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A Question About the Game

rodrigooosabakurodrigooosabaku Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Hello everyone!

I played Neverwinter back there in its beginning, but now I am in doubt to invite a friend for us to come back playing. How is the game nowadays? Is it okay? What can you tell me about it?

Thank-you since now!


  • ragnarz2ragnarz2 Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Seriously? Why would you trust the subjective opinions of anyone who might respond to this. Its free-to-play. Come find out for yourself!
  • demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
    The game is good... it is easier than every to get your gearscore up with the new barovia zone. Come back hit me up I will power level you to 70 and you will rise to greatness.
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  • jorifice1jorifice1 Member Posts: 1,042 Arc User
    There is quite a lot of it, if you are a completionist. The writing and story haven't gotten any better, but on the plus side you can ignore those and focus on the Action Combat, which is really better than ever for most classes. From what I gather Great Weapon Fighters are the current easiest way for new players to get into the game, but just about everything is doable with just about every class, eventually (at least with a good team to back you up).
    Just roll up a GWF or three and try things out. If you don't like the class, don't sweat it. Delete and try something new. Repeat until you're happy with what you've got.

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  • vordaynvordayn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,283 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Which class to play?
    Firstly, choose a class you enjoy playing, read some guides about them. Helps with not having to need to respec too many times afterwards. I still enjoy playing a Control Wizard even though it is middle of the rung now in terms of damage (unless at the ultra high item levels and with a great support team) and buffing. But, also know that Oathbound Paladins and Devoted Clerics are in high demand right now (so if you like playing them, you are in luck), and you shouldn't have any problems getting into groups with these classes.

    Combat and PvP
    Action combat is great. However, PvP is languishing right now due to lack of rewards, which (I think) leads to a low player base, which leads to uneven team matchmaking as the ELO matchmaking system (if it even still exists) doesn't have a chance to work.

    The Neverwinter Combat League was touted to be a recurring feature, but hasn't made an appearance since its debut in 2015.

    Ease to catch up
    The newest Mod, Mod 14: Ravenloft, lets new players catch up quickly. Just start the intro quest by speaking to Lord Neverember and complete the quest and you get 490 Item Level (IL) gear + Rank 8 enchants (Rank 8 enchants for the first character only, Rank 6 thereafter). The highest IL gear right now is 550IL, so it isn't as big a difference as before.

    Doing Barovia hunts with other players can get you 490-520 IL gear from chests which drop from using Tarokka cards. It also nets a lot of Seals of the Brave (the current Primal gear currency) which you can use to purchase Primal Artifact Weapons or gear for salvage for Astral Diamonds (the main currency to purchase items from the Wondrous Bazaar or Auction House in order to upgrade your character).

    With any MMORPG, the grind is tied up with progression. Upgrading enchantments, artifacts and artifact gear takes time and/or money. Take advantage of sales, promotions and play for the long game if you want to achieve BiS status. However, you do not need BiS status to complete content, but the closer you are, the easier it is to get into dungeon channels and groups.
    There does exist some elitism, but finding a good group of friends or Guild can overcome this.

    Join a Guild
    Not only does joining a Guild group you up with like-minded people to team up for dungeons (if you find the right Guild), it allows you access to the Stronghold where you can earn Guild Marks. Guild Marks are useful for Masterwork Crafting, and purchasing items from high level Guilds within your Strongholds Alliance (such as food buffs, PvE/PvP wards and slayer enchantments) and Profession Scrolls (to farm items needed for Masterwork Professions). The level of the Stronghold Guild can also grant you some boons which give additional utility and stats.

    Complete the Campaigns
    Depending on where you left off, you may have a lot of content to catch up on. Completing the Campaigns from various Mods will give you very useful boons, and also grant Item Level which will get you into Intermediate Level Dungeons quicker and higher level content.

    The Campaigns can be fun to do, and each has a varying quality of storyline content. My favourite are the Underdark, Maze Engine and Cloaked Ascendancy ones, just for the storyline. My least favourite is Storm Kings Thunder due to the sheer grindiness and size of the map to explore.

    It is also much more fun completing these Campaigns with a friend, to ease off the boredom, but also to go through them quicker. Just remember to complete a Campaign area once per day (as it is usually time gated), with the exception of the later Mods in which a week's worth of Campaign can be completed all at once.

    Genies gifts (which can be traded for campaign currency) and Campaign Completion Tokens (which can be purchased from the Zen Store or Auction House) can also speed up your progress.

    However, you usually follow a progression of Campaign difficulty according to the level of the Mod it was introduced. E.g.
    Sharandar -> Dread Ring -> Icewind Dale -> Tyranny of Dragons -> Well of Dragons -> Elemental Evil -> Underdark -> Maze Engine -> Cloaked Ascendancy -> Storm Kings Thunder -> Jungles of Chult -> Ravenloft.

    Just remember to pick up your gear first from the Ravenloft intro quest.

    Consider VIP
    VIP is the nearest thing Neverwinter has to a 'paid subscription', although all the content in Neverwinter is Free-to-Play.

    At around 1000 Zen (10 USD), you get 1 month and 1 level of VIP (currently there is a sale of 15% off all VIP). Each level of VIP grants you different bonuses.

    The VIP levels give you useful quality of life improvements depending on your level of VIP (maximum is level 12), such as summoning a Bank anywhere, summoning a Traveling Sign Post (which lets you port to any location), Instantly returning to the Moonstone Mask in Protector's Enclave, giving a boost to HP to you and members in your party, summoning a Salvage Anvil (to Salvage gear) or Professions vendor (to sell your loot quickly for Gold). It can also give you +10% to any Rough Astral Diamonds you acquire, and at high levels also removes the Auction House Posting Fee and reduces Wondrous Bazaar costs.

    Well worth it, even at level 1 as it gives you (once per day, you must log in and claim it manually) an Epic Dungeon Key (to open up some chests at the end of dungeons), Scrolls of Identification, and an Enchanted Key to open up Lockboxes, plus Bonus XP/Profession XP/Glory/Gold/Rough Astral Diamonds.

    Generally VIP can pay for itself after the course of the month. You could also get lucky with scoring epic companions and epic or legendary mounts, though don't count on this, as the rate for a chance at these is 1% combined, with the legendary mount chance only 0.14%.

    Caters to Casual and Serious Gameplayers
    You can be as casual or as grindy as you want. Hop in to play, do a few dungeons, or join Seal or Hunt farmers to grind up. Most of all, play if you are having fun, don't take it too seriously, read some resources, and you'll be set to go :).
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  • merceron17merceron17 Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    Im coming back with friends as well
  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Member Posts: 1,654 Arc User

    Im coming back with friends as well

    They can't be good friends if you're bringing them here :wink: jkjk Game is way more fun with a core group of friends.
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