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Lost City of Omu Preview Patch Notes: NW.95.20180212a.5

terramakterramak Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 973 Cryptic Developer
Release Notes

Content and Environment
  • Benign Order of the Third Eye: This campaign can once again be completed.
Items and Economy
  • Genie's Gifts can once again properly be exchanged for campaign currency packs in Sharandar, the Dread Ring, and Icewind Dale.
  • When capped on Chultan Riches, players no longer fail to gain other items / rewards in the same chest, pack, or other reward method.
  • Minor fixes have been made to text in the French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.


  • athena#9205 athena Member Posts: 575 Arc User
    please fix the steal time power for CW, your patch notes said it proc weapon enchant but it doesn't
  • ejziponkenejziponken Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 887 Arc User
    edited March 2018

    ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Gankdalf The Icehole █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

  • googootsgoogoots Member Posts: 147 Arc User
    Won't spend another penny until CWs are fixed.
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