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popup icons not what are gained

athena#9205 athena Posts: 575Member Arc User
when a green drop is rolled over, i occasionally get the graphic of the previous non green item. But when i pick it up its the green item. For instance, i look at a scroll of id and then go the green and its a scroll of id. Its been happening for awhile, but i thought it would be taken care of in one of the last dozen patches or so, but it hasn't. Please fix.


  • vordaynvordayn Posts: 1,276Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Yes, I have noticed this too.

    I find that the appearance of the drop (i.e. glowing green, or denoting a gem) is generally more accurate than the icon of the drop.

    Not *too* worrying, as I generally pick up things based on their graphic instead of the icon, but still it is a pretty glaring bug.
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  • agilestoagilesto Posts: 486Member Arc User
    I agree with that, since Mod 14 I have the same kind of problem. It's not that big of a deal, but the pop-up indicating the item on the ground you're focusing on is not correct.

    When I'm clearly focusing a green unidentified item, I still have the pop-up of a Priceless Platinum Bowl or some potion that lays on the ground meters away. The pop-up just doesn't refresh all the time, I can move my mouse away from the green item and I'd still have the precedent pop-up of the potion.
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,599Member, Administrator Community Manager
    Thanks @athena#9205 ! This may be a display loading time issue but I'll escalate it to the team!
  • athena#9205 athena Posts: 575Member Arc User
    ty nitro
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