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Need some advise

mistsenseimistsensei Member Posts: 30 Arc User
Hello, I 've been away from the game for a very long time since underdark or maze engine I think, not sure and thought to come back and play NW again. What I want to know is if it is doable to catch up right now or will I just have to go around doing tens of dailies quests and not having a good time... Also is it possible for new players to join with this overwhelming amount of campaigns, dailies and such since some friends might join the game with me coming back. Any info is appreciated, thanks.


  • xxmantaraxxxxmantaraxx Member Posts: 362 Arc User
    right now is a great time to catch up. The grind requirement to get all the boons from the latest expansion is really low. I save up all the daily quests in the new zone and do them all on my main in about an hour. This has allowed me to play catch up on some of my less used but well loved alts.

    Its worth a shot :)

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  • jrdiiorio#8134 jrdiiorio Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    I never quite understood the concept of just because your behind several mods that you must do them all at once to catch up. The beauty of it is you can do as little or as much of the content as you want to. At the very least do the weeklies and as time permits do the dailies. The weeklies in general on there own provide sufficient campaign currencies to progress.
  • mistsenseimistsensei Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    @xxmantaraxx - I see, that 's good to hear!

    @jrdiiorio - Yes you 're not wrong in this. But, I think being behind a few mods can also mean being behind in items, accessible content, weaker toon and lower IL which is playing a part especialy for someone like me returning after such a long time and will have to find pugs and more so for people starting the game from 0 . As I said what you 're saying is certainly not wrong and I knew while I was still playing many people following this but I am one of those that want to finish things and improve the toon as fast as possible even if it's just some passive that might not be all that important. That being said with all the new things that have come out I wouldn't be able to do that even if I wanted to. :p

    Thanks for taking the time to reply!
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