Guys, are you still doing professions?

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Today I had a bit of time and did a bit of management on my characters. On one of them I had 9 Leadership quests done for some time, so I collected the goodies and I had the impulse to start a new series of quests. Then I thought "meh.. why bother?" and I stopped. I realized then that none of my characters are doing professions anymore, mostly because I can't be bothered to click continuously for 15 minutes or so for my 8 characters. One of my alts has the mythic Forgehammer, but I couldn't stomach the RNG, so he's still waiting to complete his last Masterwork III task.

What about you, guys? Are you still doing professions?


  • adinosii
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    On my main I do one Masterwork task, or if idling, just make Oil of Vitriol - and then Leadership tasks in the other 8 slots.
    On one of my alts I do Alchemy tasks in 9 slots - basically making Elemental Aggregate and Unified Elements. Those take a long time.
    On my other 6 active alts I do leadership tasks when I can be bothered to.
    On my 8 "storage" alts, I don't bother. too much hassle.
    Hoping for improvements...
  • rifter1969
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    Yes I do.
    My main, does a variety of leadership and masterwork tasks.
    I have 2 alts that do leadership for RP bags and craft stronghold gem crates
    2 alts do leadership for rp and craft AD crates
    The rest of my alts just do leadership for the RP bags...

    Granted out of all my toons, I have 8 that have all nine prof slots...
    The rest I only went to 6, to help cut down on the time it takes to set up profs.

  • agilesto
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    My main is doing 6 leadership boxes tasks, 1 Black Ice refinement and 2 Gems boxes for SH (alchemy/jewelcraft)
    My main alt is doing 9 leadership boxes tasks.
    My 6 little alts are still levelling leardership, currently lvl 19, it's just soo long to reach 21 ^^
  • callumf#9018
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    Not really - I do leadership stuff when I can be arsed - I have 1,000,000 refinement points stacked up and 1.3million AD, but I can't face the RNG using pres wards to burn through 30 on each 10% chance at 7k AD each. SO I am just gathering AD slowly but surely for a legendary mount.
  • nunya#5309
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    I do 3x "Escort a Wizard's Seneschal" and 3x "Guard Clerics of Ilmater" on each of my eight characters and on each of my wife's five characters.

    My characters each have 14 heroes, which lets me run the Wizard's Seneschal every 8 hours. This gives me flexibility in how closely I have to monitor that task's completion to restart it. I'm able to run the Clerics of Ilmater task every 4 hours, which lets me complete it 4x daily on all my characters and still have some flexibility in how closely I have to monitor completions.

    My ranger is currently using his other three slots to create aqua regia. My OP, GF, and SW are using their last three slots to create orange and purple vitriol, which is periodically fed back to the HR for aqua regia. My DC is leveling leatherworking, platesmithing, and alchemy in the last three slots. My CW is leveling leatherworking, tailoring, and alchemy in his last three slots. My GWF is leveling mailsmithing in his last three slots. Finally, my TR is leveling artificing in his last three slots.

    My wife's characters who are not L25 leadership yet are using all 9 slots for that. All her characters are L24 or L25 leadership. Her OP is L25 leadership and is leveling artificing, mailsmithing, and tailoring in his last three slots. Her TR is also L25 leadership and is doing Corvee Labor, Crates of Astral Diamonds, and Crates of Adamantine Spears in his last three slots (because I have 13 grandmaster crafters for artificing, tailoring, platesmithing, and mailsmithing, and they are all in use already, and I don't feel like spending the AD to get more just to end up selling them). My wife has not elected to purchase heroes for her characters. So her tasks get done whenever they get done.

    Otherwise, all our characters are L25 Leadership, Leatherworking, Weaponsmithing, and Jewelcrafting. My HR, OP, GF, GWF, and SW are L25 Alchemy, too.

    I am not currently doing or interested in masterwork crafting. I have other things that require my AD and masterwork crafting is not on that list for the foreseeable future.
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    I try and do a gather and restart on my characters once a day. 21 characters x 8-9 slots each adds up when 2x drop events hit.
  • kharkov58
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    I do nine master craft tasks at a time on my main, except when I run out of materials and replacements are to expensive to make it worth while continuing that task.
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    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • pterias
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    No Masterworks, but I have 15 characters with maxed Leadership, 8 of them also with maxed Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, class appropriate weapon and armor Professions, and Black Ice, and my main has the rest maxed too. But...
    ggedamed said:

    Then I thought "meh.. why bother?" and I stopped.

    I haven't messed with any of them in months. I can hardly fathom the tens of thousands of clicks I've put into Professions and can't really stomach it anymore. I have millions of RP stashed and like Callumf I can't hardly stomach the Pres Ward RNG either. Even something as trivial as a "Collect All" button might make Professions more palatable, I dare not even imagine a "Collect and Repeat".
  • strathkin
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    Yea I think a few will still level at least two maybe three (mostly used by the Class) to 25 mostly to unlock the 9 professional slots. Still I think most the focus is on Leadership to save bags to open for the 2x event. If your lucky opening the 3 different bags with 9 profession slots earns 1000-2500 RP (not spectacular - but not bad) for 10-16 hr while your not playing that character. Some may choose not to advancing Leadership, cause they find they earn more with Dragon Hoard, Fey, or Quartermaster Enchantments of R8-R12; especially if they have a Wanderer's Fortune Mount. Yet remember you need to be actively play that character for those to drop.

    Still I'd recommend at least advancing two or three professions used by your class then focus on Leadership. It still takes a very long time to level but it's also extra RP you earn in the background while your logged into one of your characters.

    Still I wish Mastercraft had improved success for finishing MCII, III, IV & V.

    I think the MISTAKE was making Mastercraft a little too difficult for most. As for >90% of the player base, it's too expensive & time consuming, to even advance Mastercraft II, not to mention Mastercraft III-V, especially when every profession is required to make or upgrade various items. I mean Temporary Merchants can greatly improve upgrading resources... yet require a lot of extra guild marks. Also the final completion chance (%) to complete each Mastercraft tier is too low, and it's extremely expensive loss of resources, failing it once or twice is bad enough... but if you fail 5x or far more times few will continue... And be very cautious about even trying it if you don't have a Mythic Gond too... The other challenge is requiring to upgrade eventually every Profession to V.

    So while I think the majority are still interested in professions, most have very little to craft unless unlocking Mastercraft II at least but only a few will push on to Mastercraft III-V. So most today just run Leadership &/or simply farm Mastercraft maps for resources during the 2x event to sell...

    Sure if they made it easier to get into MC II, III, and IV some mastercraft gear, or resources might sold for less? Problem - perhaps - but I don't think so? You'd also have more people KEEPING what they earned, to upgrade professions or produce gear! Sure some more expensive gear may drop 30-60%, yet it likely reduce the cost of resources as well.

    ▪ Asking price of 2.5-5m million diamonds a Bronzewood single gear 510 item.
    ╘ 2.5m is $50.00 or 5000 ZEN / 5m is $100.00 or 10000 Zen for a single item.
    ╘ Imagine if Cryptic sold a Chultan Tiger & Pilgrim Mainhand weapon for 15000 ZEN. :)

    ▪ Farming maps one person can earn 5-15m+ diamonds in 3m - so why spend 2-5x that to fully level Mastercraft?
    ╘ Yet we wonder why AD:ZEN exchange can have 10m-20m backlog? B)


    Still I have no problem with how the upgrade of resources is DONE currently - sure the Temporary Merchants require more GUILD marks but they also guarantee the upgrade chance of resources of various tiers. The sole *problem* is just in the chance of being successful to completing Mastercraft II, III, IV and V.

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  • wintermurloc
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    Doing it? well "yes", still kicking that old boat And do I like it? Absolutely NOT. I hate everything about it.. the clunky interface, the amount of clicking going around to get things sorted and started, the always ever present lag while trying to start something and collecting results, the visual presentation.. hmm just abt everything related to it.

    I've wanted a huge overhaul towards professions and I hope they look to tackle this but given their time constraints and resources, professions probably is low on their priority list.
  • wylonus
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    we need new "Event" just for professions.

    i am still working on "masters", it will take me months, too many fails, so i had to do stronghold merchants so i dont lose items on fails, it seem little extreme.
    i just realized, dont do 2nd tier quests until all the 1st tier professions all done, as i was pushing to tier 3 and got stuck half-way, no way to drop and do other crafts and redo the one i just dropped. so i had to use other alts as back ups to get some tier 3 done and then do other types until all are on "same pages" of progressions before taking tier 4/final tier quest lines.
  • thefiresidecat
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    nope I sold all my professions dudes. every now and again I'll make something if I need it kits or what not. but other than that.. just not worth it. so many better gambles. especially considering the amount you can lose by a simple misclick
  • kemnimtarkas
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    On my 8 toons I have maybe 6 maxed on leadership - but the clicking was so tedious I just stopped a few weeks back. I have 1 focused on Alchemy - I do that pretty regularly, otherwise no professions anymore.

    Would be great if the devs updated the Professions interface the way they did for RP.
  • ilithyn
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    I do leadership on the two of my toons who has it maxed out and occasionally alchemy (wheel of elements) on my third and final toon when I can be arsed. I can handle setting up two toons per day and I need the rp from the bags, but I don't think I'd bother with more than that thb even if I had my third one maxed out. I'm too lazy and the ui sucks.
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  • wylonus
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    just need Profession Festival event and update and add new "weekly" craft tasks.
  • strathkin
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    Yea I saw your original post asking for an event and thought perhaps it could be good.... but reading it again it might actually be a very good idea... Just don't think we'll ever see something to improve Mastercraft upgrade chances?

    ▪ I suspect many aren't doing professions as much except perhaps Leadership & maybe Alchemy.
    ╘ Jewelcrafting at least has a tiny bit of value for Personalized Gear usable by companions.

    ▪ At first I was very excited to unlock new receipe's thru Chult for regular professions.
    ╘ Yet while the Artifact Weapons item levels & buff's were appropriate, the gear 430 Rare was a 'little' underwhelming.
    ╘ Still you're quickly able to buy 440 Pioneer (Rare) gear with Chultan tokens for less currency than recipes.
    ╘ Still the caveat: once you unlock recipes - you've already got 440 Rare Gear or got 480 Epic from Hunts.

    ▪ Still I wish they'd extend Personalized Gear to all Professions for Epic from 405 -> 420.
    ╘ Those are appealing as they can be used by companions with two enchantments at least w/ Jewelcrafting.

    ▪ It also be nice to extend Engraved Gear for 440 purple gear to Mastercraft I.
    ╘ Then people be encouraged to continue Mastercraft & make gear for companions with resources collected. o:)

    I did one time write to @mimicking#6533 with the above suggestion.

    Still I think with just a few minor changes to how it's currently laid out and balanced I think more would be excited to try it again... Thought I just wish Mastercraft II was a little easier to achieve. Anyone wanting to TRY be ill advised without a Mythic Gond Artifact.

    Still a Mythic Gond Artifact doesn't help upgrading resources, except one every 2hrs which is hardly worth it, especially when it doesn't even guarantee a 100% chance, then when you need to upgrade 20-100 or more. So Temporary Merchant is still the best and preferred option to explore. Still as my above post indicated I still very happy with how that currently works!

    Though a weekend EVENT every 4 or 6 months that increased Mastercraft II chances by 20%, Mastercraft III by 15%, mastercraft IV by 10% and Mastercraft V by 5% might encourage more to TRY.
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  • kharkov58
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    As long as you use all epic tools for the mastercraft tasks, your chance of success is 60%, except for the mastercraft 2 tasks. Not exactly remote. With the temporary vendors available in the strongholds all but the final task of mastercraft 2 can be made with 100% chance. The final mastercraft 2 task has to be done with a 20% chance. (35% with mythic Forgehammer) If you do not have all epic tools, you should not be trying mastercrafting. A Forgehammer of Gond is highly desirable as well.
  • strathkin
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    Yea I realize that... ...still I was focused on the big hurdle Mastercraft II, and helping some overcome that I lumped in III, IV and V yet since edited it out. Got to realize Gond Artifact's while some have them, often it's only on one character, or lucky if in the rarest of cases two. So that character also requires leveling all professions to 25... and that alone takes a lot of time to complete. Some may have all professions at 25, but spread across various characters, but unless they all have Mythic Gond...

    Not sure if you read my first post? I was in fact very supportive of Temporary Merchants, and wrote I wouldn't change a thing, and even denoted they guaranteed a 100% upgrade of resources.

    When I was talking about resources, I was in fact referring (above) to using professions, as a means to upgrade resources. Cause even with or without a Mythic Gond Tool to upgrade resources they are:

    ▪ Mastercraft I Grinding Wheel 0% (Required) : Unless Mastercraft II Masterwork Grinding Wheel (40%)
    ▪ Mithral Crucible (40%) : Mithral Bezel Pusher (40%) : Mithral Jewels Loupe (40%) or Mithral Gond (55%) 1st tools.
    ▪ Mithral Crucible (40%) : Mithral Bezel Pusher (40%) : Mithral Jewels Loupe (40%) 2nd tools.
    ▪ Mithral Crucible (40%) : Mithral Bezel Pusher (40%) : Mithral Jewels Loupe (40%) 3rd tools.
    ▪ Mithral Crucible (40%) : Mithral Bezel Pusher (40%) : Mithral Jewels Loupe (40%) 4th tools.

    So with Mastercraft I with Professions limit between 20%-35% to upgrade resources once every 2hrs. Or if you have completed Mastercraft II then this grows to 60%-75% depending if you have a Gond Artifact. Now if you have a Grandmaster Professional it's only one every two hours, or if you have a Master Professional it's one every 2hrs 24mins cause you only have a single Masterwork tool &/or Gond Artifact. Although there has been talk I've heard of extending Masterwork tools for those who have achieved Mastercraft V but I don't know if that's ever been finalized or completed?

    Still an event to mostly overcome Mastercraft II with small gain's for other Tiers be nice.

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  • kharkov58
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    You can get extra mastercraft epic tools, but the cost is high. The quest Taking Credit requires you to earn 50k trade credits(available somewhere around MC 4). You can purchace the extra mastercraft epic tools from the Chult Master of the Market with these trade credits. It would be expensive, but you could earn additional trade credits beyond the 50k and buy as many epic mastercraft tools as you want.
  • strathkin
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    Oh that's some good news then... Thank You.

    I'd like to believe there is a lot of interest in professions still... ...just think many have grown disenchanted. One person above noted they've sold all their Professionals or Tools above. Which I think is kind of sad or disˈhärt(ə)niNG... :(

    After all we used to make Epic 435 gear with professions at 25 now it's simply 405 epic. With the exception of the Shirt or Pants which are 420 (Shirt & Pants) Epic despite the same buffs. While we also gain the 420 Rare League items yet perhaps just a little underwhelming, especially given that many already had 450-460 gear. Not to mention the 440 Pioneer Gear is quickly purchased with Chultan currency. Still had the recipe unlocks for Chult simply granted 440 Epic gear the perception would been vastly different... then there be a reason to earn and unlock all the recipes for most rather than mostly ignore.

    Still I hold hope that it can be slightly improved along with making Mastercraft a little easier to obtain that it is now.

    Regardless whatever happens: players will adapt to turn a disadvantage into advantage. :)
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  • adinosii
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    kharkov58 said:

    You can get extra mastercraft epic tools, but the cost is high. The quest Taking Credit requires you to earn 50k trade credits(available somewhere around MC 4). You can purchace the extra mastercraft epic tools from the Chult Master of the Market with these trade credits. It would be expensive, but you could earn additional trade credits beyond the 50k and buy as many epic mastercraft tools as you want.

    Actually, just completing the quest means you automatically have enough credit to get two tools. So, I suggest leaving 2 professions behind (typically artificing and weaponsmithing, as they are least useful at making items used by other professions), and only progress with those once you get the purple tools. It makes a big difference when doing the final task whether you have a 30% or 70% chance.

    Hoping for improvements...
  • vortican
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    Of course. How else could I maintain my pants-making empire? Until the Protector's jubilee and waiting for this module to drop, it was literally all I was doing in the game. Now that there is new content, I have something new to do but will still maintain professions and finish the last Masterwork tasks. Those take a long time and a lot of investment.

    But now I must return to making many, many pairs of pants.
  • ilmenira
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    almost not... a bit of leadership, when i feel like it, which is rare... it's really tedious.