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Crushing Pin questions

stark760stark760 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 575 Arc User
After reading a lot of posts about crushing pin, and what procs it and doesn't, I still have a few questions. It appears to be settled that Token of Chromatic Orb procs. Was there any other artifacts that also would proc it? Such as Tome of Ascendance fireforged ability that chains enemies and pulls them. Do companions such as Ioun stone of Allure, proc with the slow? Or companions that root targets? I also saw that Legendary mount abilities could activate, would the carpet's ability be one of them? Also curious about the gear abilities, like the Sandy's assault pants stun, and if that would be another way to proc. And do armor enchants proc, and if so, which ones? Do boons like the river district Demoralize stun proc it? Thanks in advance.


  • theguiidotheguiido Member Posts: 467 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Funny enough lol, yesturday I just slotted TOCS on my TAC PvE GF. I am loving it and plan on getting it to Myhtic! Amazing choice if you are running with a group who both has the the serpant and the black dragon debuffs as well. They all stack with eachother and also the TOCS stacks as well.

    So, answering your questions..

    Yes TOCS does proc it but only if the CC meteors hit it correctly. I do believe the Chains do count as CP. Sandy Pants do not. Allure i've used for years I believe it does when it is up, not 100% sure though. Roots tend to proc CP, like the T rex for sure can stuff like that. Armor Enchantments do as well. So stuff like Frostburn, Loamwave? Leamwave? or however you say it? lol. Demoralize do proc it I believe yes. 3 seconds though keep in mind.

    Terrifying Impact also multi procs crushing pin so I'd hit TI, follow up with a Lion, and a Kneebreaker that puts it at 3 crushing pin! I'll follow up with testing.
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