HB Templock - Soul Breaker vs Critical Promise/Daughther's Promise

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Sorry if it looks like I'm opening too many threads, but I think every single one deserves its own post, since they're about quite different subjects.

On this thread, I want to ask Templocks about what did you pick between Soul Breaker (Temptation Tree) and Critical Promise/Daughter's Promise (Fury Tree)

Soul Breaker: When a foe dies within 30' of the Warlock, a random nearby ally gains 2/4/6/8/10% of their AP.

Critical Promise: After a critical hit, your next attack will also deal 10/20/30/40/50% of your weapon damage as Necrotic damage.

Daughter's Promise: When a Cursed target is killed, you deal 20/40/60/80/100% of your weapon damage as Necrotic damage to up to 3 targets near the recently slain.

I almost always see Templocks specced into Temptation, with two tiers of Damation to get to Power of the Nine Hells (The Damage and Damage Resistance buffs provided by Pillar of Power now last for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds after you leave its area, and allies can now receive 10/20/30/40/50% of the buffs' effect) (tooltip just copy pasted from the wiki, dunno if it is still up to date), because nobody stands in the damn green puddle.

That leaves us with 5 points. I've seen guides suggesting Critical Promise/Daughter's Promise for the added dps in single/aoe targeting. I thought that too, but then it occured to me that during trash fights and bosses with adds, the added APs from Soul Breaker could mean a few more dailies for the party, especially for those classes that rely on dailies to do their job. It is for a random person in the party, but it's something.

So, how about that? How does Soul Breaker work in your experience? Does it actually proc for every single killed target or does it have an internal cooldown? Does your party appreciate the added APs?

Or is it not worth the loss of support dps from not picking Critical Promise, Daughter's Promise or whatever else could be picked instead?


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    If you are Templock, you aint wanted to do damage, your first mission is buffing whole squad and always stand in top 3 DPS.

    You should take AP gain, power share, PoP on melee and list goes on.

    Your TR, HR or GWF will take care of the rest. Just keep buffing and healing them. A well group with OP, DC Buffer, HR/GWF/TR and a Templock SW will take care anything in the game.

    Going Fury in group play will get them nothing. If you arent the one top DPS with Fury build, then go to Templock and make sure to buff people.
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    Critical promise for damage. Damage is a needed part of templock. first 2 runs of CR on templock-16.5k 17.8 gwf 2 dcs and a OP. 30 min run in no rush. Going into last boss gwf 1.9 bill damage. My templock 1.1 bil. 3rd place was 200 mil. gwf was pulled into basement every time on first run. If you are not doing damage you are less valuable than another healer.
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    Well, that's 1:1 . I thought of picking Compounded Soul too, but i guess those 5% temp hp aren't worth the loss of Soul Breaker / Promise .

    So how about this: Soul Breaker on trash and Critical Promise on boss fights with not many adds?

    Or is the Soul Breaker feat so weak compared to Critical Promise that is only worth picking up if the Templock is fully built for support and/or lacking gear?
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    Compounded Soul, while not that good, is one of the better choices early in the tree, IMO. Vengeful Curse and Hellish Condemnation are both garbage (the latter because it's not worth spending 5 feat points for something that inflicts a tiny 5% damage-down debuff only to targets hit by your Hellish Rebuke).

    I don't care much for Soul Breaker because of its randomness (the benefit could easily be going to players who don't need the added AP), how unnecessary it is for trash segments, and how most boss fights lack sufficient trash to make it potentially useful when you might want it.

    Aura of Despair isn't much, but it's at least guaranteed to be applicable at all times and in all situations and offers two (minor) passive benefits with a gigantic radius of effect.

    I've recently specced out of Aura of Cruelty in favor of Critical Promise since Templock overhealing is ridiculous even at a lower Life Steal % as long as one actually does damage.
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