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Just have a few questions about the Dread Lair runs

kumalucakumaluca Member Posts: 51 Arc User
I see the Lair schedule on the in game Dread Ring campaign page.I'm wondering,are things changed simply because it's 2x refine this weekend so we aren't doubling up on Superior's?I didn't get anything on Thursday out of 10 or so runs,yesterday which isn't supposed to be a day for it but tested anyway and no stones,just uncommon gear etc.So I ran a few today,a day that is supposed to be one of the 3 quality stones, and it's just uncommon gear but I was getting stones all week.Is the schedule different and if so can someone explain it to me?

Also today is supposed to be a day where you pick your own lair.Now I have somehow gotten Death Forge 3 days in a row and it's not allowing me to pick.I have only been doing these runs for about 2 weeks so i'm not too clear on it,sorry.Can someone explain to me how it works please?


  • kumalucakumaluca Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    Maybe it changes at 10 am est?
  • namelesshero347namelesshero347 Member Posts: 2,109 Arc User
    The timing of the event got borked a few months ago. Not sure if it was accidental or intentional. Anyway, it's more like 12pm eastern (not sure). But make sure you pick up the quests that are eligible for the enchanting stone reward - that's DS on Tuesday, DF on Wed, PF on Thurs, and the "pick a lair" on Sat.
  • kumalucakumaluca Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    Yeah,it did start in the afternoon.I appreciate the reply,thanks :)
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,419 Arc User
    The lairs are a bit odd, it might be a bug here.

    Generally the stone drops go like this, and they switch with the general reset I think:
    Tuesday - Dread Spire
    Wednesday - Death Forge
    Thursday - Phantasmal Fortress
    Saturday - Any
    Sunday - Any

    However, the quests for those lairs do NOT switch with reset, but 7 hours later.
    (They probably should switch with reset)

    So if you do the lairs during the week between reset and reset+7 you might not get a stone drop.
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