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New professional issues, since 0924.a1 & 0924.a2

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,529 Arc User
New professional issues, since 0924.a1 & 0924.a2

Another THREAD with outstanding bugs:

Please & Thank You:

1st Issue: They gave a PREVIEW item supposed to BYPASS some of the AI requirements. Yet if claimed the useful item "Bane of the Incorporated" and it doesn't give currency.

[10/6] NOTE: Perhaps a misunderstanding, I've since learned it unlocks the Bank Skirmish? Apparently there is a Blue (Rare) item "Acquisition Incorporated Campaign Currency" that most never noticed or perhaps showed up a bit later in the PREVIEW STORE - but it gives Acorns & Wooden Tokens to speed thru. :)

1b Issue: Acquisition Inc - Leveling Quests set to wrong levels! The THING I noticed that's a bit backwards, is the Egg retrieval mission starts at like 58 despite claiming you require to be 25, the next one on the Ice Mountain is 40 despite claiming you only need to be 35, then finally when we get to the Beholder Quest that claims 45 at least your later fighting at 45! Then the 55 level quest is also 55, until the later mission to save Renaer at 70 has enemy that 73! See below for 3 other interrelated issues to levelling quests:

[10/13] NOTE: See Issue 5 in the above 'linked' thread how this has changed or is evolving...

BEHOLDER CONVENTION: You can't talk to any of the 3 beholder's cause your NOT a member? Yes I've fully talked the Drunk beholder, otherwise you not know names of the 3 Beholders to speak! Yet oddly enough the quest objective in the Journal says escape with information, but the task displayed below minibar says talk to 3 specific beholder's. Yet when you speak to the drunk beholder he never offers the guise. The journal entry objective should first say find a guise! I thought I first tried talking to the Bartender yet she offered me nothing! I then spoke to the 3 beholders identified and was refused, then only after being refused a few times by beholders did the bartender offer a hat / guise. Perhaps this is the way it's designed, yet may greatly confuse new players!

REPTILIAN EXTRACTION: When Walnut picks you up in the AI Blimp after rescuing your subject, when you rush to escape to the Blimp you see the AI Blimp take off while a duplicate remains in the exact same location. This is likely a duplicate rendering error that needs to be corrected.

RENAER's SALVATION: Starting the 70 level quest enemy are immediately 73, yet upon entering the cave they are then only 70. It might be a little too difficult for a fresh 70 player, with very limited set of powers at IV (4) - let alone those with a far lower Item Level. I mean inside the tunnel where you find Renear, enemy were only 70 but to get inside, you have to defeat several crab that are 73?.?.?

2nd Issue: Running A Workshop: "Take Your Items from DELIVERY BOX" quest objective never updates!
╘ Some people it only effects their main, while others it effects virtually every character, regardless how many times tried!
╘ I not found a single character, of my first 7 characters who can progress, a 87.5% chance of failure is very bad, so please see FIX below!
╘ Finally my 8th Character is the ONLY one, who has consistently worked: ones that fail, always fail; ones that succeed, always succeed!

NOTE: Has absolutely 'nothing' to do with the Delivery Box being full or unable to clear it bug/issue! It's instead the final objective of "Running a Workshop" that's existed since 0924.a1 which never allows you to turn in the quest to your Retainer!

0924.a2 has NOT fixed this issue: update the quest / tutorial - to complete once you talk to your RETAINER the last time, before the final objective 'Take Your Items From the Delivery Box", cause that never completes for a large percentage of users! Make the last objective talking to the retainer, then simply in his final closing statement, leave the last task to do on your own! He could simply suggest to you to now go do the following (which will allow the tutorial to complete):
  • Now go find the DELIVERY BOX, it's that big chest over by the dashboard, and proceed to clear your Items!
  • Don't need waypoint - how hard is it to find the big chest right next to the dashboard!
  • We'll still have the two tooltips to read, if the tutorial hasn't been completed, but at least the project will be done!
  • Then we'll finally be able to PROGRESS!
2b Issue: Unable to collect items if Delivery box before you can access it. Give workshop level 1 from 6-9 slots depending how many were previously unlocked. Then let level 2 unlock up to 6 additional ones, to a maximum of 12 for Workshop Level 2!

[10/6] NOTE: Seems they added 6-12 slots for Workshop Level 1 as there's 5 rows not 4, though I'm unable to finish collection Issue 2 identified above from from 'Running A Workshop' - so I only see 6 of 12 slots unlocked. This likely be fine when they FIX Issue 2!

3rd Issue: Your now able to receive the same Artisan multiple times. I have 2 Benedict Klaude, 2 Brindi Goldsky in Artificing it seems, and thought I also got an applicant from another I already had... So duplicates possibly even triplicates are likely a BUG!

4th Issue: It seems some Rare Professional Artisan's are now reporting WRONG Special Skills or the wrong Bonus. One guy who was a Rare Artisan only had a 5% special skill bonus? Sadly I deleted the character cause he couldn't progress past the DELIVERY BOX issue but likely something DEVS should recheck. The first week even though no colors, one quickly realized those with 5-10% were Common, with 15-20% were always Rare, and those with 25% were Epic.
  • It either a BUG, or 12.5%+ fall out of the guidelines: by reducing/increasing (i) commission, (ii) speed, (iii) special skill change, (iv) Proficiency &/or Focus--allows more variance in artisan's approaching go live?
5th Issue: Seems my Rogue who was a Legendary Weaponsmith still has the title, yet while I confirmed she is 70 in Blacksmithing, she not identified as a Legendary Blacksmith. Strangely however my Paladin did obtain this title however?

[10/6] NOTE: I even saw another post in the 0924.a2 features/fixes post by @terramak thread suggesting something similar... This post has fallen to the EDIT monster, when trying to reply to get additional details, I couldn't quote him and then his post was gone. :#

6th Issue: Seems any character with Leatherworking, automatically levelled Tailoring.

[10/6] NOTE: Was able to confirm Tailoring also gave Legendary Leatherworking! Though I'm not sure why? I thought the only profession they did that for was Leadership with Gathering? Is this a change or an obvious BUG? :o

7th Issue: Seems Mithral Crucible despite reporting Alchemy Items were not converting still won't convert... While Philosopher's Stone & Mortar were corrected, but Crucible was also included and it still not converting, as it's also a Primarily Alchemy item, even if it's used for Tailoring & Jeweler.

8th Issue: There also several materials like: Primodial Goo, Residuum, Fundamental Lighting, Fundamental Ice, Fundamental Fire, Fundamental Earth, Elemental Water, Elemental Fire, Elemental Earth, Elemental Air, Desert Rose, Brightleaf, Aqua Vitae, Symbol of Tempus, Symbol of Moradin, Charcoal, that can't be converted to currency. At least they can be sold for Copper, Silver, Gold. :)

9th Issue: Please allow the RETAINER when you buying MATERIALS, to allow you to SELECT 1-999x, cause mass clicking is not cool, especially when the items are character bound.

10th Issue: Seems now all 70 Adamantine (Rare) gear, is 500 Item Level (Rare) or +1 variants are 510 which is nice, so what will happen with Chultan League Gear? I say that as they only identified "The item level of level of masterwork equipment has increased as follows: Equipment of item level 435 has been increased to 520. Equipment of item level 445 has been increased to 530. Equipment of item level 480 has been increased to 560."

[10/6] NOTE: Is Chultan League going to be 515 or 520 like Mastercraft 520 only Rare quality not Epic? :o

Edited out Commission 0% Modifier I think it was either a temporal glitch on my part?

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  • coldlyforgottencoldlyforgotten Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    I also have the problem of being unable to complete "Take Your Items From The Delivery Box" in "Running a workshop" quest.
    I took items from the delivery box multiple times, both by clicking on the items themselfes and by using "collect all" button.
    I posted the isue in the bug report but for about 4 days now i am unable to progress the quest.
    I agree with @strathkin, his idea seems to be the easiest and smoothest solution
  • moogiebear#5401 moogiebear Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I have also been unable to complete the "take items from your delivery box" portion of the tutorial. I've taken out several different items and it's still not completed the quest.
  • empalasempalas Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 799 Arc User
    The level 70 crafted gear at 500 IL I think is the intended IL. They wanted it to be higher IL than the Vistani that everyone gets for free.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,529 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    empalas said:

    The level 70 crafted gear at 500 IL I think is the intended IL. They wanted it to be higher IL than the Vistani that everyone gets for free.

    I think that's why I'm mostly HOPEFUL about that change, thought I labelled it as feedback for clarification, simply as they only identified changes to Level 70 Rare Gear, or the Mastercraft Item Levels, none of the Chultan League Gear.

    My comment however was looking for clarification on:
    1. Will Chultan League Recipes become 510-520 just Rare quality unlike Mastercraft II Epic at 520?
    2. Will Crown gear remain at 550, and Mastercraft 560 be BiS?
    Just a few legitimate questions is all.
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  • nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,368 Community Manager
    Thanks for reporting! I know the team is working hard on the bugs on Preview to get as many fixed as possible before the launch build.
  • lensmanjelensmanje Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    master crafting materials are accepting normal, but not +1 goods. which is a pain as have loads of +1 goods but no normal goods
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,529 Arc User
    Someone also REPORTED the precious Dragon Egg's are also not offering Material currency in MOD 15 PREVIEW. Given that Bandit Camp Clue and Wand of Detect Aberrant for example give 800:1 though they may want to RE-THINK one of those as indicated above.

    I suspect Dragon Egg likely deserves more than Wand of Detect Aberrant?
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