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Siege nerf and PvP

By taking away the private que for Siege giving credit for the quest this may turn this into a dead quest that no one does now. Getting 40 people to que up for the Siege will be very rare since people don't PvP in this game that much. As an Alliance we used this event to get people into PvP and they got a reward for trying out something they did not want to do. Now it won't be something people are going to want to try. If this event has no one doing it I hope you will reconsider this change and make it fun again.

I will be looking for other alliances that want to set up siege days and try to run these but that's a lot of people that need to join to pull it off now.


  • murderxface#6073 murderxface Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    I agree. My alliance tried to get a game going last night, took a very very long time just to get up to 20 people. This change to SH siege hurts the game rather than help it. Oh well, maybe that's what they want.
  • rafaeldarafaelda Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 664 Arc User
    this PVP mode will not have a single legit fight started, they will see that... the itself itself was a fail...

    A Model with hight number of Mobs and less players, 5 i say, and a bit smaller map with the same control points distribuition would be nice and maybe played...

    but theres so many issues with pvp that i hope they dont loose time on creating a nre pvp queue...

    (sorry for the english)
  • lordnagy#1603 lordnagy Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    And I’m pretty sure only the top 20 scorers get completion credit...
  • This will be as popular as a volunteer Prophecy of Madness
  • athrogate#3634 athrogate Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Thought that there might be a way around the siege nerf if the entire NW community when in SIEGE as "EAST" would just take a break and let "WEST" win every time. Same as all vs one concept. However, if only the top scorers receive completion it will not work.
  • shwabbashwabba Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    I have been in Siege queue constantly (8+ hours a day) for 5 days and have only seen 1 siege in that time. Would really like to get that quest completion for my main.
  • malus#5316 malus Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    And just like that, no more Stronghold Siege Quest...
  • murderxface#6073 murderxface Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    After weeks of trying, my alliance has given up on this event. This is pretty much dead quest, seeing how difficult it is to get this SH siege going. I've also lost interest in getting this quest completed every week due to this.

    Before the change, I looked forward to this event every week, now it's one less quest I will be doing. Not good.

    I had one alliance member tell me it took him 2 days to complete 3 events for his alts. Not good at all!
  • shwabbashwabba Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    How about announcing this change IN GAME so I don't have to keep educating morons? They still keep trying to get 1v20's going and then walk away when they FINALLY get it through their skulls it doesn't work like that anymore.

    On a more constructive note, why don't we change it to 10v10? It's a lot easier and more feasible to gather 20 than 40. I think this would breathe new life into the mode.
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