixed Martial Arts.
    7. Seasonal Project Plots Could each unlock different items at Guild Merchants &/or M.Merchant depending on Tier.
    8. Both act like STO (fleet mark dump projects) but a variation that has seasonal benefits**
    NOTE: Highlights in Border **

    The coffer would need a way to slot 1/2 Season Projects at new Plots per season with growing requirements each Tier.
    1. A Deity/God Statue (PvE) temporary seasonal plot: dump 1-2 excess currencies (based on Deity) at reduced rates, along with some High Quality Materials from Professions to Build. As it grows in Tiers each season it unlocks other items at various merchants depending on Deity selected, and Deity's would each have a Seasonal Preference their Project could be slotted.
    2. A Faction Banner (PvP) denoting people you Queue with for Domination, or Guantlgrym as locations fall within the Crag Mount Range similar to the Guild. Faction Banners may also extend to similar organization in Ice Wind Dale when their PvP is the preference for the Season. The factions include: The Harpers, The Order of the Gauntlet, The Emerald Enclave, The Lords Alliance, and the cunning Zhentarim. There focus is 'mostly training and improving Classes, Fighters, or Warriors to defeat Evil the threatens Neverwinter or Faerûn.
    Some additional thoughts (not my thread) about PvP, where I suggested extending Factions to PvP:

    Tier 1 Projects [-20% Guild Marks], Tier 2 Projects [-25% Guild Marks], or Tier 3 Projects [-30% Guild Marks], each would fill separate from Coffer, and regardless which Tier Build last a whole Season (2 months) yet they could be upgraded each season to new Tiers for example. They also wouldn't use any items from the Coffer, no Stone, Metal, Lumber or Food. Instead focus would be only on items that players that players could donate directly with 1-2 strong preferences for currency Depending on the Deity &/or Faction. All Deity/Faction Season Plots would focus their Primary Currency on PvE Currencies of Preference; secondary currencies for Tier 1 structure may require high quality [4-21] materials/surplus, a Tier 2 may ask for high quality [22-41] materials/surplus, a Tier 3 may ask for high quality [42-61] materials/surplus.

    Slotting any Deity or Faction Project would denote a crest or seal placed on the Plot before any Statue &/or Banner is Built to denote Season Preferences and what items Guild Members should begin to gather/collect.

    Faction Banner's could indicate PvP Preference's as well depending on the Season or Time of Year. Just like different Deity's/God's be available choices depending on the Season. Perhaps different Faction / Organizations could be supported in PvP based on the Season as well? A Season's who focus was Large Combat Simulations may include Guantlgrym: The Emerald Enclave, The Lords Alliance, and again the 'cunning' Zhentarim are likely Candidates. Those focused on smaller combat in Domination may include: The Harpers, The Order of the Guantlet, and yet again the 'cunning' Zhentarim. They Zhentarim as their a more 'wild card' can partner with any other Faction, or entirely queue with those from their own Faction. Perhaps for them a loss isn't a loss as long as they & or a Team Mate tops the Match Standings and no one from an opposing Team, or a Rogue Zhentarim on the opposing team beats them. During seasons that focus on the Colder PvP area's a Banner may shift to The Ten Towns, or the Arcane Brotherhood while not a D&D 'Faction' they are Organizations similar to Factions. Most Factions however are most good &/or neutral. The Zhentarim are a little more Chaotic similar to the Ten Towns &/or Arcane Brotherhood, at least in how they sometimes achieve their objectives in a more selfish or self-serving nature.

    Season might also be a way to change offerings in the Guild Stores Based on Deity/Faction preferences &/or Tiers of Projects build as well. It offer a way to not only spice up PvE but potentially PvP with a few different rewards. Players not a member of a Guild, could signup with Factions down from the Hall of Justice. If you are a Member of a Guild, their choice would supersede yours; leaders of Guilds in an Alliance will likely want to coordinate Factions they Support.

    Season Projects that could grow (PvE/PvP) or remain once build for a season may include:
    • Deity/God (PvE) Statue only unlocks for Stronghold 20 Guilds Depending on Season from the Knowledge Domain.
    • Faction (PvP) Banners unlocks depending on the Season Preference for Freeform, Small or Large Combat Training.
    • Each Deity / Faction has 1/2 Currencies for Currency's Heavy Lifting, with several others that grow/evolve at Tiers.
    • Guild Leaders slot a project it denote a season choice, crest place on plot before first tier is build; unless destroyed.
    • Tier 1 would remain the entire season once built; taking 1-2 days (build or demolish) once supplies earned.
    • Tier 2 would remain the entire season once build; taking 3 days (upgrade or demolish) once supplies earned.
    • Tier 3 would remain to the season's close; taking 5 days (upgrade or demolish) at end of season.
    • Demolish times wouldn't hinder Season where 1 month gaps exist, Month 3, or Month 6; others are tightly coupled.
    Denote Seasons are only 2 months & their are 5 in D&D:
    • Midwinter (Hammer thru Alturiak) with break in the 3rd Month of Ches
    • Greengrass (Tarsakh thru Mirtul) with break in the 6th Month of Kythorn
    • Midsummer (Flamerule thru Eleasis)
    • Highharvest (Eleint thru Marpenoth)
    • Feast of the Moon (Uktar thru Nightal)

    Excess Reference:

    Deity's perhaps the Guild honors may be different Deity/God's than we'd may normally 'invoke', as the Guild interest is 'Knowledge' hoping Guild Members expand into Masterwork. The Deity's the Guild should pay Tribute is mostly from the Knowledge Domain of: Oghma, Denier, Gond, Labelas Enoreth (Seldarine under leadership of Corellon), Sehanine Moonbow (Seldarine under leadership of Corellon), Asmodeus, Mystra, Savras, Jergal and several others. Not all are Chaotic Good, or mostly Neutral like Gond, in fact some are even Lawful Evil like Asmodeus. The same is similar to Factions most are mostly Good &/or Neutral, though one in particular has questionable motivations, The Zhentarim.



    "Midwinter falls between Hammer and Alturiak, Greengrass between Tarsakh and Mirtul, Midsummer is between Flamerule and Eleasis, Highharvestide is between Eleint and Marpenoth, and The Feast of the Moon is between Uktar and Nightal."


    Still there also should be a 'bit' of a balancing, at how much Senior Guilds can grow a Junior one. Nothing that's excessive or too restrictive either. Perhaps an alliance contributes up to 80% of the total in any category to GH5; 75% contribution from alliance guilds to GH10; 70% from alliance guilds to GH14; 65% from alliance guilds to GH16; 60% from alliance guilds to GH 18; then it remain at 55% at GL19 or more. Yet each guild could always fill their own target fully by themselves; especially if they limited a category of donations at Coffer slots. The also ensure junior guilds can grow quickly if a senior guild has more resources, yet also ensure a reasonable effort on their own as well.

    Now one other thing a Project Plot could also unlock as incentive:

    Addition benefits aside from the initial crest placed on the Ground might expand to unlocking additional Items at Guild Merchants &/or Mysterious Merchants as Statues, Tributes, &/or Banners are build up. It would not require even raising the Guild Mark Cap beyond 30000 that exists today. Guild Merchants could ask for Guild Marks &/or Various 'High-Quality' 70 level Materials &/or Masterwork (Gathered) Materials that have not been upgraded; many would also require Guild Marks to Gather them &/or Diamonds to purchase them if they were short...

    Denoted how that 'might be done & some other idea's in here:

    Shouldn't undo any progression made thus-far but 'give' more choices & may 'help' get the creative juices flowing for DEVs.

    Post edited by strathkin on
  • minotaur2857minotaur2857 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,138 Arc User
    Yup, need a sink for surplus and labour, the costs of tyranny and frozen are too high relative to those for surplus and labour. When they were brought in, people were in those zones, now they're in barovia/chult which drop no campaign stuff that can be donated.

    Either tie the new zones to the old ones so say SKT currency can be donated as frozen etc, or provide an exchange NPC who will give you other currency vouchers for stuff you don't need. Also change some of the costs, I'm involved in 3 guilds, one is maxed but I can see the coffers, and all have plenty of surplus, labour, fey and gems and are short of frozen, tyranny and some of the shard types. Influence is a minor shortage, dark a minor surfeit, but they're about right.
  • chemjeffchemjeff Member Posts: 544 Arc User
    This idea would seriously harm recruiting efforts for smaller guilds.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,247 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    I think the -20% reduced guild mark for extended temporary structures that grow to -25%, &/or -30% reduced guild mark donation Deity Plots (temp structures) to place a honorary Statue. It would still encourage people to donate to alliance guilds first, and to mostly use this as a later option when all alliance guilds are full of one type of resource/currency. It also only be a plot available to SH20 Guild Halls. Yet depending on the tribute build to what Deity / God each would very have very specific area's of focus to address 1-2 overflowing area's with others to a far lessor extend.

    I mean this similar option works quite well in STO, even though it is done slightly different.

    If it only offered 70% thru 80% Guild Marks (depending on Project Tier each Season -20% to -30% guild marks) you'd still average about 1.5x for those special projects during 2x depending what Tier the Temporary Project was at when the event occurred.

    Yet perhaps if a Deity tribute was was fully build &/or UPKEPT, it could unlock new Mysterious Merchant items if I Merchant was build while a Deity was in place. They wouldn't have to require raising the 30,000 Guild Mark CAP either, but could ask for additional Masterwork 'Gathered' Materials or others?

    IE: 540-550 [?] Gear at 20000 to 30000 guild marks + Masterwork gathered materials & L70 'High Quality' material.
    1. Older items were 15,000 to 20,000 guild marks in Mysterious Merchant store.
    2. Some have been added at 30,000 for 520 Item Gear.
    3. Offer items for 20k-30k Guild marks, +xx Adamantine Rings +1, xxAdamantine Scales +1, x Red Adder Bark, x Lacquer Branch, x Adamant Sand &/or others Masterwork gathered resources, that haven't been upgraded just gathered possible include +/- Tincal, Alakli, or others purchased for 2000 guild marks as well. Things that require either you to gather or earn guild marks in other ways. So your trading additional items for slightly higher gear. That be another way to extend all Guild Merchants, it require you earn some guild marks to obtain the Materials and then a bit more to finalize the purchase.

    Those I think would be TWO 'great' additions to see added or considered. :+1::+1:

    Just something to 'consider' is all.
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  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,570 Arc User
    vordayn said:

    I have a lot of labour vouchers left over from the Mod 15 Profession change. I've used all I needed in the Workshop exchange, and would like to donate to the Guild coffer.

    However, every single Guild in my Alliance is capped on Professions Supplies Donation, and I cannot donate it to receive Guild Marks.

    Is there any way or capability to increase (or remove) the cap on Professions Supplies, or any other donation category, once a SH has reached level 20 and has no more use for it?

    When enough people complain then it will be done, until then. . .

    Either that or have the Guilds build structures that use labor.

    Be careful how you use your labor vouchers, no Icewind Dale labor vouchers = no Raw Black Ice to Black Ice conversion.
  • eclipseblood#1326 eclipseblood Member Posts: 202 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    Wat about having a meter for the coffer for overflowed resources? The meter could be used to summon a more difficult version of dragonflight that awards random vouchers similar to seige based on completion(either dragons killed or bronze/silver/gold/platinum) with higher ranks taking away more of the meter with a 4 hour cooldown or even reset every week.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,247 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Yea I've also suggested similar things here as well (referenced above) too:

    I never expect them to take idea's exactly as suggested as they always like to put their own 'spin' on it. Still it be nice if some of the things they were thinking was similar or idea's help them generate some new idea's. :)
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