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New professional issues, since 1022a.3

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,247 Arc User
Other THREADs with outstanding bugs:

Please & Thank You: Note I'll add more new BUGS to Thread as they found.

1st Issue: 8 Artisans reduced from 32 Artisans a factor of 4x! Perhaps more allowed at Workshop 2, 3, or 4? I praying to Corellon. o:)

Corellon answered the Elves prayers! Workshop 2 allows 14 max! Workshop 3 is 20 max! Workshop 4 is 26. Faith in DEVs is SECURE!

In the older days, most typically level 4 professions. Back in the day, most started focusing on their class Armor, Tailor, or Leather, then as a second do Weapon or Artificing. Then the third would often be Jewelcraft for rings, and even then only a few might persue Leadership. Seems they divided the Hire Artisan's into 4 while at Workshop 1, then it increased to '6 more' for a total of10, once you at Workshop 2.

NOTE: I acknowledge 'some' reporting issues with Workshop 3 &/or 4. Those I suspect, are characters copied from earlier builds? But I've only seen a 'few' issues reported. So if you running into slight issues, strongly encouraging to copy a 'fresh' character, before reporting new patch issues. I've since confirmed, no issues on 2 newly copied characters, and several others noticing the same!

2nd Issue: Consider selling 4, or 6 extra material slots in ZEN store, as it unlocks per character similar to bank slots, as a few extra materials that stack 999x high, will allow serious crafters to expand there materials! I mean we have 5x more material, before the 'High Quality' Material! Still if you have all professions fully levelled, you can reduce your materials by 2.5x, simply by gathering those required at 70! So more material slots aren't necessary, still some serious crafters might appreciate having more. A ZEN option would allow people to slowly add some more. Then you could easily expand the total 240 Materials Slots out to +60, +120, or more? But there is the possibility, they don't want people, stockpiling a lot of materials?

NOTE: Maybe ease transition a little bit, give everyone 6 or 10 additional materials slots beyond the current 240. Let some buy more with ZEN 'if' they choose. Retainer doesn't sell character bound material any longer! :o

3rd Issue: Several tools identifying wrong Quality color & currency! The Weathered Mithral Crucible only gives 1 Asset Credit not 5000 and should be Weathered Mithral Crucible. Meanwhile the Weathered Steel Crucible gives 5000 Asset Credit not 500 and should be Weathered Steel Crucible. I first reported this in 1008a.2 denoting 1 or both may have had an issue. Weathered Mithral Mortar does give 5000 Asset Credit but is shown the wrong color, as does Weathered Mithral Philosopher Stone and neither show Epic. The Weathered Steel Mortal &/or Philosopher Stone also showing the wrong quality color not Rare but are offering correct Credit. The only ones offering completely the wrong Asset Credit are the Crucibles!

NOTE: Since before 0924a.1 Major Bill of Labor has shown up offering 20000 like every other, yet it's the only one that does NOT identify which : Profession it's from so someone should dig deeper into that so the Profession is correctly listed!

4th Issue: Seems the drops from Professional Artisan Recruitment will change based on the Level of your Workshop. At Workshop 1 & 2 they will mostly be Common though you can get some Rare ones once in a blue moon. You likely best waiting till your Workshop Shop 3 as more will be Rare, and I suspect chances for Epic increases at Workshop 4. :o

NOTE: For a long while - just prior to Mod 14 - I've noticed 'sometimes' a double antialiasing colors (blue/red) that happens on NPC/Players when pointer highlights them? Best way to describe is highlighting a NPC or 'Player' with 'pointer' shows (red/blue) fade to transparent effect twice? A outer blue/red 'effect' which transitions to transparent, yet then a strangely at outer edge back to (blue/red) transition/fading yet again? Be nice to resolve!

5th Issue: Many Retainer items like Wild Mint offer 1-999x selection, easing carpal rust monster syndrome, but others like Honey and several others still need 1-999x option before GO LIVE. Still one more pass may be required to finally get most, having an option for 1-999x materials!

6th Issue: Most levelling Quests now fine except but one!

RENAER'S SALVATION: Enemy in River District still likely 73, but all can easily be avoided. However, the evil crab's on the Shores are sinister & aggressive, perhaps mark down from 73 to 72 unless the INTENT is for people to ask for help in the final quest? Thought I see the enemy outside with the beholder upon conclusion are improved, but only 60--perhaps that's where it's best to make them harder at 73 to finish the ending with a tough fight!

8th Issue: Some older resources &/or material not offering any Material Credit and when you sell to the Professional Supplies Merchant he never offers Gold, Silver or Copper cause is says 'special', so add as material credit. These are: Brightleaf, Charcoal, Dark Clover, Desert Rose, Fundamental Earth/Fire/Ice/Lightning, Quicksilver, Primordial Goo, Residuum, Symbol of Moradin/Tempus, Witchwood, and others? Seems the Potion Merchant still offers Silver / Copper for Materials.

NOTE: Special attention for 'Rotten' Ebony Wood DEVs.

9th Issue: For the first time in years my Paladin saw Legendary Jewelcrafter yesterday, despite all Jewelcrafting achievements lost 1.5+ years ago. My Wizard didn't earn this upon login, but got after opening Professional Starter Pack.

10th Issue: In the opening quest Knox gives Running a Workshop I believe it is. Hope this still doesn't allows you to open too soon the boxed item called Professional Starter Pack before instructed to do so by the retainer! I've sadly forget to check this time around, but it's been reported by many. Or allow players to buy 1 Professional Starter Packs from Retainer! He could offer it up for an equivalent Gold cost had they bought from the Professional Merchant. It might require addition Gold if they rush ahead, but at least they'd be able to finish!

11th Issue: Campaign fully completed! No issues opening a single Artisan Pack, while Workshop 1 gives 8 Artisans requiring 4 hired, Workshop 2 quests you to hire 6 for a total of 10 while allowing 14, then Workshop 3 allows you to hire 20 Artisans - had zero issues hiring artisan from Retainer regardless if the Quality Professional Slot Packs or the Professional Artisan Recruitment. Seems the only thing left to do now is to advance and progress Workshop to 4 and it appears to grant 26 Artisans!

USEFUL FACT: Seems Priceless Platinum Bowl is stacking higher than +20 possibly to 99x so that be nice. Regardless if you buy on AH, or save them up, to earn some gold.

These BLOGS have avoided Class Balance / Character Changes, as there a little more in depth and require more time.

I know they working hard though... ...and doing their best! So we thank them!


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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,247 Arc User
    edited November 2018
    Realized 70 level Material includes 74 of which 15-25 materials not directly required, they are however needed to replenish your materials. Otherwise can be narrowed down to 34-54, depending how many Professions you have.

    NOTE: * Denotes items's requiring higher quantities.

    Aberrant Blood
    Aberrant Bone
    Aberrant Hide
    Adamantine Ore *
    Adamantine Ingot *
    Adamantine Plate *
    Adamantine Rings *
    Adamantine Scales *
    Aureus Index *
    Beast Horn
    Beehive Chip
    Black Ink *
    Brown Scorpion
    Death Cap
    Deva's Trumpet
    Drake Hide *
    Drake Horn *
    Drake Leather *
    Drake Sinew *
    Fieldstone -Simple Stone Fireplace only
    Fine Parchment *
    Fish Oil
    Fish Glue
    Foraged Cocoon
    Gold Sand
    Horn Glue *
    Iron Sand
    Linseed Oil
    Myrrh *
    Myrrh Branch
    Mudstone Whetstone
    Oak Log
    Oak Lumber
    Raw Black Opal * [Creation of Black Opal in Jewelcraft]
    Raw Emerald * [Creation of Emerald in Jewelcraft]
    Raw Sapphire * [Creation of Flawless Saphire in Jewelcraft]
    Raw Gold Ingot *
    River Trout
    Shimmerweave *
    Shimmerweave Cloth *
    Shimmerweave Thread *
    Silk Cloth
    Silk Thread
    Slate Whetstone *
    Spring Water
    Sugar Beet
    Volcanic Salt
    Walnut Log
    Walnut Lumber
    Wild Mint

    Iron Ingot -- Oak Trunk only
    Steel Ingot -- Steel Battleaxe Display only

    NOTE: Refinement / Potion Items: Needed at 70

    Black Opal *
    Flawless Saphire *
    Emerald *
    Enhanced Superior Fortification Potion *
    Enhanced Superior Potion of Accuracy *
    Enhanced Superior Potion of Force *
    Enhanced Superior Potion of Reflexes *
    Enhanced Superior Tidespan Potion
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