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PS4: Inexpensive Companions for a HR

mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Member Posts: 3,167 Arc User
I already have invested quite a bit into my CW, DC, GF and SW for the companions. I am in the process of leveling up a HR. Due to having the level 70 XP booster and double XP hitting yesterday on the PS4 I was able to take a fresh level 1 character to level 50 in a matter of minutes (saved up quite a few XP booster from leveling up my other characters). After a couple hours of playing I'm now at 61. I plan to get my character to 70 later today.

The companions I have at the moment are a rare Hawk, uncommon Skyblade Kobold, rare Phase Spider, epic Crab, and uncommon Dancing Shield.

The extra companion gear I have on hand are Fierce Neck and Belt +4. I am leaning towards making the Phase Spider my main due to the companion gear I have and the 3rd companion gear slot for the spider is a ring which I can easily acquire a Ring of Dod. This would provide my HR a nice boost to his Critical Chance and Power when using bondings.

If I could get another +4 neck I will probably run with the Hawk but for now it looks like the Phase Spider will be my summoned companion.

With all that now out of the way, what are some cheap companions I can acquire that will work well with a HR that will play as a StormWarden Melee build and a Pathfinder Trapper build.

Trying to keep cost down here, so please keep that in mind.


  • zomak#4611 zomak Member Posts: 223 Arc User
    The tamed velociraptor is great if you run with other people who use them and not too expensive at around 100k. If the whole party uses them it becomes a BiS option for group content. That is IF the whole party or at least most of the party uses them.
  • mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Member Posts: 3,167 Arc User
    I got super lucky over the holiday break. When in CN on my GF I walked out in one of my runs with not 1 but 3 Orcus shards. I was like OMG yes....It allowed me to acquire the 3 primary DPS companions. Than within 3 days I go 2 more which allowed me to upgrade my air to legendary and upgrade my siege master to epic. I would say that the holiday was filled with luck in CN for me. I have seen many players get an Orcus shard as well, I believe in every run I was seeing one drop, if not two.

  • wizardlvl80#5963 wizardlvl80 Member Posts: 519 Arc User
    I would say that Lillend is awesome bonding companion when it comes to price-quality. First of all - I got like 5 of them during winter fest gifts already. Second - it gas 3x offensive slots with 3x ring slots. Active bonus is meh but hey - you wanted cheap and good ones. I was using it for long time till I got companions I wanted.
  • mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Member Posts: 3,167 Arc User
    You are right about Lillend being cheap but I was able to get the 3 primary DPS ones. I also got the Tamed Rapture as well. I also have an epic Slyblade Kolbod and an Epic Intelligent Devour. I typically use the Intelligent Devour as I run Aspect of the Pack.

    All is good. I am enjoying the HR though.

  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,105 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    I don't think ca companions are very good anymore. pretty sure you can do better than him. the slyblade is good. if you have any survivability issues the dread warrior is awesome. you couldn't pay me to run lillend.

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