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My first quest: The Curse of Odors

I've published my first foundry quest and though I've been tweaking it, constructive criticism would be welcome for it.

It's called "The Curse of Odors"

The player helps a cursed man find a cure for his affliction, and it involves some ingredients found in dangerous places in Neverwinter. One note to anyone that plays this: It isn't necessary to kill every mob in the different area, (though you can if you want to!)


  • arkanargearkanarge Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    Pls play my quests :C
    - A World of Wonder ( NWS-DAT9OXYQL )
    - Easterden Horror ( NW-DTIKVUOC3 )
  • wilsonstone#0664 wilsonstone Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    I fixed a few small typos in the quest and I'm going through it again to spruce things up. I appreciate your feedback, Arkanage. /is there anything specific that you found wonky? (you mentioned a bug but I haven't found any)
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