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trying to find a regent for GWF

can anyone help im trying to find Testimony of the Brave Fighter vol 1-2-3 restore regents for Primal Assault Kofia Primal Raid Kanzu and Primal Assault Bangilli can anyone help I have been looking for ages.


  • cherryman1cherryman1 Member Posts: 337 Arc User
    These are from the vendor in Omu that is by the docks in the port. He will sell you these items for Oman tale carvings that you get a chance to drop when doing Craddle. You can get 1 tale carving per week per toon.
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  • gruphy#6632 gruphy Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    thank you so much
  • ragnarz2ragnarz2 Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    TBH there is no exalted primal gwf equipment worth wearing. A case might be made for the arms but there is better from Barovia hunts. The Omu hunt chest (furred) is BiS.
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