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Connection Issues 12/23

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,106 Community Manager
We have looked into reports of players experiencing connection problems and have been unable to identify any server, data center, or client-side issues. We believe this may be ISP related. You can comment here with the ISP and region you are in or check with your service provider directly.

We will continue to monitor the situation nonetheless in case any issues on our end come up.


  • I have been having connection issues on and off. I have Spectrum/Time Warner Cable as my ISP and I am in dragon region. I've been kicked when loading into dungeons/skirmishes/trials and have been having sudden spikes and getting kicked as well. It happened a bit a couple days ago. It has only happened when loading into tiamat today (which is so large and intensive I'm not entirely surprised but hasn't happened before today for me). Hope this helps!
  • mafiadelperro#8853 mafiadelperro Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    Isp: Liberty country: Puerto Rico everyday get service not responded 30 times a day also like 10 kick from the server
  • muratttimurattti Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 417 Arc User
    turkey same laggy ,
  • silverrrrrrrsilverrrrrrr Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    Server: Dragon
    ISP: Verizon
    Country: USA
    Been pretty constant the past couple days. Lots of rubberbanding/freezing. Interesting that they can't identify any issues, as I have spoken to lots of players in game who say they experience the lag at the same time as me. I've only been disconnected a couple of times, though.
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  • xrawcarnagexrawcarnage Member Posts: 384 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    ISP: AT&T
    and just about everyone I talk to from anywhere in the US getting disconnects. Definitely not an issue with my provider and have had no issues with no other game. Let me state that I don’t typically have any issues with Nw up until this “disconnect” issues. This started about 10 days ago.
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  • ejziponkenejziponken Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 887 Arc User
    Sweden, BAHNHOF I had server not responding for 2 days at the same time as others in my guild all over the world. Germany, US, UK etc.

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  • jrdiiorio#8134 jrdiiorio Member Posts: 119 Arc User
    Typical response isp severs affected from every region of the world. Clearly this isn’t arc’s side.

    Canada here for the record playing in ps4. Same issues. Happens to myself and everyone in my party chat from Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Uk, Scotland and Brazil
  • d3cepti0n#1453 d3cepti0n Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    ISP: OTEnet S.A.
    Country: Greece
    Server: Dragon

    Lots of lag/rubberbanding and interactions having delayed effects.
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  • bluey22#7852 bluey22 Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    ISP: centurylink
    country: US
    server: xbox (lich i think)

    been happening since Thursday. friends of mine are getting dced at same time as me, also only happening to me in neverwinter, no other game. and as much as i want to blame this on my horrible ISP, it's not them :(
  • demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    The lag is from the testing of 5 g networks... they work with your wireless routers to work.

    Isp: charter
    Country: USA Southern California
    Server: Dragon
    Several huge lag spikes and disconnects.
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  • cilginordekcilginordek Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    ISP: O2 Online
    Country: Germany
    Server: Dragon

    Had disconnects troughout the day on 23/12/2017. They seemed to happen to plenty of people in the alliance whenever it happened to me.
  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,373 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    ISP: Charter
    Country: USA (Southern California)
    Server: Dragon
    Time of Connection Issues: 8:00AM PST - 7PM PST

    Lagging/random disconnecting isn't new, but they only started showing up regularly around 12/21/17.

    Instances were mostly Tomb of the Nine Gods, though I would randomly disconnect in places ranging from Protector's Enclave, Guild Stronghold, or even places like Tiamat or Fangbreaker Island.

    Sometimes, when I was affected, multiple others would log off simultaneously.
    Other times, when others were hit with a mass disconnect, I wouldn't be affected.

  • nannerhammock#1613 nannerhammock Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    *DC's and server error messages for thousands of people across all 3 platforms and multiple continents* "It's probably ISP side.."
    Dragon server
    ISP: comcast (xfinity)
    server disconnects and terrible lag. I don't ever have connection issues normally.
    12-18 ms ping, steady connection on every single other game.
  • mushellkamushellka Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 357 Arc User
    ISP: multimedia
    Country: Poland
    Server: Dragon

    I always have lag and drop fps, one day before the new patch. (i dont know why) This time it was the same, but the problem got worse in the next days. I have horrible lag, disconnections, rubberbanding and pretty low fps.

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  • ironraine#6605 ironraine Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    isp: Hughes.net satellite internet
    Server: Dragon

    server disconnects and terrible lag, can't even get on any more without at least 5 minutes of being dropped and re-logging in, and then when I do get on, get kicked after about 1 minute.
  • markeen#2032 markeen Member Posts: 301 Arc User
    ISP: Spectrum/Time Warner
    Region: Midwest USA. PS4

    Getting server not responding and rubber banding. My friend lives Westcoast USA with a different ISP and has same issue. I will say that it happened a lot less today than it did the previous 2.
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  • dafrca#4810 dafrca Member Posts: 469 Arc User
    Server: Dragon
    ISP: Charter
    Connection: Hard Wired (Not WiFi)
    Country: Southern California, USA
    Experianced: Rubberbanding, Freezing, Disconects

    It has been real bad for a few days. I noticed I was having issues more than normal about a week ago.
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,327 Arc User
    ISP AT&T
    Server Dragon
    Southeast US

    Since Thursday patch, have experienced occasional SNR and Disconnects. Always able to reconnect immediately. The issues are being experience by many on my friendlist, people from all across the globe. I doubt it is my ISP when people around the world are DC'ing at the same time.
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  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Member Posts: 1,050 Arc User
    ISP: Optima
    Server Dragon

    ever since the 2x enchants started. disconnecting and rubberbanding. issues loading the launcher too.
  • muratttimurattti Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 417 Arc User
    ISP : fiber turkish internet Superonline :..:
    Server: Dragon
    Turkey , Antalya.
    Rubberbanding Freeze Sometimes Lagging Up Im Make Crayz My head ^^
    tomb of nine gods awesome hell laggy everytime ...

    1080 msi x gaming .
    msi z270 m7 motherboard.
    16gb corsair domi 3200 mhz ram.
    pg348q rog monitor.

    Thank you for your comfortable playing game.
  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,130 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    ISP: AT&T
    Country: USA
    State: South Carolina
    Server: Dragon
    Platform: PC

    I have been having increasingly bad issues with disconnections and lag for at least the last 2 months. I have a powerful computer that is up to date and I used to almost never get lag or server disconnects. I used to get on average 1 disconnect a week and would regularly go days without seeing any server not responding message appear at all. Now I'm getting on average 5 or more disconnects each hour and a lot more lag.

    What I've noticed about my new lag and disconnects:
    --- Almost every single time I get the server not responding message now, I disconnect.
    --- These disconnects usually occur within roughly 16 seconds of the server not responding message appearing.
    --- I almost always disconnect at least 1 time within the first few seconds of me logging into the game now.
    --- The auction house is uncooperative right now and I usually have to try to post an item multiple times before it successfully posts.
    --- I get these weird rubberbanding episodes where I start jerking from place to place for anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes on end.
    --- For some reason, I seem to disconnect even more frequently when I'm standing still now.
    --- My lag gets even worse the day after a new patch is released. Usually, this lag gets slightly less bad after the first day.
    --- The rubberbanding, lag, and disconnects was especially bad yesterday evening and was affecting my entire que group.
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  • yamato146yamato146 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 51 Arc User
    ISP: Comcast
    Region: Southeast USA, Florida
    Server: Dragon
    Platform: PC

    Couldn't log in, so I turned off on-demand patching. The patcher kept restarting after about 10%, did it about 5 times. I turned on-demand patching off again and was able to log in, but getting constant SNR and disconnects every time I log on.
  • reg1981reg1981 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,407 Arc User
    ISP: Eastlink Communications
    Region: Eastern Canada
    Server: Dragon
    Platform: PC

    I get many disconnects loading into maps, but recently I've started dropping "Disconnected from server" randomly standing still or sifting through inventory!
  • marcelene55marcelene55 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    ISP: Cox
    Country: USA (Arkansas)
    Server: Dragon

    Disconnected during 80-90% of my attempts to switch characters.
  • cappattoncappatton Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I can not get on to Neverwinter Preview Test Server.What could be the problem?
  • talon1970talon1970 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 152 Arc User
    Isp: German Telecom
    Country: Germany
    Server: Dragon

    Snr, lags, rubberbanding, starts mostly at 19.00 - 21.00 CET, sadly thats the time we starts our Tong/Fbi runs, most the time unplayable, Orcus is not fightable (maybe he is grounded), chests not here after the Endboss so we have to do the fight for an second or even third time (this does not include several Snr again, from me or guildmates during the fight, so it could be, that we have to wipe countless times).
    So the time for our TonG runs raised from between 20-30 minutes (depends of the partyconstellation) up to something over an hour (1 run!).

    Very, very frustrating.
  • duurduur Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 112 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    ISP: OnsBrabantNet ftth
    Country: The Netherlands
    Server: Dragon

    SNR, lag, disconnects, and transfer fails, and logged out instead of change character. Haven't done any serious questing the last days. I don't want to be kicked out of an (almost) finished instance before you get to the loot. And other players on our discord reported issues at the same times, and those are from the US, Canada, Australia and other places)

    (especially the night from the 23rd to 24th was terrible)
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  • dstarfire01#5638 dstarfire01 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    ISP: Xfinity
    Country: USA
    Server: Dragon

    My wife and I, on separate laptops are having SNR and lag issues. She is hardwired to the router and I am on the wifi, and both of us are experiencing the same problems. Typically a combination of massive rubber banding and screen freezing, followed by SNR errors and server disconnect. In-game activity makes no difference - I have lost connection both in battle and standing still, in various locations and with both of my characters.
  • valnar#5458 valnar Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Isp: plus net
    Country: UK
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