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Ilivarra's Tales - Newly Bought Home

cookiesaddictcookiesaddict Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited September 2014 in Foundry Quest Database
Ilivarra's Tales - Newly Bought Home (Daily eligible) - by @Alaynia

Mission Type: Storytelling - #Story Focus, #Roleplaying, #Eventful, Detailed custom maps
Average Duration: 37 min
Amount of Combat: Low
Starts at: Go to the Protectors Enclave house on western side of the city

Mission Summary:
It's a home. And it's mine. I bought it for shinies!
Feel free to visit, but don't break stuff!

This is the first chapter of the "Ilivarra's Tales" campaign.

If you decide to follow the questline, just use the certificate of ownership in the attic and soon you will be talking to an illiterate Drow Elf named Ilivarra - the owner of this home, and you will be able to engage in some interactive storytelling.

This quest is also useful as an RP custom decorated home, with attic, bar, bedroom, bathroom and a workshop/basement.

Some maps take very long time to load, I think I've pushed Foundry over the limits, especially the last map. It really does take 5+ minutes to load, please be patient.

Meet Ilivarra in her cozy little home

Participate in her storytelling and see the Drow city

Spend a night in the spooky ruins of Myth Drannor

Embark on a Serious Piratey Adventure

And above all - find COOKIES
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Newly bought home : NW-DINQYYYOA - An story about drows, pirates, cookies and one hungry kobold


  • reagenlionel1reagenlionel1 Member, Neverwinter Beta Users Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Will tell right now. These are great. The story telling is really good and the aesthetic design is great.

    This person is really good.
  • grimahgrimah Member Posts: 1,658 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Friendly bump!

    This quest is really good

    If you have not played it, you are missing out.
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  • I'm trying it out and love it so far but I'm stuck in the quest where you have to find the exit in the secret passage way.
  • checkmatein3checkmatein3 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 525 Arc User
    I ran this last week. I found the story engaging, as I was taken on one adventure to another. And just when you think its over...you go for more. And I like the boom.
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