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New to PVP

vickvega82#4490 vickvega82 Member Posts: 33 Arc User
So I've been playing neverwinter for a while and at a high level, but that has all been pve. So our guild is working on trying to get the last 3 ranks of the PVP boon so I thought I would help, and to my surprise, I have been enjoying it. That being said I feel like I'm missing some major piece of the puzzle. So I've been playing on my 18kDC mostly. In pvp he has about 40k lower and 10kArmPen with the guild boon and his dmg is meh at best. But I thought NBD, DC is buff class anyway so I've been playing it like that and doing ok. So then in comes my TR. I basically had a 70 TR that was an invoke toon so I said F it lets give it a try. So I put decent primal gear etc on him, some artifacts and enchants that were recomended in writeups I saw and said let's do this. Using 2 differently pvp specs and rotations id seen online I'm still doing zilch for dmg and I'm getting rolled up pretty hard. My TR currently has about 25k power and 15k armpen 50%deflect and 10k recovery in pvp. So now I'm wondering if i have a legit stat balance issue, I'm not at some caps I need to be at, or if there is some abilities I'm not using that everyone else in pvp knows about. Any suggestions
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  • vordaynvordayn Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,283 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    I don't know terribly much about the TR class, except how it can wreck me when I play my DC and CW in PvP.
    Most use the Executioner capstone (Shadow of Demise), use dailies such as Bloodbath and encounters like Smoke Bomb and Dazing Strike. Their protective/CC-break encounter, Impossible to Catch, is also used a lot to get out of tricky situations.

    Most TRs follow this approach:

    1. Sneak up on player while in stealth
    2. Drop a smoke bomb to control their opponent
    3. Bloodbath
    4. Dazing strike (also prevents opponent from running too far or escaping #5)
    5. Shadow of Demise proc
    6. Return to stealth

    Then rinse and repeat.

    For your DC, now that I know a little bit more as I play one. An 18k DC is much stronger than mine, but there are a few tricks you probably need to know about playing PvP vs PvE with your cleric.

    In PvP, you can go either to DPS cleric (Damage Over Time, High Crit, Proccing Fire of the Gods and Debuffing the enemy for your teammates to wreck) or the Clutch (Faithful) healer. I find the DPS cleric requires a lot more gear, hence I am not very good at that, but the Faithful healer is useful with much less gear.

    I'm going to talk a bit about the Faithful Cleric as I often use this build in PvP:

    1. You need to have a tanky build. You can either achieve this with a high deflect build (40-50%) with decent defense and HP. This type of build goes well with either the Transcendent+ Negation Enchantment or the T+ Elven Battle Enchantment. However, if you have the T+ Shadowclad, then you can aim for around 20-24% deflect, as this will ensure it will proc the invisibility buff more often. Defense is important as it will mitigate a lot of damage. If you can build your DR to 95% or above (via gear and encounters, feats, features etc), then only players with maximum Armor Penetration (21,000 and above) can deal significant damage to you. This is a toss up between the HP or Defense boon, but it will be dependent on what other gears/encounters you are using.

    2. Build up Gift of Faith Reservoirs as early and often as possible. Apply empowered Bastions of Health just prior to the gates going down on yourself and your teammates, and keep applying it as much as you can. Each empowered stack of BoH will heal an additional 10% of you or your teammates' life. To make your healing effective (especially since the recent increase in healing depression), I find Desperate Restoration and Resounding Beliefs highly useful. Shared Burdens is fantastic, as if you can't fit everyone in your BoH, nearby allies and yourself can still benefit from heals.

    3. Efficiently gain divinity. You want to be fast on your feet, dodging most (if not all) attacks, especially hard hitting ones from GFs, GWFs, HRs, CWs and TRs. Hence you need a quick at-will and maximum divinity generation. Hence I find that the feats Bountiful Fortune and Gift of the Gods very, very useful. The at-will Brand of the Sun is quick, and generates divinity over time, meaning you can spend more time dodging or casting encounters. The next at-will is a personal preference, and I see most DCs use either Lance of Faith (fastest at-will) or Astral Seal. I personally use Astral Seal, as it procs heals for yourself and allies, which brings me on to my next point.

    4. Invest in healing and damage mitigating passives. Your cleric will be the target of enemy fire at the beginning and most of the combat, until they tire of trying to kill you. In challenging situations, you may have to face up to 3-5 players at any given time, dodging, healing and protecting yourself and others. You will be controlled and stunned in an attempt to be killed, hence passives are practically lifesavers. These include at least one point in Repurpose Soul, Cleanse, the Tier 2 Faithful Feat Divine Intervention and Test of Faith. If you are a DO, then Benefit of Foresight with the class feature Foresight is fantastic for yourself and your team mates. Boons such as Planar Vitality, Engine Inspiration, Elven Tranquility and Enraged Regrowth are also highly useful. Note also, Astral Seal procs certain passives, so I use it :)

    5. You need to have control resistance. If you are stunned, then you are not healing or dodging damage and will be dead soon. Get control resistance either through boons, or the use Prophetic Action with the off-hand bonus, or use a T+ Elven Battle Enchantment. There are certain items and powers that can perma root you if you have very little resistance. I get by with the Prophetic Action off-hand bonus and as much control resistance I can get from boons and insignias.

    6. Invest in good mounts and ideally purple insignias. I learned this later in the game, but they have added a lot to my survivability. Deflect or HP insignias work great. Have at least one Gladiator's Guile (for speed to control the battlefield, and stamina regeneration). The other useful mount actives are: Champions Return, Survivor's Blessing, Oppressor's Reprieve. The last mount bonus is a personal preference, but I like Artificer's Persuasion, as when I use my artifact, it boosts AP generation, recovery, stamina gain and movement, so I use my Artifact when I really need it.

    7. The encounters I like to use are: Sunburst (controls nodes and interrupts players extremely well), Bastion of Health (empowered, for heals), and the 3rd encounter either Break the Spirit or Astral Shield depending on what is needed of me. Do not discount Astral Shield, even though it has been nerfed. The +40% DR with a good defensive build works very well to give you a lot of damage mitigation for the period of time it works (8 seconds), allowing you to build up divinity, regenerate stamina or cast heals.

    8. The dailies I use are: Divine Armor (essential if you are facing a TR and their Shadow of Demise is about to proc) and also to be used when you are low on healing or a team mate is about to die). Hallowed ground is still fantastic for the DR and damage boost for you and your party. Sometimes I alternate between HG and AS in order to maximise my DR.

    Hope you enjoy more PvP. We need more players interested in it by far! If you have any questions, send me a message or reach my on my handle @vordayn when I'm on. I could show you a bit of my rotations in Private PvP, and a few other counters to the tricky things that you will come across...
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  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,082 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    Your armor pen is too high and recovery too low for a Pvp cookie cutter TR that is your most basic problem
    ditch the armor pen (only used in specialty elite experienced pvp tr melee builds/paragons that are sacrificing stealth or dont have itc ) and get 20k -30k recovery
  • vickvega82#4490 vickvega82 Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    Ok, so as an executioner build, if I turn my guild boon to power, my armpen becomes like 7k and my power goes to 33ish. Now as this was an experiment I didn't take my artifacts to mythic and just using rank 10s for enchants. I could probably pretty easily take my power to 38k, recovery to 15k and armpen sitting around 8k. If I have those base line stats, using a typical bloodbath SoD rotation, I should see a big increase in my dmg? If so that's great. As to now, the squishes I can wreck easy enough but the geared out players, GFs and OPs, I've been tickling them. I had been under the impression there was a big armpen rebuff for pvp and I need 120%+ resistance ignored
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  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,082 Arc User
    edited April 2018
    piecing damage (from tr and hr) hardly relies on armor pen at all thus it is piecing armor and dr
    just like you dont need crit on Tr cause it is 100% from stealth crit and armor pen are both dump stats on Trs

    the resistance ignored rules applies.. just not for TRs ...sod broken premeditated damage calculation ..combined with thier first strike feat etc

    you need way more recovery to get that oh so sweet back to back dailies ..and permanent ITC up for maximum effect ..and cleric artifact sigal
    why attack with one daily when you can have 2 or 3 Sods back to back LOL
  • vickvega82#4490 vickvega82 Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    So, I made the switch from armpen boon to lower and ran 10 or so dominations. There was a noticible difference in my ability to drop better players. So I refined up my artifacts and gear and made some tweaks. At the end of the night I ended up with about 35k power, 15-17k recovery.I still have about 8k armpen. I'll test this tomorrow and see how it runs. If I find the 8k armpen still superfluous, I can change some draconics for cruels and maybe drop it down 2k for some more power and recovery

    Thx for the input.
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  • callidus1986callidus1986 Member Posts: 20 Arc User
    Mod 13 made pvp totally dead PvP no matter how much deflect defence you have or how high your recovery/hp power does makes no difference cause off healing nerf TRs killed this game with broken SoD ... my main DC has 25 k deflect as base +shadoclad 20 k - if buffed 24 k defence + 200 k Health recovery around 15 k Power 15 k if buffed 30 k you can heal tank even can DPS as DO easy problem is Trs if they start DPSing and SoD procs your dead no matter how tanky or much HP having ... game is dead for pvp not even recommend playing right know till they not fix SoD + Mane of Manticore 50% hp take from atacker ... and if even your FAITHFULL DC and ya heal heals wont proc cause off SoD ... bloodbath stunt mane of manticore SoD death P.S Do DC in pvp very hard to survive ... possible you can kill and about armor pen you dont need guild boon enought 5 k recovery there is feat which raises 25% more armor pen ... Overall who wanna pvp with Dcs in mod 13 good luck and happy die against TRs ( even GFs woth broken marks better then this SoD - atleast you have chance to survive or heal ) ...
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