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Mod 13 Artifact Weapons set

nihlocke#5890 nihlocke Member Posts: 69 Arc User
Mod 13 has been out for quite some time and I still haven't seen a DC artifact weapon set discussion, so there it is. You're welcome.

My 12,9k DO DC is kind of sick of his mod 12 Teak Suljan set and I'm thinking about what should I get him. We have five new sets to choose from, so let's take a look. Before that, I gotta say a few things. Can't really discuss on something if we don't state what we're talking about first.

We're mostly a support class. While we can pull some decent dps when properly built, nobody invites DCs to a party for their dps. We bring dem buffs and debuffs. We gotta make sure the party gets to the end of the dungeon safely. We can go dps/support hybrid, sure. Let's not forget the support part tho. Also, I never find myself needing more outgoing healing, but maybe that's just me.

Having said that, let's get down to business. Let's talk about those weapon sets.

Pilgrim set: At the start of combat, your Damage and Outgoing Healing will be increased by 1% for every enemy you faced when starting combat, to a max of 10% for 10 seconds. If facing only one enemy at the start of combat, your Damage and Outgoing Healing will be increased by 5% for 1 minute.

When you kill an enemy, this buff will refresh.

Pioneer set: You are granted an increased stat for each member in your party:

Party of 1 - +200 Power
Party of 2 - +400 Power and Defense
Party of 3 - +600 Power, Defense, and Recovery
Party of 4 - +800 Power, Defense, Recovery, and Critical Strike
Party of 5 - +1000 Power, Defense, Recovery, and Critical Strike, and Armor Penetration

Primal set:
If you are hit or healed for more than 10% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, your Damage and Outgoing Healing will be increased by 10% for 10 seconds.

Masterwork 3 set: You and nearby allies are granted the following:

+2% Outgoing Damage
+2% Outgoing Healing
-2% Incoming Damage

This effect may stack up to 5 times when allies are equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons.

Tyrant set (or whatever it is called):
At the start of combat, your Damage, Healing, and Damage Resistance is increased by 1%. For every 15 seconds you are in combat, these increase by 1%. These increases are doubled if affected by a Trophy Hunter buff. (Max 10% increase)

And now for the overview:

Masterwork 3: from a party point of view, I guess our best bet would be the masterwork 3 set. Then again, the MW3 set is just the MW2 set with a slight stat up that costs like 8 millions ADs. If I had MW2 I wouldn't bother switching. One might as well get the MW2 set for this mod and call it a day.

Pilgrim set: this looks ok for solo and for short bosses/trash. Up to 10% damage and healing for 10 seconds, or 5% for one minute is not terribile. It's also not very expensive, at least compared to MW. What I don't like it's the fact that it doesn't help with buffing. It boosts our dps and our healing (for a short while), but nothing to buff the party. I'm probably gonna get it anyway for soloing, but I think we could do better.

Primal set: flat +10% damage and healing, basically. If I were mainly dpsing i would get this asap. I would also get it asap if I were maily healing. Since i'm buffing/debuffing and only healing every now and then (and sure as hell not mainly dpsing) I really don't know what to say. Probably the same things as the Pilgrim set. Also, gotta do T9G and the new trial to get this, so it's not as easy to get.

Tyrant set: 150 seconds to get 10% damage, Outgoing Healing and Damage Resistance. It's a slow and huge personal buff. Dunno if the whole "These increases are doubled if affected by a Trophy Hunter buff" thing means that under trophy hunter buff you get up to 20% damage, outgoing healing and DR or if it only takes half the time to get there. Probably gonna be 2% every 15 secs, so half the time. What can you say about this set? I mean, what can you say other than the profanity yelled at the lure drop rate? I'd say we could do something much more efficient with our time.

Pioneer set: at last, the Pioneer set. Among the ones listed, it's probably the easiest to get. One could get enough treasures to get this set by just minding his own business in Omu. I might be wrong here, but I think this set could be a reasonable choice for a support character in a 5 people party. The set bonus is not a flat dmg increase, or a flat dmg, healing and DR for the party, but it's the equivalent of five rank 14 enchantments. In solo it is mostly useless (lol 200 power), but those stats could probably help with the buffing in a party, which is what we should be after. Of course it's no Masterwork, but if you're not rich I think this could be a reasonable choice. Note that it is most likely the lazy me doing the talking, but if i can get a good set and not die of old age while farming for it, I'd be more than happy.

Masterwork 2 set: of course, the MW2. Same exact bonus as the MW3 party-wise, a little less stats and half the price, maybe less. Not every one of us is a Fortune 500 CEO, so feel free to look down on me while I get a good support set and a Trascendent or Peerless enchant for it. It is not a new set, so technically it doesn't belong here. But since it has the same set bonus as MW3 maybe I should mention it.

So there you have it, my 2 cents about this whole thing. That wall of text is most likely wrong, but whatever. This is a forum, so let's discuss these mod 13 weapon sets.


  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,439 Arc User
    BIS for DC who aren't trying DPS would be Masterwork. Primal for damage. Pioneer for AC if you can't get MW since the Power shares and the Defense counts for Assassin's Covenant. Pilgrim is midrange for DPS for people who can't farm Primal but want an actual damage boost. I really don't see a legitimate use for Tyrant and suspect the grind would be awful, but have not checked on it.

    I pre-farmed the seals for Primal and use that on my DO loadouts, with Pioneer for AC. Ar some point I may get MW3 but not at the present time.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
  • nihlocke#5890 nihlocke Member Posts: 69 Arc User
    In the end i picked up the Pioneer set. Quite the upgrade from the teak set and I literally didn't have to farm for it. You really can't complain about an upgrade that comes with a price tag of nothing. Especially if you also have a dps character that needs a new weapon.

    Also, I'll eventually buy a Masterwork III set. I had to choose between the getting MWIII and being able to afford food this month. Food won this time.
  • vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User
    I agree with MWIII in theory as BiS, but tbh it's not such an amazing difference that I'm willing to invest a great deal of AD into it ahead of other concerns.

    Pioneer is solid and so easy to obtain; if I were an AC main, it would be my go-to for the additional power share (it isn't a lot, but every bit counts, I suppose). As DO I stick with Primal since the 10% damage boost is worth more to me, and it's a no-brainer for everything solo as well.
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  • clericalistclericalist Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 595 Arc User
    If you have the mod 11 Fey weapon and you have alts then you should focus your time on them instead with regards to getting new weapons. Even if you have only a cleric I see no great gain that warrants grinding for any of these weapons over the Fey weapon. I tend to skip modules when it comes to grinding for the latest weapon, and this mod is a good example of this, often the marginal benefits one gets for each new module are simply not worth doing. If however you are getting your first weapon here, then go for Pioneer, none of the others listed provided anything that can be argued to be "must have" BIS.
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