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Debuff companions



  • manipulosmanipulos Member Posts: 235 Arc User

    Slyph amazing pet, whether summond or not, poor man's Elven Battle Enchantment (once you've bought the pack that is), heard it's active is non functional in oPvP.

    I stopped using my Sylph as active when I realized that nothing is respecting control resist in the new mod. My Sylph is now idle and my Elven Battle is sitting in my bag. :(

    I should probably swap them back in when doing other content but honestly I just plain forget
  • mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Member Posts: 3,169 Arc User
    stark760 said:

    My "debuff" companions are:

    Harper Bard(legendary)
    Bear Cub(purple)
    Rust Monster(purple)

    Trying to figure out the 5th. Maybe Dread Warrior for the threat, but I read something about black ice prospector actually giving you threat, so would he be better than dread warrior? Don't really see another debuff companion if I keep Harper Bard as active. Would it be worth getting dancing shield and keeping him active over harper bard? Also saw jagged dancing sword? Wasn't sure if it was actually worth building up. Or Energon for HP? Have Blacksmith, but don't think he's very good due to cap. Have Yeti also, but he'll be for my DPS crew.

    Get Engron for HP or go with a DPS companion.

    I run Moonbow (Legendary), Energon, Will o Wisp, BlackSmith, and my last I go between Frozen Galeb and Rust Monster.

    If my GF was my main it would be this...

    Harper Bard
    Rust Monster
    Wil O Wisp

  • boromir#3940 boromir Member Posts: 107 Arc User
    Never use the blacksmith. It’s still trapped in mod 7 damage production. Never ever use any of the Galebs. I think there are 3. They work based on your missing HP and not how hard you get hit. So unless you’re planning on going thru a dungeon with half you HP full time, don’t use.
  • jumpingmorksjumpingmorks Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 876 Arc User
    Blacksmith AFAIK is still capped at 2.5k dam per proc, essentially useless. Ran a reflect build before Orcus got nerfed in CN, it turned out to be 150k damage for the entire run.

    Also agreed with Boromir, the damage increase from Galebs is useless in group content if you are built to run without a healer, as many went that route a long time ago.

    I just recently changed to Dancing Shield for my active companion, I still kinda prefer the Rust Monster though but in high end groups the debuff is better for the former. I run another pet for dps/solo content, though I almost never play dps in group content.
  • santralafaxsantralafax Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,896 Arc User
    I eventualy came up wih Dancing Shield, Sylph, Rust Monster, Energon and Siege Master as my regular line-up. Unfortunately, haven't been running my GF too much lately. Started a DC, since everyone and their brother calls for them.
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