PvP "refinements" proposals for Devs

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Hello Devs,
I've started playing NWO almost 8 months ago and I'm still far from BIS but not anymore a pug (hope so :# ).
NWO PvP is not in a good shape and you don't need seasonal players to notice this sad truth.
There are clear issues on match-making, class balancing, lack of players, queue time.
All the above-mentioned and also other issues are strictly linked in an amplification loop which has to be broken in some way, if you don't want to lose all the PvP players (it's already happening).
I don't know what was done in the past to break the loop and if it was better or worse than before, but I'd like to state some very little refinements, which could help to improve the status without a huge implementation effort.
  1. Match-Making before the match is started: Set some thresholds to prevent 8k IL ppl to play against 15k IL ppl. This rule is alredy in use for PvE queues and it makes much more sense in pvp since it's more equip-based than skill-based (this is the worst issue of NWO pvp).
    : What about dividing ppl in X ranges? i.e. 13k+/10k+/NoLowLim
  2. Match-making after the match is started: It is really frustrating to enter a match when your team is 30 and the enemy team is 450. I know that you can read 0/1 on the top of the screen but it happens many time to prompt click w/o reading.
    : What about ending the match if the difference overcomes a threshold? This would avoid to look for other ppl who will join the 99,999% of the times an already compromised match. I know comebacks are always possible but I don't think that 400 points with GG ppl will ever lead to a comeback.
  3. PvP rewards: The more the rewards, the more the players. So far, Glory is not a good reason to play PvP
I don't wanna start discussion about how much TRs rotations and skills are broken; how much GFs rotations are broken (less than TRs); how much frustrating is to play as DC with 1 CW, 2 HRs and 1 SW against 2 OPs, 1 DC, 1GF and 1 GWF; how much frustrating is to wait 25 minutes to play with 7k IT ppl against BIS ppl; etc... Even if they are real issues which should be addressed as soon as possible.

PvP ppl are very disangaged and the current status will only push ppl to quit the game, not only PvP!

Any kind of feedback will be very appreciated,

Best regards


  • cilginordek
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    Proposal: What about dividing ppl in X ranges? i.e. 13k+/10k+/NoLowLim

    This won't work because I can take off my shirt to lose 400 IL without losing any significant amount of stats.
    IL is a terrible measurement of effectiveness, especially in PvP.
  • kalina311
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    Proposal: What about dividing ppl in X ranges? i.e. 13k+/10k+/NoLowLim

    This won't work because I can take off my shirt to lose 400 IL without losing any significant amount of stats.
    IL is a terrible measurement of effectiveness, especially in PvP.
    also aside from the fact that some classes perform better then others at low item level with next to no investment in gear or boons
  • faerbot
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    I just do not see why anyone still thinks the company is going to invest any time or resources into PVP. They have shown that when they do they leave broken mechanics in the game for ages. They have shown that class balance is not on their radar. A statement such as, "PVP is precious to me", means nothing. If I did not love the brand of DnD due to having played it for over 30 years I would not still be playing, I do still refuse to put money into it until balamce in PVP is fixed, but I did put it down for all of Ascendency and most of the new mod. It is just too painful to play the class I love and I dont do the meta class swap as some do.
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    You can already get rp for pvp... just put on dragons hoards or fey or use mount insignia wanderers fortune
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • madmatter#4672
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    I agree with faerbot. I will no longer sink money in this game and I have put in more than a fair amount.
    To me, the quickest and easiest way to help PvP is to add AWESOME rewards to it. Rewards you can only get from PvP. People will play it then. I have stated before my thoughts on how they can do it and I'm sire everyone has their own great ideas.
    Then they can work on all of the balancing, adding maps, queue structures, so on.
    To me, PvP is the only really challenging and most fun thing in the game. It would be a shame if they let it die.
  • finalfantasyac7
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    Better awesome rewards will increase having more 3k to 7k item level pugs in pvp. Those who worked hard to have their character geared properly with decent item level do not want to waste their time playing with freaking 4k item level pug(s). You can't even play Lostmauth at 7k item level.. so why does cryptic allow it to pvp ?? They are just a waste of spot. High IL player only has to look at them and they die :/
    I would say, increase better rewards but limit pvp to item level like pve dungeons.
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