Make all cutscenes skippable

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I'm sure 10 out of 10 players would like to skip all cutscenes.


  • zomak#4611
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    Indeed, but first I believe I shall have a meal.
  • qexotic
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    bvira said:

    I'm sure 10 out of 10 players would like to skip all cutscenes.

    I would modify that to say: I'm sure 10 out of 10 players would like to skip all cutscenes...after they have seen them all the way through once or twice. I find that the sequences shown in the cutscenes are enjoyable and worth the time spent watching them the first couple of times I see them. After that, I would be happy to skip them :)

    If I remember rightly, one of the devs has posted recently that a number of additional cutscenes will be skippable soon. Though not all of them. So they are aware of this and are working on it.

  • litaaers
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    While some cutscenes may only be for storyline and ambience, some may have been put there as a built in 'pause', to allow the programmers time to assemble the scene, or get the actors into a certain state. I doubt those cutscenes will ever be skippable.
  • aerthyn
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    From the October bug fix (should be in-place for Mod 13)

    The following will soon be skip-able:

    - Traveling to Thay - Phantasmal Fortress
    - Lostmauth's Lair
    - Wilfred Re-Intro - The Death Forge
    - Temple of the Spider
    - Malabog's Castle (4 cutscenes)

    The scenes are skip-able on a per player basis. Newer (or nostalgic) players can watch them completely while the vets skip. It will be up to them to wait or move on.

    Effort was made to keep the play otherwise AS IS, so scenes will be triggered same as before and entry into boss or mini-boss arenas will remain as is was before this change.
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    edited December 2017
    Yes, PLEASE!
    I would like to be able to participate in certain cut scene heavy events again, but I just can't bear all those crappy cut scenes.
    Edit: a vote to skip would be enough, I think.
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    I never skip a cutscene the first time I watch it. but after that yes please.​​