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Is anyone else bored?

jmiller84jmiller84 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 188 Arc User
We've pretty much been in Chult for the last 9 months with probably another 2.5-3 to go. We've gotten a new dungeon, a new skirm and a new trial, but I'm finding myself incredibly bored of late. I like that Cradle is a legit challenge and that ToNG can still be tough without a well organized party, but after enough ToNG runs to gear up 8 toons with armor/rings and 5 sets of weapons (so far), I feel like there's a massive lack of things to do. Sure, can farm Cradle, but to what end? You're only gonna get 1 Ampuole per week and if you're lucky an Omuan Carving to needlessly upgrade your armor for another 120 stat points, spread across 3 stats.

Basically we need more stuff to do. It doesn't even need to be brand new stuff. Bring back old dungeons in LvL 70 difficulty. Scale dungeons to item level or make tougher versions of dungeons available to higher geared players. Make players actually have to play the mechanics of Valindra's and Malabog's. Bring back the 4 boss CN before it was butchered with demon content (for those that weren't playing prior to mod 6, yes it was absolutely butchered). Just give us more things to do, because a 4 month mod that take 5-6 weeks to complete leaves a lot idle time for players to find something else to do and not login to Neverwinter.
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  • pteriaspterias Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 661 Arc User
    Yeah, Chult has been an awesome, new environment to murderhobo around in for a while, but it's starting to wear thin. After this, I'd like to get back to some Neverwinter for a while. :wink:

    I've got other things I could add, but I'm in a pretty good mood atm and don't feel like spoiling it.
  • ilmenirailmenira Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 269 Arc User
    interestingly, i don't feel bored at all... i play since beta and there were times i was about to leave. i don't grind dungeons now, and never really did since module 6. i do them occasionally, depending on people around, also did quite a bit of random queuing. to me the dungeon fun lay in gearing (myself and mainly) others before module 6, that was fun and somehow "meaningful" to me.
    right now i do the new campaign with 6 chars, playing a class i feel like atm. i hunt a bit, do the old campaigns with 2 new chars, one class (HR) i never played and find that very entertaining.

    there's only one thing that i feel might pop out of the wonderbox for me now (after vanilla, campaigns, kits, foundry, dungeons, pvp, HE's, guild drama of various kinds :), guild fun, hunting etc.) is role playing... but we never know!
  • agilestoagilesto Member Posts: 516 Arc User
    The only thing I'm bored about is the droprate, of UE, of hunts, etc. I feel no sense of recognition, of accomplishment for everything i'm doing. Hundreds of tongs, hundreds of hunts, and I barely was able to get enough UE for 5 enchants, and never got more than poor +4 from hunts.

    Chult is a nice addition to the game, the hunt system has flaws but it's an interesting new concept. Tong is a nice dungeon to do, balanced content.
    But these droprates are so bad, but soo bad that the it annihilates every single bit of positive thing Chult brought.
    Been 9 months already that we grind Chult? I spent endless hours in tong, and even more during double gems, and I was able to get 5 enchants to 14. 5 enchants in 9 months, playing several hours a day everyday. That's juste non-sense, I could find it insulting to get such a non-amount of rewards for the time invested.
    Yeah, i know, it's rng and stuff, but would be great for people not to steal the luck of others...

    Cradle? Too many flaws that are already detailed on other topics to be interesting. I'm doing one run a week to get the ampoule, no more.
  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    Bored could mean alot of things really. I asked my self months ago way before chult was released what would I have to do when all things are done? I am now at that moment in the game where each boon outside of the lost city of omu are done and each task in each campaign is completed and each enchant is rank 13 almost 14 and almost each companion I have is legendary and well you get the real idea here. When there is nothing to do what is there to do? For me Unsure on the answer to this. I do not find my self bored but truth be told if I would have took my time to do campaigns instead of rushing them perhaps I would still have stuff to do. This is why I am doing a second main and instead of rushing thru them I am taking my time.
    I also suggest no one rush thru the game just to get to end game because once at end game your faced with this same question.
  • jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
    I spent the first few weeks running around like a headless chicken getting new gear for my pve and pvp builds on my main, another week or two grinding tong for stuff for alts.

    Now I mostly farm hunts while waiting for soloQ pvp to pop. Really like the hunt gear for it's mix and match bonuses, and the boons are fairly solid too, at least pvp wise. Tong I like, though I kinda hate the puzzles, cradle I hate completely for both the elevator live action cutscene, the actual cutscene, the baby cries and the push pull catch 22 - ie. you can't good groups without experience, and you can't get experience without good groups... So basically I run that on mondays, once hopefully, for the weekly ampoule.

    On the whole, 8 out of 10 for the whole chult jurrasic park theme.
    No idea what my toon is now.
  • bluebubbl3sbluebubbl3s Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 121 Arc User
    Yep. bored. like, really bored.

    aside from learning how to stay on that damn platform in cradle... i am standing around chatting in guild chat mostly cause i have not a lot to do in game. same old dungeons, same old dailies, same old.

    And, i have two end game toons and one that i am doing all of the campaigns on for something extra to do... still over it. there is only so many times you can rinse and repeat the same stuff on a different toon.

    I know it suits some peoples personality to farm stuff, but tbh the drop rate on those stupid hunt lures is so garbage that I am not going to even bother with it.

    i would run more/teired/different dungeons only for salvage and some refines if it just gave me something more interesting to do... there are end game players that need something that isnt just grind focused. something that isnt campaign focused.
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  • wintersmokewintersmoke Member Posts: 1,631 Arc User
    Boo, tell them that they are boring!
  • helric9helric9 Member Posts: 62 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    Still the same mod since near 1 year now, bored since a long time...
  • minotaur2857minotaur2857 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,140 Arc User
    Totally bored, random queues have utterly ruined much of my fun, I can't RED because FBI is bugged to hell and back for me and I suspect mSP will be the same, so I can snooze through random normal dungeons and skirmishes with the bots or just not bother. Soshenstar is so damn irritating with the dino ambushes and the knockback and unresistable effects, Omu is better, but fane is no fun because of all the lag.

    The devs seem to fall over themselves to create ever cleverer effects that make the game totally unplayable when there's lag, and that generate massive lag. Meanwhile they nerf stuff that doesn't need nerfing for 99.9% of the server population, and render the game way less fun for the majority.
  • werdandi#8366 werdandi Member Posts: 323 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    I really like this module because I can have nice double offense rings without being a victim of RNG, and I like the Omu map as well. First I thought it was too small but now I find it very convenient (and beautiful). The quests can be easily and quickly done on several alts.

    As for the boredom, I don't do many hunts and I farm Cradle, but I understand that many players don't do Cradle because of the elitism of the forming groups that don't want to take any risk (as usual, DPS classes are more impacted and have trouble finding group especially for those who don't have the experience of pull/push). These players can just do the hunts and this is very frustrating because they have been hunting for two modules now..

    It would be great to offer the latest rewards (UES) in any epic dungeon (with a lesser drop chance), so that all people keep faith and don't envy end-game players. Same for MSVA : update the rewards to make it valuable again.
    And also to offer 2 dungeons at every module: one for mid-geared people, one for end-game.
  • andy#7236 andy Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    Profesions and grab daily key, is all i tend to do now. Can't even be bothered to do the weeklies for AD. I tend to only really try on the weekend,
  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Member Posts: 1,048 Arc User
    You know what's ironic? CN was butchered by Mod8 or Mod9 (can't remember) which was the best mod since Mod6, by far.
    I mean, we all know what a disaster M6 was, M7 wasn't much better, 8/9 are the good ones, 10 was well... Mod10. Mod11 was passable but it gave us one of the most annoyingly laggy dungeons ever, Mod12 would've been fine if not for all the issues that hunts brought for instance, and M13 is just M12c, and now we are waiting for Mod12d, and then what?
    Not only do we have to wait for 12d (or 13b, how the Devs would name it) to get released, but we also have to wait for Mod 14 for additional 3 months. So basically we've had Chult for 9 months, and we're gonna have it for an additional 6 months, and that is about as fun as getting a botched circumcision by gravity.

    That is, it's HAMSTER boring.
  • iandarkswordiandarksword Member Posts: 976 Arc User
    Generally, when the grind gets too monotonous, I delve into Foundry creating. There are many issues with rewards and incentives for players to actually find and play the quests we make. It's true, the rate of return for playing a Foundry quest is not equal to the amount of salvage found in the lowest level of Epic Dungeons. There is the challenge of storytelling and creating something that other players find enjoyable. That in and of itself can feel quite rewarding in the personal sense, however, in terms of in-game value, there isn't much beyond the rewards from achievements that are now more difficult to achieve given they were designed when the game had a healthy population of folks interested in Foundry, and Astral Diamonds as an incentive to play qualifying quests. While the Foundry certainly isn't for everyone, it's worth mentioning.

    I also think it's far beyond time for a new class and maybe even a couple of new races. Looking at the difference in playable race options between Neverwinter and Star Trek Online, one finds much fewer options in Neverwinter. New races would expand diversity for many new players and bring older players back to try new options. A new class would also add more variety to group compositions and give more incentive for the never-ending "balance" discussion that's been happening for a couple of years now. There are a lot of theorycraft folks around, and a new class would provide them with more opportunities to theorycraft.
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  • demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
    im extremely bored.... i dont want to farm anything, i dont want to even sit semi afk to farm refinement points in icespire peak.
    I cant stand to be on the game for more than 5 minutes at a time without growing extremely frustrated. I find myself clicking back and forth from youtube and neverwinter then placing my hands on my head and sulking.
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Member Posts: 1,048 Arc User
    Tbh, grinding in itself isn't bad - if you have something to grind. Remember when having a bubble OP was pretty much mandatory in CN for any mid tier group? I miss those days. That's when the game was fun.
  • manufracturemanufracture Member Posts: 92 Arc User
    jmiller84 said:

    WBring back the 4 boss CN before it was butchered with demon content (for those that weren't playing prior to mod 6, yes it was absolutely butchered). Just give us more things to do, because a 4 month mod that take 5-6 weeks to complete leaves a lot idle time for players to find something else to do and not login to Neverwinter.

    You know when I read this I rolled my eyes thinking "yeah those rose tinted glasses again" but then I search youtube for a Mod5 run of CN and wow would I love to play THAT dungeon, it seriously looks very interesting and in depth compared to the current one.

    In terms of the boredom question, in my humble opinion this is not the game dev's fault but one of the modern day gamer. We demand shorter, faster content with easier ways to achieve BiS and then when we get what we want and achieve BiS we then complain that we are bored. The answer is actually to limit ourselves and put value on hard earned rewards being better than quicker content. Yes the devs can bring back older dungeons but I bet if they ever did bring back the CN I just watched people would complain about the length to run it.

    If you think I am wrong then tell me why callouts from Elitists for BiS players for the end game dungeons is such a thing, they do not want to take long and want the path of least resistance to complete it quicker to get their rewards and rinse / repeat to infinity.

    It is prudent to note the following quote "The path to hell is paved with least resistance, but those less traveled by shall make the world of difference"

    My personal favorite part of the game is/was the lore - I love the universe so spend time reading the lore and following the stories - but yes I agree to progress the story does take a ton of grinding but for me it is worth it. If I wanted BiS I could just splash some cash at the game but I know having the best will only last for a day and then it will not be worth it so why bother pushing BiS anyway. It is the same reason to turn SP games up to HARD or INSANE difficulty so that you become engrossed in staying alive....anyway nuff said - see you in Neverwinter :)
  • hammbo1969hammbo1969 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 165 Arc User
    I spent years in WoW and Rift constantly raiding/upgrading, so tbh playing NW and completing a campaign within a few weeks across a few toons is a god send. Nice to actually get out and do other stuff rather than be stuck behind a kb waiting for raids, farming mats, etc.
  • callumf#9018 callumf Member Posts: 1,536 Arc User
    Actually I feel slightly relieved - I got my BiS Weapons and Shirt and Trousers by playing the game how I wanted to and Omu seems lot weaker than Soshenstar was.

    Relieved that I probably wont do much after next week when I max out the last Omu boon in Omu, so it frees up more time for real life! Yay!

    I have mostly enjoyed Omu but still cant run FBI, MSP, ToNG and I lol at myself for thinking about Cradle.

    I wont hunt due to the RNG and the general power creep on Armour.

    I cant be arsed to waste AD on pres wards for a 5% chance of upgrading to get 9iL on an Enchant.

    SO I'm actually fairly content and happy - I have mostly enjoyed Omu, and it seems to have been a much shorter and fune journey than SKT
  • rafaeldarafaelda Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 662 Arc User
    Actually i'm almos done with Omu boons in 5 toons, and after seing how much faster is elemental evil camp now i think i may buy more slots to make a TR for me just for fun ...

    is nice to have some extra time, but yes the mod was short, looks like the 3rd part of chult mod not a new mod...
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 825 Arc User


    SO I'm actually fairly content and happy - I have mostly enjoyed Omu, and it seems to have been a much shorter and fune journey than SKT

    Totally agree with your last point. Way, way, way better than SKT. And the grindy bits are less tiresome than CoA.
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