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Overload Enchantment Guide (For Dps peeps, mainly)

ltsmithnekoltsmithneko Member Posts: 1,578 Arc User
edited February 2018 in Guides
Overload Enchantment Guide

This is going to a pretty quick and simple guide, covering Overload enchantments, where they should be used and why use said enchantments.( ;P Welcome Gwf's, if ya coming from meh guide, highly appointed towards chu's.)

What is it: Well first of all you'll find the overload slots on your bracer's, and helmets, as well as your some companion gear, but I wouldn't recommended the companion gear, hence the reason those are excluded from this guide.

Where do I find them: Depends on which you are using at the time, most of the ones you'll be slotting and un-slotting often will be the Slayer Marks, which can be found within your Stronghold, at the merchant to the right of the entrance to the Guilds Hall. While others such as the Dragon or BlackIce, that you may use when you're in lower tier content, or have no need to slot another enchantment you may find on the AH, or within certain content such as KR, Elol,Tiamat, or EsoT.

Highly Recommended Marks

The primary marks any damage dealer should have, these are the one found within the Stronghold, I would personally recommended these only for Dungeon/Skirmish/Raid use, not your common solo content use, no point of putting a good mark to waste. : 3

Note: You may only have one equipped of a certain type of Slayer Overload, this includes Ranks as well.
  1. Mark of the Dragon Slayer
    • Lair of Lostmauth (Final Boss/First Boss)
    • Fangbreaker Island (Dragon Turtle)
    • The Shores of Tuern (Boss)
    • Tiamat (Raid Boss)
    • Malabog's Castle (Final Boss)
  2. Mark of the Fey Slayer (T2 maybe broken)
    • Malabog's Castle (Throughout)
  3. Mark of the Troll Slayer
    • Fangbreaker Island (After Hati, before Dragon Turtle)
  4. Mark of the Giant Slayer
    • Fangbreaker Island (Climbing the hill, and Final Boss)
  5. Mark of the Demon Slayer
    • Castle Never (Throughout)
    • Tomb of the Nine Gods (First Boss)
    • Demogorgon (Throughout)
    • Prophecy of Madness (Throughout)
  6. Mark of the Lycanthrope Slayer (T2 maybe broken)
    • Grey Wolf Den (Throughout)
  7. Mark of the Undead Slayer
    • Tomb of the Nine Gods (Throughout-ish, 2nd and final Boss are Undead.)

Additional Marks

These are really for those that wish to maximize any form of stat increase they can, most would just pass these over due to the extra maintenance.
  1. Corrupt Enchantments/Dragon Glyph (Can be used anywhere, granting certain effects)
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  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,887 Arc User
    Hi Neko, do you have any info on the amount of boost the overloads give you and how they compare to the ones that drop from Shores?
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  • ltsmithnekoltsmithneko Member Posts: 1,578 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    > @armadeonx said:
    > Hi Neko, do you have any info on the amount of boost the overloads give you and how they compare to the ones that drop from Shores?

    Do ya mean Dragon Glyphs vs Guild Glyphs? ^-^

    If so the Guild Glyph will always be better, but the Dragons do suffer from the fact it’s not a base stat/Active at all times. Depending on the Glyph you pick will give ya the effectiveness hence the White being one of the least effective due to diminish -w- Not 100% If Guild ones diminish cx If they do I think It'd only be by like 2%-ish most likely, so you’d have 8% ^.^
  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Member Posts: 1,042 Arc User
    We need a yuan-ti slayer mark. I hate 'em.
  • jappethebreadjappethebread Member Posts: 82 Arc User
    Playing through T9G would I be better off using Demon slayer rank 2 and Undead slayer rank 2 throughout the dungeon or switch Undead slayer rank 1 to replace the Demon slayer rank 2 after Orcus?

    I know the same ranks won't stack but will the rank 1 and rank 2 stack?
  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,350 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Rank 1 and Rank 2 of the same type do not stack.

    Btw, @ltsmithneko , I have some data that you can add into the original post.

    Orcus is considered a Demon for purposes of Demon Slayer marks.

    Withers, Withers' Tower (aka Boss 2), Ras Nsi, and various mobs throughout the dungeon are considered Undead for the purposes of Undead Slayer overloads.

  • artifleurartifleur Member Posts: 642 Arc User
    It would nice to mention that slayer marks do not increase you damage as stated in their tooltip but instead add an extra attack on power use (at-will, encounter, daily).

    Depending on your class that may leave a sizeable part of your damage unaffected. For example 30% in the case of a ranger using the piercing blade feat.
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