Salvage is dead... so where do you get your RAD from [?]

callumf#9018 Member Posts: 1,585 Arc User
As said above - now salvage is gone where do you get your rAD from?

I have been toying with the new crafting system so haven't paid much attention to other stuff in the new Mod [other than the frankly laughable AI quests which each take, like, 1 minute to complete].

So how much rAD do you get from what dungeons or skirmishes?

What do you do to get rAD?

Or even just AD?


  • greywynd
    greywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,462 Arc User
    Randoms. Dungeon chests. Weeklies. Overflow rewards.

    I'm still hitting the 100k rAD daily. Sometimes more.
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  • brandemis
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    i´m still hitting the 100 k rad daily too, and dungeon chest sometimes gives a lot ot rad, theres no much difference between salvage and this option i think.
  • callumf#9018
    callumf#9018 Member Posts: 1,585 Arc User
    I'm hitting 40-50k per day without really trying.

    SO whats a decent amount of rAD from a random dungeon quest for example?

    Do you have alts running the weeklies to stack up the rAD that way?
  • brandemis
    brandemis Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    9k rad normal
    13 k rad in advanced ( 3k to 5k in the chest)
    17 k rad in other one ( 10k or more epic demo in one chest gives me 9k with the epic demo key)

    i do everything with tank or healer bonus 5k total between this 2

    in this 3 you got 57 k rad or more

    and i do advanced queues with bonuses 5 to 8 k rad

    In less of 2 hours you have enough rad

    If you have good item level 2 hours its too much time to get 100k