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Conqueror question

Hi there GF fellas!

I have a spare loadout and I was thinking about building a conqueror GF for tong.

The question is - can I build a valuable conqueror semi dps/buffer for ToNG if I have only defensive artifacts? I was running dungeons only as tactician and I have GF sigil, Waters of Elzhad, Horn of Valhalla and Sigil of the Nine.

I don't have resources to refine new artifacts and that's why I ask if there's a chance I will be able to build a dps-ish GF for ToNG.

Thanks in advance!


  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,352 Arc User
    As @d66723225 once said to me, you will probably have to start building your DPS setup from scratch.

    You could take advantage of account bound stuff (Comp gear, enchants, etc) and swap things between your DPS GF and HR to save on costs.

  • wizardlvl80#5963 wizardlvl80 Member Posts: 519 Arc User
    Swapping chants was my original idea. The only thing I can't swap are artis. Damn, I guess there's a long and costly trip in front of me.
  • manipulosmanipulos Member Posts: 235 Arc User
    My GF is geared for Tactician as well, and I can tell you from my experience if you don't have the dps gear and artifacts and companions you won't compete for damage with a striker. When you add up +damage companions, Orcus artifact set bonus, wheel of elements fire buff etc. it really starts to stack up. You have to work a little harder than you would on a striker character to get your critical strike up as well.

    I do run Conqueror loadout for pretty much everything other than epic dungeons with all my Tactician gear, enchants, artifacts etc. and it works just great for your "dailies". If you want to run T9G as competitive dps though you are gonna have to drop millions of AD to compete, but the dps characters have to have all the same stuff as well. At least tanking gear is cheap, so you can think of your GF as a dps character with a great tanking loadout that was much cheaper to gear than your dps loadout. Two characters for the price of 1-1/2ish?
  • cilginordekcilginordek Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    You don't need much tanking gear to tank anyway. You could sell those and buy dps.
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