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My review and feedback after 2 years!

Hello everyone this post is for new players and for cryptic team
My review and thoughts for the game! im not native english speaker so i hope you can understand it good enough.

Ive been playing the game for 2 years now and i wanted to share my experience with u all here.


The game is fun to play! its casual friendly and its definitely not P2W, but u can progress alot faster if u do spend some cash on it its really up to you...
( in my opinion the game dont really sell anything interesting in zen market so... ) i would prefer that they would sell some fancy cosmetics for real cash only
like most games tend to do these days... but yeah i guess they do more money this way. If u do spend money on zen you should definitly buy the right mounts because,
they are bound to account so if u make new characters you get these mounts for free!
The game is worth playing in 2018! combat system is top! Try it out!


I still love to play the game, but i have few concerns:

Obviously class balance! im happy to see you working on this i have faith in you! :)
The main problem for me as a main CW and secondary SW is the progression.. i dont feel the need to upgrade my character any further
or i dont see the point to do it.. my CW for example i cant play him dps its not good enough no matter how high his IL is! he cant compete with other dps like
TR,GWF so im stuck to play mof/renegade.. the problem is here ( why to uprgade my character any further?? all my buffs/debuffs are coming from feats or
encounters like ray of enfeeblement,.. and the buffs from renegade capstone are random like wtf :D ) so all my buffs/debuffs dont scale with any of my stats!
the only stat i can think of is to get enough recovery to spam my ray of enfeeblement... i hope u can understand what i mean ( 18k cw mof/rene is same as 13k CW mof/rene
only difference is in dmg output and thats already small... ) same story with my SW so im little limited and frustrated... if i upgrade my characters i don't see much
benefit from it!


- The game has some problems with bugs/exploits,.. The problem is not just in bugs/exploits the main problem is how long are they present ingame its crazy how bad cryptic
handle this!
- PVP! the pvp in this game could be actually pretty good if they would just scale down characters on same lvl i dont know how to do it but combat in this game is the main reason
why im still playing it.. so good combat and pvp goes hand it hand thats all i have to say here... but as it is right now all this advantages from ( guild boons, right mounts,
leg mounts, rank 14 enchants, pve broken gear and so on,... all that shiny things break pvp + ofc class balance )
- Lack of content thats pretty much because of pvp if u have no good pvp ingame u have to bring alot of content for me its mostly ( dungeons, also would be nice for some guild
events, hunts from barovia were pretty good Thumbs up for that!,... ) ( that doesn't count for new players they have alot of content to go through first )


- Like i said the combat is still top!
- They are improving with content ( Barovia was pretty good! please get rid of that damn Heroic encounters! )
- New professions are looking promising ( if its not only profitable if u spam it on multi characters.. thats just annoying and another failure.. if so..)
- Its casual friendly ( u dont have to play it everyday! )
- You can exchange in game currency for zen ( AD for Zen )
- Alts friendly


-1 for no PVP
-1 how they handle bugs/exploits
-1 balances


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    ecrana#2080 ecrana Member Posts: 1,654 Arc User
    Nice feedback and I agree with most points but I strongly disagree with your one positive point about the game being "alt friendly".

    The game WAS alt friendly. It no longer is and it has continually gotten less alt friendly over time.

    I also have little interest in the new professions system. That's a personal preference so I can see why some might find more value in it than I do.
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    silverkeltsilverkelt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,235 Arc User
    You missed most of the best part of this game =P I wasnt in beta, but started in year 1.

    the start of Mod 10 , made the game increasingly alt unfriendly, while they allow you a certain # of gear fairly easily, all the really expensive stuff, that requires you to get to play at a high level, is not really possible to have on more then 1-2 toons max.

    Its best to get probably one utility type (which can be slightly under-geared) and one dps type (which cannot really be too far undergeared)

    You used to be able to run all the classes through almost all the content and prior to mod 6, easily do the campaigns on most of them, skipped a bit maybe on TOD end after say boon 4 or something)

    To get that many classes through teh campaigns for all the boons now is really time consuming, doing them on just 3 is very time consuming.

    The game will probably never be as it was , in fact you can count on that..

    Most people from the start would say , everything pre mod 6.. was the best part of the game..
    then everything post mod 6.. meh.

    To me its mod 10.. i hate mod 10 and will always hate mod 10, for it was the start of destroying everything i loved about the game.

    I do admit Bavoria wasnt tooo bad. Chult, was meh... too much running around and this new mod.. super whatever.. at least its easy . Its stupid, but easy.

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    valmunter99#8413 valmunter99 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    i agree that alot of that BIS gear etc,.. and leg mounts aint easy to get.. oh god why are leg mounts not bound account they are already expensive af.. :D but what makes it alt firendly is Knox`s Adventurer Recruitment Order, Caimpaign completion pack, switchable enchants.. its gated behind zen market but hey you can exchange ad for zen... or just buy it they have to make money somehow..
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    silverkeltsilverkelt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,235 Arc User
    It would take like 30 mins to switch things around from one toon to another and I dont even know how much gold.

    While doable, seems like a lot of wasted time really.

    You must remember at one point max enchants were like 10, then 12, now 14. You could easily kit out a toon with R8s and R9s and run all content, wasnt much difference.

    AT one point, all you needed was a bonding companion as well, no 3 x bonding runestones and in the early days, it was a year before a new campaign would come out, giving you plenty of time to get toons through.

    You basically only ran dungeons for gear, not for AD back then as well, so you just took one through all the dungeons to get the pieces you need for your particular set, once done, you were done gearing it up, except to slap the old r8s on it and then anything else you did was for profit.

    I pvped in this game for the first year, with r8s on my dc, gwf, hr, gf and cw. You were not insta trolled like you are now. Even into year two, you could do it with r9s/10 on and a set of pvp gear.

    Now everything is very ridicolous to come to gear up without loads and loads of time involved.

    Its understandable.. but still, you know, nostalgia kicks in and you remember the fun you had, not just the massive amount of grind. I remember so many times of doing Guant daily, doing the pvp afterwards, so much fun back then. Now I simply skip PVP, its not worth the trouble, when there is so much dichotomy between pve and pvp builds.. too much work and time and trouble in the end.

    I still think the # 1 issue with alts is the way they structure campaigns, while the lowest ones are not that bad, I just came back from a year off and bam, had 4 campaigns thrown at me.. AFTER one year? sort of ridiculous they want you to go through that many campaigns so quickly. (so now doing chult, omu , ravenloft and AI now on 3 toons)

    It takes me approx 8-10 hours a week to get 3 toons done, or more.. I mean , add on top of that the other stuff like grinding weeklies for AD and daily AD runs, you are talking about 20+ hours just to do three toons.

    Imagine a new player rolling a toon today.. like really, seriously.. look how much time just to get through campaigns.

    Other games , simply give you the boons from one toon if you earn it on another, or allow you to skip portions at least of redoing same work.

    here, they are not so kind, allow you to open up dungeons sure, but you need the boons, or at least most of them to be competitive enough to be used in a dungeon.

    I would suggest at least the following:

    Allow more account packs into the game,
    Sell a legendary generic account bound mount,
    Allow campaign finishers to be account bound,
    Once done with a campaign with one toon, allow speed up tokens or something (other games do this, so you can skip at least 50% of the campaign on every next toon you have)

    They simply make things too difficult in this game for accounts, too focused on characters instead.

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