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In-game mail is super-wonky, looking for help providing repro steps.

lowjohnlowjohn Posts: 1,021Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited September 2018 in Bug Reports (PC)
In-game mail is REALLY wonky for the last week. I can reliably send mail to myself and my alts, containing items or not, text content or not, but mail I send to other people often vanishes instantly.

I THINK the repro criteria is roughly this:

1) I send a message with text that is considered possibly spammy - for example, I discuss comparative prices in AD for a possible trade, or I talk about "rank 5 in a guild" as "R5". Essentially, I say SOMETHING that I suspect triggers a spam filter of some kind.
2) as soon as I do that, the message vanishes and I can no longer mail that person no matter what my content is, any content, no content, attached items or not.
3) I do not receive an error message when sending to that person. My mails simply vanish, looking to me like they sent. The recipient sees nothing, no notification that the mail was stopped, no indication that the message was sent at all.
4) My only clue that this has happened: I cannot mail items to that person. Items I attach to a message remain in my inventory after I hit send. Other people are perfectly capable of mailing that person and including items - it's NOT a "recipient mailbox full" error.

I'm not the only person who's seen this, and I'm not the only person to have this specific behaviour happen in my guild or on my friends list. It's happened to me both incoming and outgoing, and it's NOT global - if I cannot email items to one account, I am not prevented from mailing them to other accounts. Nobody I've talked to remembers seeing this happen more than a week or two ago.

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone got more insight on repro steps?

ping @nitocris83 . I suspect a recent change to the spam rules is making in-game mail unpredictably unreliable when legit players are talking about legit things like "how much X item is worth" and "what I will offer you in trade for Y item". Can you help nail this down and fix it?


  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,577Member, Administrator Community Manager
    Thanks for reporting! I'll bring it up during our meeting this afternoon!
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