no rough AD bonus for PVP?!

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So I thought according to the developers' blogs that doing a pvp match in mob 12b would get 5000 rAD for the first match. So I tried a match today. It was on my lvl 70. We won. It was my first match. It was a domination solo queue. I got far above the 600 points in the match that you used to need to get rewards.

At the end of the match I got a bunch of rewards: glory, some green equipment item, some seals of triumph.

But did I get 5000 rAD? No. I got 300 rAD. That was frustrating after a long match. There is no pvp queue in the random queue. So where did it all go wrong? Where are the 5000 rAD?


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    If the community has no idea, maybe a dev can respond?
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    Pvp shouldn't give any ad
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    But it should, according to the developer's blog and forum post about the random queue. They talk about how pvp used to give 3000 rAD, for the first two matches, and now it would give 5000 rAD for the first match. Except it didn't. It gave 300 rAD. Has anyone received 5000 rAD from their first pvp match of the day?
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    To be honest, if PvP does not give RAD anymore, it's just a very good change. RAD in PvP caused a lot of issues. Players interested only in RAD joining a match without even the will to fight, just to get the reward. Unprepared players or profession alts with 3k iLvL placeholder gear, joining to get the reward. Premades farming the daily for RAD. And so on.

    PvP should give PvP-related rewards. It's kind of end-game content, where you must join only if you're really interested in PvP. Not to get a reward.
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    They also give a weekly blood ruby reward for (winning) attending stronghold pvp for standing around and doing nothing there is your "free" ads right there ...
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    It was already hard to send casual guildies to pvp for gathering glory/conqueror's shard for building Stronghold towers. No I lost the last remaining reason...
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    1st. Why do you need towers?
    2nd. Please don't put rAD back in as PvP rewards.
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    I'm not sure where @gsummers3's daily AD went. I'm not sure if its possible to random que into PVP but probably not. This means the missing AD probably isn't tied to the random que. That means the daily AD you get for completing a PVP match probably no longer exists and the dev's statement was simply wrong. Honestly though, this is a good thing.

    PVE players have never actually needed the daily AD from the PVP que and neither do PVP players. In fact, its horribly inefficient for them to que for PVP AD. They would get a lot more AD in the same amount of time a PVP match takes or less time by doing PVE content. This does not seem to stop PVE players from queing for PVP daily AD and my guess is the people doing PVP for daily AD are just too dam lazy to do the math and only que for PVP AD because it seems easy.

    There are upsides and downsides to any system you could come up with for PVP rewards. No matter what way you slice it, there will be cons so the best rewards system for PVP is picking an option with the best pros and the least bad cons. I think the best system is to reward winning more and reward losing less. What little is won on a loss should be of use to actual PVP players but not PVE AFK moochers. You could make an exception in the form of the strongholds weekly participation quest and also adding one for guantlgrym but other than those 2 things, I am not in favor of boosting PVP participation rewards. If anything, I am for slashing most PVP participation rewards.

    Here is a general breakdown of what should be done to improve PVP rewards:

    The daily AD reward is the primary thing that is attracting the deadbeats to PVP who don't make any effort to win and are just here to AFK for free rewards at the expense of their team. It is also what is attracting the bot armies who like to set up shop in low level PVP. Assuming it still exists, I think the daily AD reward should either be completely scrapped for PVP or it should be made a reward you can only get for winning a match.

    Glory and grym coins are currently nearly dead currencies that deadbeat PVP farmers don't have an interest in, but its possible for them to be revived in the future if the PVP merchants are updated with better stuff. The number of glory/grym coin rewarded for winning should be raised. If Cryptic adds items PVE players might want to the PVP merchants, glory/grym coins rewarded for losing a match should be nerfed to a number too low for a deadbeat farmer to consider worth farming. Nerfed PVP currency on a loss won't hurt lowbie PVPers or legit newcommers because they no longer need PVP gear in order to PVP anymore, tenacity was taken off of all PVP gear recently. That, and raising the amount of currency you get on a win will mean legit PVPers make up for some of what they no longer gain per loss by getting more currency per win.

    Seals for best in slot PVP gear should only be rewarded on a win (I think that's already the case though). Not gaining seals on a loss won't hurt lowbie PVPers or legit newcommers because they no longer need PVP gear in order to PVP anymore, tenacity was taken off of all PVP gear recently.

    Weaker kinds of PVP gear should only cost currencies you do earn on a lose and should not cost very much currency to buy. Mainly because its outdated HAMSTER anyway.

    Conqueror's shards of power are a headache because for some stupid reason, Cryptic decided to make it so you need PVP currency to upgrade the barracks (power boon structure), which is the only non PVP structure that requires conqueror's shards of power. They currently are only rewarded on a win and should probably stay that way. Leaving them as a win only prize is of no consequence to PVE players since most conqueror's shards farming does not take place in the PVP ques. Instead, PVE players can do black ice domination matches, which are easy to complete and don't involve any actual fighting thanks to black ice dom farming channels. What I am in favor of is removing the conqueror's shards requirement for the barracks altogether. It is not a PVP structure and thus should follow the same requirements as all the other non PVP structures. Another viable option I'd be in favor of is increasing the amount of conqueror's shards you can get per day. I'd also like to see the daily quest removed and replaced with simply getting X amount of conqueror's shards per win up to a weekly cap. This weekly cap should be fairly generous with you being able to earn more shards per week than you can currently get from doing PVP daily quests each day for one week.

    Additional desirable items should be added to the PVP merchants to purchase for PVP currency.

    More stuff should be added to the rewards for winning PVP matches.

    The PVP campiagn should also get updated with better rewards.

    The weekly participation quest for strongholds siege should be fine even though its not a winner's prize. You could also give another weekly participation quest to guantgrym. These 2 types of PVP currently are not doing well and won't be doing well until more fixes to PVP are made. In the future, I'd like to see 2 more new weekly quests added to these PVP types that require you to win the match to complete them. These 2 winner's quests should grant better rewards than the 2 weekly participation quests do. The 2 participation quests should be left in place even after 2 weekly winner's quests are also added.

    As for domination, I don't recommend adding a weekly participation quest for it, it doesn't need it as it gets the most traffic already and its where most of the moochers go because they don't have to bother with organizing a big group for it. A weekly win quest for domination would be fine though.
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    I personally don't care about the AD rewards in pvp . I pvp because I prefer it to pve . That being said if giving more AD for winning or losing actually got more of the playerbase to participate I would be all for it . As it stands now maybe 1000 to 1500 people pvp on a regular basis. That number is just sad considering a playerbase in the millions across 3 platforms. Participation is so low on xbox that only 1 instance will be up and you can sit in que for 10 to 20 minutes for it to pop up. Anything negative to do with pvp is not needed at this point due to how poorly pvp is viewed already. Discouraging players anymore than they already are from pvp is a mistake. The pvp has been on life support for years anything to get participation up is worth it at this point .
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    etelgrin said:

    Having no AD rewards means bots won't queue for easy AD.

    They should give us back Neverwinter Champions League, the PvP community is still waiting...

    Bots is a PC only problem . I have never seen a bot on console, pve player after daily reward yes but no bots. There really isn't what you could call a community left for pvp . You have the handful that do both pve/pvp , the couple dozen die hard pvpers and the group that invested so much time and money in the game that can't bring themselves to quit . The forums show this by how few new threads there are , and the same 30 or 40 people that comment in all posted threads.