The Heart of Fire Preview Patch Notes: NW.105.20180912a.2

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New Storyline: The Heart of Fire, featuring Acquisitions Incorporated
A new outfit is in town, and they're here to hire all sorts of adventurers to traipse through trials and traps for treasure. Join Omin Dran and Jim Darkmagic, voiced by Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, alongside Walnut Dankgrass, voiced by Amy Falcone. Engage in questionably ethical business practices in an internship for Acquisitions Incorporated!

Check the forums for an official feedback thread!

New Campaign: Acquisitions, Inc.
Throughout your adventures for Acquisitions Incorporated, you will be able to advance through our newest campaign, named after the business itself. They may pay you in acorns and the occasional bit of swag, but you'll still be able to earn new boons and unlock a new endgame skirmish!

Check the forums for an official feedback thread!

New Skirmish: Manycoins Bank Heist
Once you've advanced far enough in the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign, you'll be enlisted to help defend the vault of the Manycoins Bank itself from dastardly intruders in search of a valuable item. Protect the Protector's prizes and get paid… probably!

Check the forums for an official feedback thread!

Professions Overhaul
Sergeant Knox has put a word in for you at the workshop by the Seven Suns Coster Market. Starting at level 20, gain ownership of a workshop and hire artisans to gather and craft items in a new, more personalized Professions system!

See more info in the Dev Blog: A Workshop Opportunity
And post your feedback in the Official Feedback Thread: Professions Overhaul

Please keep in mind that things like exact cost, item level and experience points gained by tasks on preview are likely to change leading up to the final release. Everything on preview is subject to change. Additionally, there are a number of known issues with professions, so please check out the known issues at the bottom of this page if you plan to engage in the professions overhaul.

Finally, at a later date, we will have to revert all characters on preview to the version they were at before today. This is due to the fixup that converts players professions levels to the current system not currently being in place. Please keep this incoming reversion in mind when planning your time on preview.

Salvage and Dungeon End Chest Changes
We've updated the way we give out Astral Diamonds as rewards. Dungeons and content now award Astral Diamonds directly and Daily / Epic Dungeon Chest Keys will no longer be required to open chests, while the Salvage feature will be phased out. End-of-dungeon chests can now be rerolled for Astral Diamonds, and existing Dungeon Chest Keys will be converted to tokens for free rerolls.

Read more info and post your feedback in the Salvage and Dungeon Chests thread!

Class Balance Updates
A wide variety of changes has been made to various class powers and general balance. There's enough here that it's impossible to summarize in this highlight, but every class has seen some balance changes and more details will come later. Tooltips are now much more accurate, too, so check 'em out!

Check the forums for an official feedback thread!

Loot Experience Improvements
Most loot that drops now is automatically picked up when the player runs over it. Need / Greed rolls still pop up as appropriate, and fewer treasure (vendor loot) items drop now, too. Overflow Rewards no longer drop XP tomes, and various other less-desired loot no longer drops. More to come when the detailed patch notes come out!

Check the forums for an official feedback thread!

Known Issues
  • The fixup that will automatically set players' profession levels from 25 to 70 is not in the current build.
  • The fixup that will provide benefit to players that have unlocked professions slots prior to the overhaul is not available.
  • The ability to hire some high level artisans immediately for those who have high level professions before the overhaul is not available.
  • The artisan skill "Miracle Worker" does not trigger.
  • The speed and commission multipliers on artisans result in shorter task durations and higher commissions than expected.
  • The experience points display for players with a level 0 profession incorrectly displays negative numbers.
  • When a player only has high-quality materials for a recipe and filters out recipes with unmet requirements, the recipe incorrectly does not display.
  • Several recipes that do not display properly under their own category or should not be available appear when using the search tool.
  • Masterwork and Chultan recipes have incorrect values for commission, duration, required proficiency and focus.
  • A handful of masterwork recipes use deprecated materials.
  • The result window for crafting an item fails to display when the craft fails.
  • A handful of recipes such as armor kits and donation boxes are currently missing from the recipe list.
  • High quality alchemy potions and phials incorrectly provide identical benefits to their normal quality versions.
  • Training manuals fail to increase the experience points gained by artisans.
  • The professions level boost zen market item does not properly grant an item which fully levels a profession.
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  • empalas
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    wrong seal vendor in protectors enclave...old protector seal vendor came out of retirement :)
  • demonmonger
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    edited September 2018
    wow... my old perma stealth ways have been crippled... i liked many of the TR changes but not the stealth rework.. or rework of skills that involved stealth..

    addition: i have been testing on preview server with solo CN.. perma stealth has been altered but is still possible.
    Mainly now to perma stealth you should stack recovery to godly heights and spam shadow strike.
    All TR have the ability to perma stealth now, not just saboteurs >.< lame..

    Please don't go through with this...
    WHY in the heck are you giving Executioners Blood Soaked Blades?!?!?

    addition: CN bugged at first bridge with zombies...
    I could not progress past the first bridge because the demons did not spawn after I stealth killed all the zombies..
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • frozenfirevr
    frozenfirevr Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,475 Community Moderator
    It looks like we can also mark multiple mains now :D
  • ibz4ez#9773
    ibz4ez#9773 Member Posts: 117 Arc User
    The new AI quests, once you've successfully joined as an intern, have no quest path. Also the AI quest "Basement Investigation" does not have any quest path or interactive items (It's uncompletable.)
  • drconnor#7239
    drconnor#7239 Member Posts: 15 Arc User

    The new AI quests, once you've successfully joined as an intern, have no quest path. Also the AI quest "Basement Investigation" does not have any quest path or interactive items (It's uncompletable.)

    You have to go outside and enter through the side (maybe it's the back) door.
  • dread4moor
    dread4moor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,154 Arc User

    The new AI quests, once you've successfully joined as an intern, have no quest path. Also the AI quest "Basement Investigation" does not have any quest path or interactive items (It's uncompletable.)

    You have to go outside and enter through the side (maybe it's the back) door.
    This happened to me as well.
    Found the doors of course, but quests paths need to be fixed.
    I am Took.
    "Full plate and packing steel" in NW since 2013.
  • forumnamesuxs
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    edited September 2018
    Commission is not explained at all.
    There's just a quest that tells me to commission something, without explaining / giving examples on what can be commissioned.

    Most quest markers in the AI introduction quests are wrong.
    Wolves, big as a horse! I need new pants!

  • someonedies
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    Tooltips are now much more accurate, too, so check 'em out!

    I need to bookmark this.
    Dead 🔪
  • adelainerhya
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    edited September 2018
    The new crafting system is gonna be great. But the intro is bit confusing, like how do one gather/craft the higher level quality resources? Not explained very well ...

    Something that HAS to be added:

    Exchanging old materials, on a few toons I have LOTS of crafting mats. Way to much, and enough room. There needs to be a better way to exchange these mats, maybe exchange all option or exchange those marked ... something to speed up this one stack at a time.

    Some issue I noticed ...

    How does on look at all the artisans one has? Why is there no key mapped to the crafting anymore? At least have one where I can overview the crafting without having to go there...

    Does a gathered just keep gathering endlessly if set to max?

    The buying of assets is jumbled up, very confusing. How about organizing them in there profession, then in rank, using color for different level of the item ... such as having all the alembic grouped together, then having them in the typical colors of white, green, blue, purple etc.
    Also, since are changing in assets we use a lot of astral diamonds or zen to get, will these be the same high ranked, or will the new future lockboxes have higher level assets?

    When I was gathering iron Ore, the timer stopped at 0.00 sec, was still gray, couldn't pick up the mats from the chest and couldn't use the assets. - This got "fixed" by leaving the shop and walking back in.

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  • nunya#5309
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    @nitocris83 Are we getting a new preview build today? Thank you.
  • tdknxt0
    tdknxt0 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    > @tousseau said:
    > it looks like the Leveling Dungeons have been reworked... Frozen Heart is now lvl 70?

    Has the content and difficulty been reworked? or is it just marked as level 70 now.
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